Bog off Barcelona.

July 13, 2010 12 Comments by Sian

Two nights ago Spain won the World Cup for the first time in their history. Celebrations ensued. Rightly so. Last night, having flown back from South Africa overnight, the team took to the streets of Madrid with an open-top bus parade. After disembarking the bus, they took to the stage. Somewhere, with lots of people in front of them, celebrating a lot. It looked to be a fun night and had England been in their shoes, no doubt Trafalgar Square would have been a similarly magical place.


Every class has its clown. Every group of friends has the one no one actually particularly likes. And Barcelona have Gerard Pique.

We’ve become used to Gerry P talking about Cesc. After the final, I was half expecting the lady interviewing him to go “Gerard, Gerard, what a night! We’ll talk about the match afterwards but firstly, let’s talk about Cesc!” I get that they’re friends. But FOR GOD’S SAKE MAN, GET A LIFE OR A GIRLFRIEND OR A REAL LIFE PUPPY.

For those of you who’ve not seen what happened, I’ll outline it for you. Everyone’s having fun, enjoying their national team (not Barcelona’s, their NATIONAL TEAM)’s victory in the tournament. Pepe Reina is doing something similar to what he did at the Euro 2008 celebration which was allegedly very funny. They call Cesc down to the front of the stage. He goes, very happily indeed. Then, Pepe Reina, joined by Pique and Carles Puyol, launch themselves at Cesc, who looks completely and utterly clueless at the time, and shoves a Barcelona shirt over his head.

I’ve watched it back and it’s quite awkward to watch. Three beefcakes surrounding a man who’s about 5ft 9 but looks about my size being bundled into “the shirt of his dreams”, in front of the world’s media when we all know it’s very likely he’s going to return to Arsenal next month, whether he likes it or not. Done up like a kipper, Cescy Boy.

Afterwards a lot of Arsenal fans went off on one about Cesc. I agree that I’m a little fed up with him not just coming out and committing himself to Arsenal. I also agree that he could quite easily say to this lot “Look, you’re not making my life easier by talking about me all the time so please zip that industrial-sized gob of yours until the end of August.” But really, short of twatting each and every one of them onstage, what was he supposed to do?

He kept it on as long as his arms were held down (something so disturbing seeing that bit), preventing him from taking it off. Then, he did take it off and was later seen to be complaining about it to Victor Valdes (my Spanish friend watching Spanish coverage told me this, I didn’t see it myself). Pepe Reina then (allegedly) said to the crowd “The future of Barcelona!” First of all, ER, what’s it got to do with you, Peps? You’re up shit creek without a paddle in Merseyside so keep your nose out of other people’s business. You generally seem like a decent bloke, so why get involved at all when it has NOTHING to do with you? Second of all, it was not a celebration of Barcelona’s brilliance (granted, they scored all the goals), but a celebration for the entire country. They’d done something they’d never done before and that’s what it should have all been about.

While it’s a shame that such a lot has been made of it when all the night should have been about was triumphant Spain, I’m almost glad it did happen. When it’s merely a poor little downtrodden English club being wound up by the mighty Barcelona, no one takes notice. Even in England, let’s face it, the media love it. Can’t see the Spanish media having given too many craps either.

But now, their chumppery is out there for all to see. The one man at FC Barcelona who appears to possess a brain is Pep Guardiola. Incidentally, he’s about the only one who’s never mouthed off about Cesc’s DNA or Barcelona Blood Group or Catalunyan Circulatory System or Arenys del Mar Arteries.

Continuously talking about a player who is under contract with another club is not only old and disrespectful now, it reeks of them being stupid enough to think “Well, the more we say it, the more likely it is to happen! Eventually Arsene will collapse one day and go ‘OK Cesc you must go, you must go! The Pique has spoken! I cannot argue with this man’s wisdom any longer!”

I hope to God other people can see this lot for what they are now. Arsene has been far too well-behaved for his own good on the matter.

Last night’s little prank was supposed to be funny, but it wasn’t. In the cold light of non-beered up day, I hope they feel a bit stupid. Not only have they dropped their mate right in it, but they’ve given Arsenal even more reason to hope they do a Portsmouth next year, only worse, and hopefully with catastrophic subsidence issues with the Camp Nou while they’re at it.

Barcelona play classy football, sure. They have a classy boss, sure. But as for possessing either brains or class themselves, you’re having a laugh.

Meanwhile, I know there are plenty of Arsenal haters in the world (apparently, outside of London, everyone hates us, did you know? Did you care?)… but I don’t think anyone can argue that we do things the right way. We may play a similar style of football but these days that is where the comparison ends. I’m so glad I support a team who know how to go about things the correct way. I’m glad we have a manager like AW. He, with the way the club is run and of course the way the players are raised, are what makes Arsenal, Arsenal. Make of that what you will when it’s applied to Barcelona. Mes que un club? Mes que my arse.


  1. @Arsenal_Away
    2653 days ago

    In the cold light of day it’s good to have all the information to hand.I flew of the handle last night as viewing the still imaige Cesc appears to be grinning like a Cheshire cat, then after veiwing the vt you see Cesc was jumped, I’m even more pleased he complained afterwards. Cesc silence in public about his future is doing himself no favours & with less than six weeks until the season starts we deserve to know if our captain is with us or wants away.


  2. oldbird
    2653 days ago

    Excellent, Sian……agree with every single finely crafted word. Barca are c**** of the highest order (and I never ever use that word).

    Lets hope Cesc has finally seen the light and stays willingly. He will win soon back the love with a well chosen statement (and a well taken goal or two v the scousers).


  3. Milles
    2653 days ago

    Couldn’t have said it better myself.


  4. Daryl Booth
    2653 days ago

    Loved this post. Well written and very nicely put. Bravo.
    I will be reading this blog from now on.
    Oh and here is my take on Barca!/photo.php?pid=155694&id=100000759193917&ref=notif
    And here is a twitter version..
    Keep up the good work..


  5. sianyr
    2653 days ago

    @Arsenal_Away Yeah he is laughing at first but then the poor sod realises what they’ve just done to him- dropped him in it big time. Absolutely agree on your last point.

    @oldbird Thank you! Yes, I tried to restrain the language a bit, but the Barctards really do inspire a lot of dislike these days.

    @Milles Thanks Milles!

    @DarylBooths Haha, love it! Very apt.


  6. Treez
    2653 days ago

    I wanted to start cheering and waving my scarf around like I was at a game when I finished reading your blog. Please send it to the Barctards. Also it should be published in the opening match programme. That would get the crowd making some noise!
    Loved’galumphing lummoxes’ – so apt.


  7. larubia
    2653 days ago

    Couldn’t agree with you more. It was a stupid prank played by drunk guys high on adrenaline, but the worst thing is, I don’t believe that once Puyol and Piqué sobered up, they’ll look back on it and think “whoops, we took it too far”.
    I don’t understand WTH Pepe was thinking, getting involved in this. Poor Cesc wasn’t laughing, it was more the grimace of a person who knows there is trouble ahead.

    “Mes que un club? Mes que my arse.”
    Quote of The Year. LOL


  8. Sebinho9
    2653 days ago

    “Arenys Del Mar Arteries”

    That tickled me like Pique tickles himself to Cesc’s photo.

    Actually not quite like that. You get my meaning.

    I agree with larubia, while Lolloping Dog and Priqué were high on celebration (do they drink?), they’re arrogant enough to do that sober given the chance.

    I just can’t stand the sense of entitlement that Barcelona has, it runs from board level right down to free kicks they think they should have. I abhor the fans, the club and the players.

    Cesc is such an intelligent guy, it actually hurts me to see him want to go and join those mugs.

    Like you, I’m incredibly proud of the way our club is run from top to bottom. Some Gooners are frustrated by the lack of trophies but I think anybody with intelligence can see that we are creating a bright future. If Fabregas doesn’t want to be part of that then he’s not as in love with the club as he claims to be. It’s hardly as if we are holding him back.


  9. Tricia
    2653 days ago

    Well said about the Cesc in a Barca shirt. I didn’t really get pissed off with Cesc, I’ve gotten over how he won’t just come out and say he’s not leaving, but it was his so called buddies. I’m on Tumblr and people were saying that Arsenal fans are taking it too hard and that its just a joke. Well, its not a f***ing joke anymore when the behavior of a club is at times illegal. Having a club publicly announce its ‘war’ to reclaim what is ‘theirs’ for the past couple seasons has brought nothing but anger and frustration to Arsenal fans.

    And that they were bringing Barcelona into this was what was frustrating too. I’ve talked to Kassey and as you know she’s Spanish and the divide between the various groups including the Catalans have been difficult. It was a celebration of the achievements of ALL those living within the Spanish borders, even if they don’t want to call themselves Spaniards. It was a celebration of the country, not of club.

    I’ve lost respect for Barcelona. I won’t deny they play great football. But their actions, especially this season, (I won’t even say transfer season because they started their little campaign well before that) have made me lose complete respect for the way they run their football club. TO an extent, I hope they implode.

    Eeeks, sorry for the length and most likely lack of grammar.


  10. Alan
    2653 days ago

    Brill blog again. Fab’s body language screamed embarassment. I hope he takes a long hard look at his future (with a little bit of help from AW) before he decides that the Barctards are actually just arrogant wankers.


  11. sianyr
    2652 days ago

    @Treez Ta Ma. I will see what I can do with getting in touch with the programme-makers :) Xx

    @larubia Thanks, that quote’s been in my brain since we went to the Camp Nou. I’d love the best graffiti artist in the world to get the new motto into the ground. I agree that with Reina alcohol was to blame. Still needed to put a sock in it though.

    @baldgooner I saw photos of them drinking in the dressing room so I’d imagine they continued. I want to post your last comment all over the internet. Trophies are temporary. Having the foundations with which to keep everything ticking over nicely are forever! (But trophies are still going to be brilliant this year)

    @Tricia Trish I wanted to link to your Tumblr post because it was brilliant, let me know if this is OK or not. This is the saddest thing about the whole fiasco. I used to really like them, and think most Arsenal fans did. It would be brilliant if this turned into a PR nightmare for them, but doubt it somehow.

    @Alan Exactly, and Cesc is none of these things, thus he clearly does not have Barcelona DNA!


  12. El Greco
    2633 days ago

    the frustrating thing for Cesc is that he is expected to deny rumours, gossip, lies, damn lies etc. on a daily basis.
    The guy simply cannot keep up with what is written or broadcast about him. Next he’ll be expected to deny stuff in anticipation!!
    One thing’s for sure, the Fabrigas ‘convention’ makes great headlines, gossip, rumour, and keeps all those so-called football experts in jobs.
    Great blog, gal!


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