Cesc’s staying. Robin’s the man.

August 6, 2010 8 Comments by Sian

Two big Arsenal stories today: one is Cesc Fabregas’s official statement announcing he will be staying at the club. Two is Robin van Persie’s 27th birthday interview extravaganza fiesta jambalaya (a dish and not an event, I know) with Arsenal.com. Firstly, let’s concentrate on the latter. In it, Robin reiterated the quote he made a while ago and which this very blog is named after.

“I have never stopped believing in Arsenal,” said Van Persie. “I love this club, this is my seventh year now. Arsenal gave me a chance to develop into a good player and I want to repay the Club and the fans and everyone with trophies.”

Let’s just take a little moment to appreciate the man that is Robin. What a man. What a man. What a MAN. I’d even go so far as saying he is indeed a mighty good man. Somehow over time, we’ve forgotten how important he is to us. Clearly last season’s lengthy spell on the sidelines injured aided this, but if Robster remains uninjured this season, I predict he will be on fi-yah, Sean Kingston-stylee, although possibly not on a dancefloor. We all know that’s Eboue’s domain.

Brilliant geezer, excellent skills, superb taste in football team, father of a potential future Arsenal striker (in his own words) and the same hair colour as me. I realise this last reason for liking him is quite personal but hey, it’s my blog! Happy birthday Robin!

Right, deep breath. Time to address the second issue. Today Cesc issued an official statement on the official site saying he was officially going to remain an Arsenal player. Officially. Great news, he’s a wonderful player who gives 100% on the pitch at all times and can even throw you a figure this high with a broken leg. Plus I’m quite fond of the idea that Xavi Hernandez will spend another season pining for the boy who is probably never going to be as big a fan of him as he is of Cesc.

Lots of fans have praised Cesc for his no-nonsense attitude to the statement which, after an entire summer of nonsense of the highest and most spectacularly arsey order, is definitely a refreshing change. Would have been nice if the statement had had a little bit more love in it but I realise I’m in the minority in thinking this. Then again I’m a girl and I’m an extremely soppy girl at that. The thing is, I believe Cesc really does love the club, so him expressing this would not have been a load of old clap-trap, as some have suggested.

 ”I am a professional and I fully understand that it is Arsenal’s prerogative not to sell me.
“I owe a lot to the Club, manager and the fans and I will respect their decision and will now concentrate on the new season ahead with Arsenal.”

I don’t doubt any of this at all and I’m glad we’ve managed to hold onto him for another season.


Something in this whole scenario leaves me a little bit… bad-tasty-in-mouthy. I dunno. If we lived in movieland, the boy would commit to the team who’ve behaved so respectfully since the whole fiasco began, and decide that the shitty behaviour of his boyhood club has put him right off ever going back. Then the respectful team with the classy French manager would go on to win every competition in the land and possibly simultaneously foil a small bomb plot along the way. As it is, we don’t live in a world accompanied by music and slow-motion options. It’s a pity, but thems the facts.

It annoys me a little that it does appear that Cesc will eventually go to Barcelona, in spite of the fact they have behaved like absolute arseholes over the entire summer, shirt-raping and all.

A part of the statement I think needs a bit of clarification:

“This was the club where I learnt my football.”

Yes, Barcelona did teach you how to move a spherical object with your foot at speed. They taught you your skills and they took you from oblivion and made you part of their academy. But at Arsenal you became a leader. You got to become a captain in a vastly superior league to the one you’ll ever play in in Spain, and you got to belong to a club who play beautiful football just like Barcelona, but also have common decency to match the silky skills.

Barcelona are not above other clubs, as they appear to believe with their charity shirt sponsor (because no other football club does charity, none at all) and their holier-than-thou bloody mottos. It isn’t acceptable to treat another club the way they have and to then get away with it. Especially one who took the equivalent of a really skilful piece of marble and sculpted into the world famous sculpture it is today. The talk of “Cesc is ours” is bollocks. He was yours. He left because you let him leave. He became the player he is because of the faith of Arsene Wenger. And now you want him back and you won’t even pay full price for him.

The thing that really gets me is the smug sense of entitlement the whole issue is surrounded by: “Well go on then, keep him for now. But he’s coming to us soon anyway. You just carry on with your little kickabout in a league where there’s actually an element of competition and it isn’t just the same two clubs battling it out for the trophy and where everyone else is a world away from ever getting up there.”

And they will get away with it. And Arsenal will continue to be seen as a bloody great creche.

Of course Arsenal aren’t faultless in the whole matter. If we’d not have folded like a little bitch last season or the season before, perhaps a move to a stadium that doesn’t even have a roof wouldn’t be so attractive.

Anyway. He’s with us for this season. Hopefully if this does turn out to be his last season, it’ll be one to remember. Fellow Twitterer @DanielClancy had this to say: “Wouldn’t it just be magical if he took us to the title this season and then just waved goodbye. I’d cry my eyes out.”

I do firmly believe we’re going to win something this season, and if Cesc gave 100% last season, I reckon he’ll be giving even more (even though it isn’t mathematically possible, I know) this season. One last hurrah.

This blog is all over the place and I apologise for this. I think most Arsenal fans are torn between love and bewilderment over whole matter at the moment.

A positive of Cesc staying this season, but not committing for the foreseeable future is the fact that this gives some of our other boys time to continue learning from Cesc while also preparing for a time when he might not be there anymore. Did you know we had other boys? I know, I’d forgotten too. This year is now even more important for the whole club. At many points last year, Cesc was really the only one playing. Now we’ve an entire squad of candidates to fulfil the position in case he leaves. And if a couple of them could manage that this season while we still have Cesc here too, well that’d be bloody fantastic.


  1. Reznuk
    2629 days ago

    On the one hand I agree with you about Cesc’s statement (I’d like a little more love please), on the other hand (as I’ve just written in tomorrows blog) he’s an *employee* – and much as we’d love a team full of RvP’s (without the chocolate leg’s and injuries and such), not every player who graces our books will fall in love and stay in love with the club like we do.

    As for RvP himself – he has never scored more than 11 league goals in a season for us, primarily because he’s never gone a full season uninjured. Whilst there’s no reason to believe this season will be any different, I do think we need his creativity and leadership on the pitch and if he can stay uninjured, he WILL be immense.


  2. Sebinho9
    2629 days ago

    I think that was a great blog. I therefore also think you’ve written so much lately that you’ve developed a rabid perfectionism!

    Had my standard snort out loud so I’m comedically sated and you hit the nail on the head regarding the bigger picture too.

    Now I’ll get out of your arse and watch the incredibly interesting cricket again.


  3. Treez
    2629 days ago

    I think you are being a little hard on yourself about the quality of this blog. I found myself mentally applauding much of what you’ve written. It was, as usual, an enjoyable read. I also think that Cesc’s statement had been given the once over by some PR bod and at this stage he can’t do right for doing wrong.
    Keep on blogging, Sian.


  4. sianyr
    2629 days ago

    @Treez Err… mother? WTF. Is that you or have you been hacked? Since when am I Sian?!


  5. Alan
    2629 days ago

    You got the flavour just about right as far as I’m concerned. Glad he’s staying, but right on the edge of ‘if you don’t like it, just fuck off’. 100% with you on the Barsoles though. Super blog, Siany.


    • Liberty
      2054 days ago

      This posting knckoed my socks off


  6. Tricia
    2629 days ago

    Dude, I don’t know which world you live in but I totally live in a world that is accompanied by music and slow-motion, but it also has a chocolate fountain always available. ;D

    That being said, I agree about Cesc’s statement. I made a comment in the Arsenal thread on TCC. As for Robin, he’s just made of Arsenal love.

    As usual, loved reading it and great blog.


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