Liverpool 1 – 1 Arsenal… and we're off!

August 16, 2010 7 Comments by Sian
Arsenal in da house once more.

Arsenal in da house once more.

Arsenal came away with a point from Anfield yesterday and will feel lucky to have salvaged that much…

Oh God. I think I’ve been writing too many news stories since I’ve been here. If I ever become one of those state-the-bleeding-obvious-a-day-after-we-all-know-the-result bloggers, shoot me. Or at the very least, leave me a comment saying so.

Anyway. Let’s be honest folks, a draw at Anfield is nothing to be ashamed of. Plus, that’s a tricky away game out of the way nice and early. If you have had your head in a jar for the past week, like that little baby bear they just rescued from that zoo somewhere yesterday, it did indeed end 1-1. If you consider we took six points off them last season, it’s disappointing we didn’t capitalise on the extra man we had aboard in the second half, BUT it was still an OK result.

Clearly, OK results don’t win leagues, but this is one in 38, so I’m positive we’ll get better and better as the league goes on. All is not lost, chaps, all is not lost.

Let’s start with the bad stuff. We still need a goalkeeper. Almunia was the safer bet of the two for Wenger yesterday but based on recent performances by them both, Wenger’s decision was a bit like choosing between taking up an internship with Naomi Campbell’s office and being the front bumper on George Michael’s car. One mistake and you’re getting battered really.

Geddup NGog’s goal early in the second half was indeed a blinder, but surely Almers should have done better than that. I sometimes wonder with our keepers whether they should just stand stationary in goal with their arms up in the air. The odds of a ball happening to bounce off them and come back out are surely not that bad. They’re both quite tall. Better that than them coming off their line, tripping over Vermaelen’s leg and going a gutser on the floor. Which has already happened in the pre-season.

Another sore point in the match was Andrey Arshavin’s performance. You’re playing football, not golf, And. I know he’s a skilful little piece of Russian but some effort wouldn’t go amiss too, you know.

Jack Wilshere also made his first Premiership start and it wasn’t all pretty. In fact, his little slip-up led to NGog’s NGoal. I heard a few little whisperings by people saying he’s just not good enough after the match. Alright Changey McTune! The lad is 18 (and I’m 21, so I’m allowed to call him a lad), it was his debut pretty much and he’s been brilliant for us in every other match he’s played in. Perhaps Jacky is not the invincible short-legged machine we thought he was. Perhaps he, shock horror, sometimes gets a bit nervy. But he’s still going to be excellent for us. At least he didn’t get sent off. Snigger.

Regarding the Joe Cole sending off, I have a small rant prepared. I will dispense this rant to you, now. First of all, the challenge. It looked the typical overzealous clumsy challenge that happens in a game when a player is trying desperately to impress. Of course he didn’t mean it to end up being as ugly as it could have been, but it still was a pretty nasty-looking challenge. Koscielny fortunately hasn’t yet realised that in order to be an Arsenal player, you must get injured at important times and leave us struggling for cover. He managed to limp back on for the second half. We all know that Joe Cole is “not that sort of player”, and the fact yesterday he was on the receiving end of his first professional red card is testament to that.

HOWEVER, in future, it’d be nice if we didn’t have our commentators already getting the streamers out for their “He’s not that sort of player” parade while the injured player is still on the pitch.

I’m a good driver. I have never hit anyone with my car. Hitting someone with my car is the last thing I’d want to do with my car. I have no track record of hitting people with my car. If I was to hit someone with my car by making a particularly fast corner turn in my car, I can guarantee you it would not be because I intended to do so. However, if that someone broke their leg and decided to sue me for it, I’m not entirely sure the punishment-giver-outers would be too willing to listen to my mates bend their ear over how “She’s not that sort of driver, she’s devastated, her Mum’s on her way to pick her up right now…” I mean, would they?

You do the crime, you do the time. As Sky Sports’s Adam Leventhal posted on Twitter yesterday:

‘“Not that sort of player” is no excuse. Reputation can’t mend limbs or ligaments.’

@cchayward also posted this on Twitter yesterday:

“Richard Keys explaining the law of the game. Other two acting as if a persons personality should dictate how the law is applied”

How very true the pair of those statements are. Alright so in this case, he wasn’t hurt. But (and if you’re a non-Gooner and you’re reading this, you might want to look away now)… I do wonder had say Thomas Vermaelen committed the exact same foul, would they have jumped up his bum with their “He’s not that kinda lad…” spiel? I can imagine it’d have been more a case of “Well I don’t know the lad but he’s known for being a brave tackler…”

Steven Gerrard also reckons Kos “made the most” of the tackle. A little known fact about Steven is that he used to be best friends with a kettle. Then one day, he called it black. Their friendship died that day.

Anyway the main thing is that Kos wasn’t badly hurt, although we’ll still be missing him at the weekend when we play Blackpool thanks to his late red card. Apparently Johan InDjouroued is surprise surprise injured again, so I’d imagine Wenger’s thoughts about his back four in preparation for Saturday will be something along the lines of “ARRRRRRRGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH NOOOOOO WHYYYYYYYY ARRRRRRRRGHHHH” But he will never show it. Wenger strikes me as the sort of chap who would wake up to his house burning down and go “Ah, it’s OK, I’ll just shower at work. Let’s evacuate, it’s getting warm in here.”

Song and Cesc still await on the sidelines… bit of a baffler, that Cesc one. He had a chest infection yesterday apparently. If this is true, that’s a big UP YOURS, ASSHOLES to all those I saw bleating about how unprofessional he is by not showing up. Er hello you’re an idiot. Arsene doesn’t ring them up and go “Cesc, are you free this Saturday? Will you play for us? Oh, no never mind, don’t change your plans, I’ll find someone else!”

If he wasn’t in Wenger’s plans for yesterday, whether he was coughing and spluttering or not is besides the point. He didn’t play because Wenger chose not to play him. Hopefully (as in PLEASE GOD PLEASE) he’ll be back and raring to go for our home fixture at the weekend.

Blackpool are riding a wave after their 4-0 thrashing of Wigan on Saturday, so our boys had better be prepared for an onslaught. It’ll be the first home match so hopefully the reception will be good, the scoreline will be better and the performance shall be downright flawless.

Ooh I forgot to mention our goal! Palmed into the back of the net by Pepe Reina, you could see the look of “Ah feck, I was asking for that!” as it happened. That’ll learn ya. Don’t get involved in the goings on of other players and other teams who have absolutely nothing to do with you and you shall not fumble!

Sweet Jesus. What the bloody hell must Fabianski have done in a former life?


  1. Teresa Ranscombe
    2622 days ago

    Can’t decide if I’m pleased that the season’s started or more pleased because it means I can read your blog again!

    Once again, you pretty much summed it up. I think as well as the obvious goalkeeper and big ‘ol’ centre half, we need Cesc so much it’s scary. A bit worried that AA23 couldn’t be bothered again.

    Let’s hope for a fantastic display against Blackpool and here’s hoping for some noise!


  2. Daniel
    2622 days ago

    People are saying Wilshere “just isn’t good enough”…? Eurgh.

    Nice blog!

    I doubt we can expect a Blackpool onslaught after they beat a team who the Spuds beat 9-1 last season. Then again, famous last words…. *flashback to Marlon Harewood West Ham goal and Wenger touchline barney*


  3. Alan
    2622 days ago

    Glad you’re back with real football to blog about – loved it. Jack’ll be all right and Sam could well be the man this year. A new keeper and a bit more from Cantbe Arshdavin and we won’t be far away.


  4. Tricia
    2622 days ago

    Anyone who says that Jack isn’t good enough needs a smack on the head. He’s 18 and he started against Liverpool. Liverpool is not an easy match. Let’s wait a bit before we judge him too harshly, yes?

    “A little known fact about Steven is that he used to be best friends with a kettle. Then one day, he called it black. Their friendship died that day.”

    *dies from laughter*

    Also, to Reina, karma’s a bitch.


  5. @Arsenal_Away
    2621 days ago

    A good blog
    I feel we desevered a point @ Anfield but no penetration to match of possession.
    Arshavin was anonymous on Sunday but with no real pressure on his place he will turn in proformances like that.
    With us scoring let it saved us fro


  6. Yogesh
    2621 days ago

    It’s always good to come back with a point from anfield but based on our performance we probably were lucky to get that point. There was no conviction in the way we played. Bless Chamakh for going for that ball.

    And no point blaming Jack. He is young and bound to make such mistakes. He will learn from experience. Although his casual approach needs to change or improve.


  7. charliereeves86
    2621 days ago

    Not a bad blog at all, should really read this more often.

    Good effort Sunshine :-)


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