Arsenal 4 – 1 Bolton: hairtastrophes

September 13, 2010 5 Comments by Sian

Arsenal’s performance on Saturday was pretty spectacular given that, as I said in a previous blog, we usually wibble away like jelly on a plate¬†at the sight of the word Bolton on the fixture list.

The featured scoreline in the match-day programme just so happened to be 4-1, something the boys obviously knew and were concentrating on as they led the way out on to the field at 3pm on Saturday.

Koscielny started off the scoring with slightly funky goal. Cesc was stood on the goalline at the time. If that had been Nicklas, he’d have saved it superbly I’m sure.

Koscielny continued the scoring but up the wrong end this time, his mis-headed… er, head, granting Bolton their equaliser. In the immediate aftermath of the goal many people rushed to attack Almunia, possibly because they are so used to doing so. Hopefully having watched it back however, they’ll have seen it wasn’t his error although he was doing a nice impression of a disorientated octopus as the goal went in. Besides, in a weekend where Rob Green and even Joe Hart committed complete and utter whoopsadaisies, Almunia looked fairly world class in this fixture.

Chamakh’s barnet got him on the scoresheet again with our second goal and we were looking on top again (genuine question as I am losing the plot: thus far has Chamakh only scored headers?)

Chamakh, if he had a better hairdo. And liked to sit on cars while wet.

Shortly after this, Gary Cahill was dismissed for a Joe Cole-style challenge on Chamakh, much to the Emirates crowd’s delight. I say Joe Cole-style because it was near the touchline and because it was arguable as to exactly how red-card-worthy it was. Then, with an extra man on the pitch, we slotted two more home.

Alex Song, who lately appears to be doing his best Mrs Goggins impression with his current hairtastrophe made it our third of the day and our 1000th under Arsene Wenger with an extremely acute pass into goal. What people watching at home won’t have seen is Eboue’s impressive run from beyond the halfway line to celebrate the goal with his old mucker Song. Say what you like about Eboue, he definitely¬†keeps the team spirit up.

The tannoy guys at the Ems obviously forgot to announce that Song’s belter was our 1000th as when Vela then proceeded to net a beauty, a big hoopla was made over the fact it was our 1001st goal under Wenger. Oops. Prior to Vela’s goal there were 26 uninterrupted passes by the Arse, each of which was cheered in that windy-uppy way football fans do like no other. We can safely say most of us left the stadium happy on Saturday evening.

Squillaci had also made his debut for us and a fine debut it was. He looked self-assured and most importantly, like a defender. I don’t mean like a defender as opposed to, I don’t know an ice-cream man or something, I mean a growly hard-edged defender. Koscielny (dodgy header aside) has impressed so far but is still a tad on the wee side and needs to hit those gym weights. NOT a la Wojciech Szczesny though! Ouch.

Post-match the biggest talking points were the sending off that apparently should not have been (according to Bolton) and, amongst Arsenal fans, the fact that the tackle by Robinson on Diaby was not shown. If you didn’t see it, and if you were only watching Match of the Day on Saturday you won’t have, Arseblog has posted a video on Dailymotion entitled “Clogger”. It’s bad and could easily have seen Diaby out with another lengthy injury. As it is, it looks like he may spend some time on the sidelines, but at least his leg wasn’t left dangling.

But anyway what’s done is done. Though if, as is being suggested in the media today, Gary Cahill is about to appeal his red card, surely Arsenal can take the FA by the hand, lead them up to a recording of the match and ask them to review that too. If people can be let off the hook by appeals, can’t they also be strung up on a hook by one? I’m fed up whinging about dodgy tackles on Arsenal players and if I was an opponent fan I’d probably be sat here going “Oh here we go… right, yeah, ‘career-ending’, ‘disgraceful’, ‘attacked’ bla bla bla.” And I guess rightly so, because we do go on about it.

But the fact is, it was high challenge and also led to part of the five minutes we had added on at the end of the match. But anyway enough said about that, let’s get back to celebrating the fact we are now second in the league with 10 points and looking ahead to SC Braga on Wednesday.

Nicknamed the Arsenalistas because of their very similar kit, it should be an interesting clash for many reasons. Most of all, just what are they going to wear? Join me in envisioning the squad and their seamstress running around right now going “Oooohhh, erm… maybe yellow and green? Will that clash? You have no green left? How about yellow and black! Urgh, well we have to wear SOMEthing!”

More on Braga on Tuesday or Wednesday. Thanks for reading.


  1. Reznuk
    2597 days ago

    I thought Kos was stretching to try to reach his header, and Almunia didn’t come for it as he should, then flapped to much – bit of an error on both sides, but yeah, less on Almunia than most of us were saying on the day.

    If you go to the site, register, and give them feedback (as many people are) about the Robinson tackle that could have been a career ender – then maybe they’ll get the hint (though I don’t expect them to do anything about it). And Karl Henry’s scissor attack on Zamora should be punished too (but won’t be).

    Good blog by the way, especially loving the description of Song’s haircut as a hairtastrophe! :-)


  2. TheArsenalKid
    2596 days ago

    fat chance of Cahill getting the red card rescinded. At first I thought the red card was harsh but after seeing replays after replays, I am all with Stuart Atwell.

    It was clearly a tackle from behind which could have resulted in another bad injury to an Arsenal player.

    3 match ban definitely!


  3. Teresa Ranscombe
    2596 days ago

    I still wonder why Almunia was doing country dancing instead of protecting his goal…Apart from that though Cesc was immense and it was good to see Mrs Goggins in a more attacking role. Couldn’t believe the scores the Sunday Mirror gave the players individually. Were they actually at the match?
    Enjoyed the blog – keep up the good work.


  4. Alan
    2596 days ago

    Loving the laughs, bird. Chamakh’s goals against SC Neusiedl (penalty) and AC Milan were with his tootsies -anorak or what?!


  5. tarmon
    2596 days ago

    Just to balance things up, don’t forget Diaby’s tackle which put Campo out for several weeks, the straight red for one of your defenders on Steinnson at the Reebok a couple of years back, the dirty stamp by Gallas last year (and not put out of play despite the serious injury) leading to your equalizer, and a history built on the pussycat cat defending of Keown, Adams and Bould. I must stop it – I’m beginning to sound like you lot! For the record we don’t like Robinson either.


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