Newcastle United 0 – 4 Arsenal: against 11 men and everything!

October 28, 2010 16 Comments by Sian

Arsenal sailed on through to the quarter finals of the Carling Cup last night with a 4-0 away win against Newcastle United at St James’s Park. Two beautiful goals, one really really cack goal and one with a little bit of controversy made for an interesting evening to say the least.

In spite of being on top in the opening minutes our defence still managed to do its greatest impression of a sieve at times and the Pole in Goal (this time Wojciech Szczesny, not Lukasz Fabianski) was called upon to keep Newcastle out on more than one occasion.

All in all though, it was a good performance marred only by the injury to Kieran Gibbs early on. He stuck at it for a while after disaster struck for his leg but eventually hobbled off and straight down the tunnel. AW was asked about it post-match and his answer was “We hope it’s not serious”, which with an injury record like ours simply FLOODS one with joy and relief, does it not? Any time a manager is asked about a player’s injury and they respond like that I always think it’s the most pointless answer in the history of answers. “Well we don’t know if it’s serious but hopefully… that kid’s been getting far too big for his boots, needed taking down a peg or two!” I mean duh.

Anyway, I don’t know who we could be drawn against in the quarters but I assume it’s any of Manchester United, Aston Villa, West Ham, Birmingham, Ipswich, West Brom and Wigan? Was very glad West Ham beat Stoke. You know how we struggle against Stoke. But mostly, I couldn’t handle 90 minutes of ball-cleaning by Rory Delap.

In terms of yesterday’s goals, the first was an own goal by Newcastle’s ‘keeper and the second came after Nicklas Bendtner apparently interfered with play by getting caught up with Mike Williamson (least footballery name I’ve ever heard) before Theo finished it off. Were the situation reversed, we’d be annoyed so I understand their frustration at the goal having stood. However we all know how much of a clumsy donkey he can be so I tend to believe him when he says it was an accident. The next goal however was Bendtner at his best with a net-breaker of a strike and the final one was another nice piece of Theo action on the counter attack.

I think Arsenal fans universally were baffled at the introduction of Cesc Fabregas about 20 minutes from the end. Er, JET? Henri? Why bring a very easily breakable player on for the end of a Carling Cup match we’re already winning, knowing we have West Ham to play in the Premiership on Saturday? He was lucky to avoid injury after Joey Barton Joey Bartonned him shortly after his arrival on the field and if he had done himself an injury then we’d all be WTFing that decision to bring him on even more than we are now.

Mind you seeing Cesc in Carling Cup action always reminds me of his first ever match for us. Versus Rotherham, October 2003. Francesc Fabregas? Nice name, dodgy hair. Little did we know the trials, tribulations and amazement that boy would bring us in the years to come. Bless.

So West Ham on Saturday, to the team who beat us last at Highbury and beat us first at the Emirates. Then lost to us 2-0 in this very fixture last year in spite of the dismissal of Thomas Vermaelen and a penalty handed to them. The same team who played last night clearly will not feature in this match as, in spite of what all the papers say, it wasn’t a Premiership-strong team, so we’ll no doubt see the return of Squillaci, Fabianski, Cesc (not from the bench), Chamakh et al. Then Wilshere will return for the next match. And then it’ll nearly be Christmas! Happy days in Goonerland.


  1. Ankush
    2552 days ago

    Happy days indeed!

    I still haven’t found a reason as to why Arsene brought Cesc on the pitch at a time when we were cruising along and Joey Barton was lining up for the Toons. May be it was because of the fragile defense, where only Koscielny seemed alive, and he wanted to make sure that our captain take control of things. Arsene knows!

    Also, it looks like end of the journey for Carlos Vela. He made some good runs but delivering crosses is not really his forte. He has scored some fine goals for us but with Bendtner looking sharp and Theo maturing, he would never feature in our first team.

    I feel bad for JET but there has to be some issue with him otherwise Arsene would have given him a decent run in the match. Hope we get an easy draw for quarters and JET features in it. The guy has quality.

    Looking forward to West Ham match.

    ~Ooh to be a Gooner~


  2. Gooner
    2552 days ago

    Fabregas is only just back from injury so I assume Arsene was simply giving him more minutes under his belt.


  3. Reznuk
    2552 days ago

    If JET had longer I’m sure he’d have had a goal, and I assume Cesc just needed some match time (maybe). And it’s hard to see Vela continuing at Arsenal with Bendtner, Walcott, Arshavin, Chamakh and Van Persie all in front of him. JET’s already better than him (IMHO) and that’s just too many better players to get through.


  4. Mooney
    2552 days ago

    Andre Marriner can’t be blamed for the pair decisions that weren’t called. The fault lies with the assistant referees. It’s true he should have given us a free kick and Williamson a yellow for his tug on B52. It’s also true B52 should have been called offside for interfering with Williamson from an offside position. But the assistants had a much clearer angle of both incidents. Can’t expect the ref to make the call.

    Pleased as a pig in shit to see both Theo and B52 amongst the goals straight after injury. I just hope Gibbs won’t be out for long. Need to keep Clichy on his toes. I don’t mind who we get in the Carling Cup. We can beat anyone of the above. Prefer Manure away the least though.

    I think Cesc got 20mins to help him get some straight forward game time, returning from injury. Worried about that thug Joey Barton for a bit. A poor man’s de Jong. De Jong in disguise. A poor man’s de Jong in disguise. Remembered him touching up Samir two seasons ago. Cunt.

    Remembering Cesc’s first ever game for us, I also remember his first ever goal against Wolves – a tap in from a Wiltord ball. And Peter Drury cocking his name up, calling him Fabrice Fabregas. Good times. :)


  5. Ejor
    2552 days ago

    I don’t remember West Ham ever beating us @ d Emirates.. I might b wrong..


  6. arsenalDK
    2552 days ago

    Vela and JET are two different players if you ask me..

    So it’s hard to say who’s better. Still i think that Vela should be given halv as many chances as the likes of Denilson and Song have.. And if he fails to deliver, then judge him after that.. Look at Denilson.. How many first team games does he have for us? It’s not like Vela has had many chances to show his worth like some others have. I still think he could make a difference, given half a chance..


  7. Gunner38
    2552 days ago

    Agree that Vela may have a long wait, but JET better? Havin’ a laugh, he is a pub player and never good enough for the first team.


  8. Ejor
    2548 days ago

    @sianyr, i stand corrected.. please write your blogs more often.. i really enjoy reading your views, ur in d same class as arseblog, ladyarse n even piers morgan..


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