Sort it out, Arsenal.

November 8, 2010 17 Comments by Sian

I wasn’t going to write a blog today because I didn’t think anybody would want to read it and also couldn’t really be arsed to talk about it any more. But then I thought “Hey, win together lose together, right?”

With the exception of Thomas Vermaelen, yesterday’s team looked like one of the strongest we  could have fielded. Except that it obviously made no difference, because we lost. It was a really boring afternoon – not even that frustrating because we didn’t have that many scoring opportunities and nor did Newcastle. I had a message on Facebook from a Sunderland-supporting friend yesterday saying “Sian, I don’t know how [Newcastle] keep doing it.” Well, I do. If their other opponents played the match with the same attitude Arsenal did yesterday, they’re going to be fine and dandy all season.

I don’t know. Sometimes it seems some of them just don’t care. I wondered last night whether some of them are actually a couple of sandwiches short. That they sometimes don’t recognise that matches require actual effort. This blog is only nine months old (awww) but I’m sure it’s covered more than the occasional match where we didn’t even deserve to win because we were, essentially, crap.

There was one mistake by Lukasz Fabianski that put them a goal up. Naturally, everyone jumped on his back like the Olympic event back-jumpers Arsenal fans have such a tendency to be. But sometimes goalkeepers make mistakes. We’ve seen howlers from so-called “good” goalkeepers all season. Reina, Hart, Schwarzer, Casillas, the-Shakhtar-goalkeeper-at-the-Emirates-remember-how-funny-was-that, you name them, they’ve come a cropper at some point. Fab’s wasn’t the worst of the balls-ups we’ve seen but unfortunately thanks to his history last season, it became far too easy for everyone to pin the blame on him. But they scored in the first half. There was still another forty-five minutes to cancel that goal out. But no one seemed able.

Cesc was a mile off his game again. Probably because he’s not fully fit. Not because his mind is in Barcelona, you backward-thinking tosspots. Say what you like about him, Cesc wants to win every match he plays. You can’t watch him for two months play brilliantly then see him play a bit rubbish for a couple of games and say “Ohhhh that’s because he wants to be in Spain.” It’s an invalid argument.

Besides. Barcelona are comparatively average this season.

Also, blaming our defence is a bit of a non-starter because the fact we conceded (one goal) has no bearing on the fact we were crap up the other end. It was just a match of… blah.

Hence, this blog is about as blah as the match was. Well done to Newcastle. Not well done to us. I don’t know what it is they need. A kick up the backside would be an obvious solution but surely the one they got after West Brom at home was enough of one? I just don’t understand the psyche of footballers sometimes.

Lots of fans who have been fans for a longer time than other fans sometimes have a go at ‘newer’ fans for not knowing how good we have it these days. Which is often a moot point: for instance, I’ve only been a fan since the 1990s. I wasn’t much of a fan in the 1980s for various reasons, the biggest contributing factor of all probably being the fact that at the turn of the decade, I was still snowed under in my quest of mastering various feats such as sitting, crawling, keeping mashed bananas down, holding things, etc. Was a stressful time.

But yes, the ‘new’ fans may not know how good they/we have it. I still think, however, that no matter what the history of the team, we should still be able to expect a team to show up on the day, play for the shirt and look as though they have designs on actually winning something at some point in the future. Yesterday, for the most part, the performance fell way short of that. Still love them always and forever but they don’t half like to test it sometimes don’t they?

Anyway, Wolves next. Let’s just try not to play like pillocks again.


  1. Graham Smith
    2541 days ago

    Make you right Sian.

    Cesc didn’t look fit to us (miles away – back row of top tier). He went on a run and had a shot that went for a corner after about 10 minutes.

    Normally he takes ‘most’ corners but didn’t take that corner or any others (I think) for the rest of the game.

    Having said that and defended him – it was strange that he didn’t come off given the options we had on the bench.

    Overall just annoying that the two ocassions Chelsea have lost this season, we have lost at home on the same day.


  2. Daniel
    2541 days ago


    Yesterday was a real kick in the nuts. Yes, “we win together, we lose together” but winning is better and losing without any real effort or passion is just painful.

    Could swallow the West Brom defeat easier than this because it just makes me feel that we simply are not good enough to challenge for the league. maybe we are, I don’t know, but we deserve to win sweet FA on days like this.

    I know older fans say that but, personally, I think this is their way of looking on the brightside – a brightside I wish I had acces to, even though I’ve been a fan since the 80s. Just doens’t wash with me anymore.


    Good blog though. The keeper should have perhaps stayed on his line but where were are defenders? That ball was kicked from the halfway line and no one really got near him.


  3. James Dalton VII
    2541 days ago

    Crap performance, Crap Atmosphere….I blame my lilac jumper as I didn’t have time to change.

    The New/Old Supporter thing is relevant because you very rarely find well-rounded supporters of the club for more than 10 years calling for Wenger to be sacked “Because He’s French” or Cesc to be sold because he was crap yesterday.


    • sianyr
      2541 days ago

      Relevant perhaps, but also extremely tarry-with-same-brushy.

      @JamesDalton I think maybe we should clarify: the “new” supporters who spout the Wenger crap and definitely exist, and the “recently enlightened/recently-born-in-some-cases” supporters who can’t appreciate it as much but do have family telling them exactly what it was like.

      Let’s blame your jumper and my lack of Arsenal scarf. :O


  4. James Dalton VII
    2541 days ago

    Totally agree with that. I know you come from a Arsenalised Family so would never consider you anything but a proper Arsenal fan.


  5. wolfgang
    2541 days ago

    Wenger says Arsenal were unlucky. Perhaps.But this
    latest defeat is not unexpected given that the magpies packed their defence and restricted the gunners to
    two shots.
    What now?Failure to garner three pointsat Wolves will be the ultimate no matter how talented the players are.I believe most teams know how the gunners play.The gunners are too predictable and one dimensional and there is no variation.
    Based on these observations,the gunners have much to do if they want to elevate themselves..If not come the end of the season they would be fighting for scraps
    let alone the cl.


  6. Lutfur Rahman
    2541 days ago

    Fantastic writing i appreciate it.. well said win together lose together… great.. i just request from all Arsenal fans that lets be like liverpool fans every time they are backing their team even if they were out of champions league and this season they were bottom of the table they were not stopping their backing and went on… not like Arsenal fans one lose and FAbregas like…Wenger like…. and the rest like……
    please back gunners and be a real fannnnnnnnnn


  7. rc
    2540 days ago

    good blogette i was under the impression the volume had broken on my telly yesterday as it was that quiet!! no point blaming any individual when the whole team was at best lack lustre, we had the wrong players in the wrong positions at the wrong time, and taking of chamakh and then lumping the ball up the middle whats that all about, tell fabianski to release the ball quicker when he has managed to catch it, tell clichy to learn how to cross, and sagna for that matter, tell song he is supposed to protect not create, as we have enough of that type, and tell wenger to get some english spirit at the back, i would have taken walcott off yesterday as it was not his type of match kept chamakh on and had all the height in the middle with people that can cross !!


  8. Daniel
    2540 days ago

    Liverpool fans are plain deluded and will never admit to being plain s***. I’m proud to be an Arsenal fan who can turn around and call a spade a spade rather than still believing Jamie Carragher is any good.

    There is a difference between saying we were awful and saying people should go or be sacked or whatever – those are the “fans” that piss me off.

    But it’s nice to have an honest opinion. I will always support this team but I will also stand up from my seat and tell Clichy to “PULL YOUR F***ING FINGER OUT!” – it’s basically getting your money’s worth sometimes.


  9. Treez
    2540 days ago

    And following on from Daniel’s last point I am old enough to remember paying the equivalent of 10p to watch Frank Mclintock lead the mighty Arsenal out. If they had a bad day and lost, and they did often, you were miffed and couldn’t eat your tea. These days fans pay a fortune to watch them week in and week out. The least they could do is look as though it mattered. I felt really sorry for Jack Wilshire, who I thought was the only one who looked like it did. Jack has got the’bulldog spirit’. Some of the others could use a bit of it. Good blog, as ever – just not so many laughs (understandably).


    2540 days ago

    It was all too frustrating to watch. And it is not the first time this season. Were none of the midfield players really ready to come back into the squad? We will never really know why we played so poorly. But we are not out of any competition yet, so there is no reason to think we can’t still lift a trophy this season.

    Maybe we will buy someone in the January window……I just like writing that because I know it will never come true.


  11. Alan
    2540 days ago

    What is it with this team and November? When we do finally crack it in this dreaded month, we’ll win the lot. Until then, Siany, I’m depending on you to entertain me with your Blog.


  12. oldbird
    2540 days ago

    Great blog as per. Didn’t have as much enthusiasm to read it today but that was not your fault. Sometimes it’s seems better to be in denial and not read more wise words confirming what you are trying hard not to think and feel. That doesn’t make much sense does it. Oh well.

    Not sure I agree with the comments above about the scouse fans. Sure they made a lot of noise yesterday – well so would anyone if beating Chelsea. Roll on our turn on the day after Boxing day *hopeful deluded face*. However, I have been to our away matches at Anfield several time in recent years. Not overly impressed. They make a huge noise singing their Gerry and Pacemakers song before the match and then not a lot really unless they score. Very overhyped by the media and themselves. Last season they were silent, depressed and bitching just like at the Ems yesterday. We had surreal walk back to car through Stanley Park amongst thousands of absolutely silent Liv fans. We were buzzing inside but wisely kept quiet and amused ourselves counting all the fake coins we had been given as change in the away end bar!


  13. larubia
    2540 days ago

    Another match I missed due to work, but it’s always good to see it through your eyes. I love how you never call for someone’s head; you remain positive and realistic, but fair.

    I’m a relatively new fan, and no, I don’t know how good we have it. But as a life-long fan of football, I can imagine.


  14. Reznuk
    2540 days ago

    Good bloggage once again – this is getting to be one of my most regular reads!

    It was quiet on Sunday, and maybe they ought to rename Club Level “the Library section”.

    Too many players seemed to play (particularly second half) as if they were tired and not-bothered. I’m not going to call for anyone to be sacked, but the “keep playing your own game, and it’ll come” thing from Arsene makes me a little annoyed. Sometimes when your opponent knows how to play you at your own game, you have to change the game – that’s what great teams do, including Arsenal teams of the past (even under Wenger which is a little odd).

    Still…. I’ve had my moan (and cannot understand why people shout nasty criticism at games when they *must* know it will simply demoralise players more) and I’ll be there on Wednesday supporting them again!


  15. Evie
    2537 days ago

    You Miss Ranscombe, should be allowed in the changing rooms at half time to have a go at the boys!
    (If anyone with any power lets you in the changing rooms, bugsy i’m your plus one).
    Thanks :D
    Haha wicked blog once again Shaz


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