Wolves 0 – 2 Arsenal: bookended by a Moroccan.

November 11, 2010 8 Comments by Sian

Well with regards to the end of Monday’s post, play like pillocks we did not! It wasn’t pretty and it wasn’t quite what you’d call comprehensive but given what could have happened it was a great, and very important, win.

The trouble with Arsenal in recent times has been that you can rarely look ahead to a match and think “Yeah three points in the bag.” I don’t think anyone was thinking that ahead of yesterday’s match given Sunday’s performance but Chamakh calmed the nerves a little bit in only the 37th second with a brilliant header of a goal. I still didn’t have a stream at that point so didn’t get to see the goal but the reactions of others watching it was good enough for me!

Finally got a stream about half hour in and then came another 60 minutes of skipped heartbeats and finger-nail-imprinted palms. Wolves were good, we weren’t much good, except at losing the ball. Even Jack didn’t have a brilliant game. But then what’s been missing from our seasons in seasons gone? Playing well and not getting a result, basically. Unlike at the weekend, the team managed to keep themselves in it until the last minute which was handily enough when Marouane Chamakh scored his second to bookend the match very tidily indeed.

I love Chamakh. Sure he’s not set the world alight with Thierry-style goal tallies (so far) but he’s always up for it, he always runs his nuts off and as has been said before, looks gutted when he doesn’t score. Strikers who grin and go “Oh, nearly!” when they miss are not good enough in my opinion. I want someone who looks ready to cliff themselves after missing. That’s how much they have to want it and I think he does! I may be looking into it too deeply but the fact he scored in the first and last minute is a nice indication of how much he puts into his matches.

Anyway, to the bad part and Cesc was plastered all over the papers today for his tackle on Stephen Ward on the touchline in the closing minutes of the game. Do you know what? Yes, it was a bad tackle. No, he couldn’t have complained about his punishment. Yes, he was right to apologise to the guy afterward (even though we know apologies don’t fix bones). But the summarisation of this paragraph is going to be that the BBC is bollocks. There weren’t many highlights in the match, so the fact they neglected to show Karl Henry’s studs-to-shin tackle on Arshavin but managed to fit in Alan Hansen’s fifteen-penneth on Cesc is inexcusable. The match was not broadcast live on TV so unless you’d bothered  to find a stream online in order to watch the match, you’d have no idea the incident even happened.

After making a comment about the coverage on Twitter, I had fans of other teams responding to me and going “How can you argue, Fabregas’s challenge was bad!” But we weren’t arguing about that. We were arguing about the fact the Henry challenge went completely unspoken about. And remained largely as such this morning. There was also a stamp on Song by Milijas that was not mentioned by the pundits yesterday, nor even shown. 

No wonder people think Arsenal fans are hypocrites when they’re only getting half the story. Thanks to the injuries we’ve received recently and the subsequent very vocal criticism of hard tackles from Wenger and the fans, we’re always going to be easy targets for abuse when the shoe is on the other foot. Fine. Just don’t then neglect to show the whole story. Especially when you’re the sodding BBC.

EDIT: Here’s a link to the tackle. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TqqR-Yxrar4 (Was sent this on Twitter, thanks to @TopTrevor)

Anyway, the Dirty Spanish Bastard (credit to some of the Wolves fans for that simply INSPIRED nickname) had the last laugh when he managed to set up Chamakh for our second goal. Admittedly Cesc didn’t seem himself last night and the tackle on Ward summed it up. Completely out of character and a little bit loony, which was a bit like his game at times yesterday.

Hero of the match had to go to Fabianski who made some stunning saves to keep us in the game on more than one occasion. What’s that sound you hear? That retching sound? Oh, that’ll be me and the vast majority of the Arsenal supporting community choking to death on our humble pie. The boy has come good. Once again, Wenger knew and the rest of us should have shut up and known that Le Prof would have shown us all up once more.

Ooh, I just checked Arsenal.com to see if there was any news and I see Wojciech Szczesny has signed a new deal at the club. So that’s two Poles in Goal (and possibly given last night’s kit, Poles in Pink) we’ve got now. So sorry chaps, looks like we’re going to have to get used to spelling it.

Repeat after me: Gimme an S! Gimme a Z! Gimme an C! Gimme a Z! Gimme an Esny!!!! Whadddddyaaaa get? WOJCIECH SZCZESNY!

Let’s stick with Chesney.


  1. rob
    2537 days ago

    Many of us on Twitter predicted that the feckin BBC would only show the Cesc challenge, which was late and hard – about time we joined them as it’s not like these dirty teams are gonna stop tough tackling our players.

    It’s not the first time the producers of MOTD have been unfairly selective with their highlights and Captain Scarlett Mono-brow bitter ’89 ex-Liverpool loser Hansen jumps at any chance to berate any Arsenal player whilst failing to be objective which is supposed to be his job. Dixon was honest but even he didn’t bring up the other challenges on Shavva and Song (Shaun) – shame on you Lee. Anyway, great post Siany… to the point, simple and accurate – much like a certain Moroccan hero on Wednesday!!


  2. Bala
    2537 days ago

    Its much better with Chesney.Good headache for Arsenal and Poland if they both perform well.Special kudos for Gibbs.Why?Because he was the one who conceded that penalty against Partizan that reignited and changed “Flappyhandski” as “Fabhandski”


  3. Evie
    2537 days ago

    Hahaaaa Oh Siany, I actually lolled at the little song at the end!
    Another fab blog… i still can’t find anywhere to see the goals! :(


  4. Treez
    2537 days ago

    I read a ‘retweet’ this morning from Lee Dixon where he said his reason for not covering the Karl Henry/ Andrei Arshavin incident was that they ran out of time. Apparently he has apologised to Arsene, but only Arsenal fans will ever know that. Alan Hansen is a jerk and should be on Talk Sport not the Beeb.

    Your blog tells it like it was – I still have the nail imprints on my palms too. Enjoyed the blog more than the match!


  5. Red Arse
    2537 days ago

    Well done Sian,

    You have a nice fluent writing style, and have clearly clicked into the gooners’ psyche.

    Fabianski was fab! Djourou was excellent in the air.


  6. Alan
    2537 days ago

    I’m getting bored saying it, but here I go again – ‘Spot on, Siany’. Really looking forward to the SZCZESNY song – that’s if he gets a chance with the way Fabianski played. I’ve waited a long time (Mad Jens?) to see the Arse kept in a game by a world class goalkeeping performance, unlike Chelsea or Man Utd who regularly have their no 1 to thank. Hats off to the rest of the defence too. Three hard-earned points!


  7. Uncle K
    2537 days ago

    Unable to comment on the game as the Mank derby was deemed to be the more interesting fixture.However,this blog made me laugh my socks off !! Good work,our kid!


  8. Reznuk
    2537 days ago

    Fabianski went a little “Mad Jens” in the match after ‘his’ defense were a bit crap in front of him – and I for one like to see that.

    I also like to see Arsenal digging in and digging out a win. Cesc’s tackle was too hard, but followed a large number of hard tackles by Wolves *all* of which went unpunished by the ref.

    And the ref was awful, really really awful, punishing Arsenal for trivial things and letting serious Wolves fouls go unpunished. None of which was mentioned on MOTD. I’ve complained to the BBC about biased coverage, requesting a response (as has @littlemsgooner), but we don’t expect to hear anything.

    I’m a little late commenting, but good blog again Siany.


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