Ipswich Town 1 – 0 Arsenal. Priskin ‘ell!

January 13, 2011 18 Comments by Sian

So, we play West Ham at Upton Park on Saturday, the Hammers just off the back of a 2-1 win over Birmingham in the Carling Cup…

Oh, wait, you mean I have to talk about last night? Really? Oh. Okay then.

Well, it wasn’t pretty was it? A bit Quasimodo-esque all round really. While Ipswich played like they wanted to win the game, Arsenal played like they were absolutely astounded that nothing was going their way at all. I made the point last night during the match that, sometimes when our team are playing like useless spanners, they look around all helpless, all “Oh, what’s going wrong?” Why don’t they just stop playing like useless spanners?

Thierry Henry has been training with the team this week but it didn’t look as though any of his striking ways had rubbed off on any of our attack. Seeing us trying to break through and get anywhere near the goal last night was like trying to get into a CD you get in Costco -you know, the super-duper plastic-packaged ones that cut your fingers up- without any scissors.

It was just. Well. Crap, basically. Aside from Johan Djourou, Wojciech Szczesny and maybe Laurent Koscielny, I don’t think anyone had a decent game and I don’t understand why. What is wrong with this team this season that they continue to let us down so badly, so often? Last year of course we had the argument that we were suffering from injuries, but that won’t wash this time round.

You could argue that had Samir Nasri played, it would maybe have been a different story. But you can’t rely on one man throughout a season to get you out of trouble. Besides, with the way the rest of them played last night, unless he’d played the best solo game of his life, it’d probably have been a waste of time putting him on anyway.

Ipswich deserved the win last night, let’s not pretend otherwise. But it was made easier for them by Arsenal showing up like it was the last lesson of school on a Friday afternoon in a waste of space subject. Like PSHE or something (it stood for Personal, Social and Health Education in my school, I don’t know about yours, but then I went to a school that called homework ‘independent study’ and detention ‘additional work periods’. I ask you!) Usually when we’re playing like we did last night we have Cesc who has the brains and motivation to try and pull our collective finger out of our collective backside. But even he didn’t look up to that job yesterday.

It’s not the first time it’s been said but sometimes I wonder whether brains have something to do it. A half sensible mind would tell you that last night’s performance, and a loss against a 19th-placed Championship side, was not OK. But you see the same thing on the faces of our players all the time “Oh woe is me, it’s not happening for me today.” Well bleedin’ well MAKE it happen for you then, who else can do it for you? Your mum? The ghost of Thierry past?

We didn’t really look like scoring at all throughout the match and it took a worryingly long time for us to get our first shot on goal. But then in the 78th it didn’t matter any way because, while Arsenal looked like they maybe had a lucky goal in them somewhere, it certainly didn’t look like they had the two they now required.

Tamas Priskin collected the ball from Colin Healy and managed to get the better of Djourou before putting it past Szczesny. A 1-0 lead they deserved. I must admit though that I rarely take any notice of the opposition’s names. Why would I, I don’t care about them. So when, in my head, “Ipswich player” scored and an American Twitterer put on Twitter “1-0. Priskin.” in among a barrage of swearing from the British Twitterers, I just thought “Hm. Priskin. There’s a swear word I’ve never heard before.”

I’m a Bendtner fan, but he was sluggish and disinterested last night. Arshavin wasn’t much better. In fact I’d say the only one who really tried to make anything of the game was Theo Walcott.

Also, can we give the cult of Eboue malarkey a rest for now? It was all fun and games when he was playing brilliantly having come back from such a low but all this “Eboue decides when the sun rises” talk after performances like the one he gave last night, just sound stupid. There was a moment he received an easily controllable ball and somehow managed to lose it to Ipswich. When he ups his game back to his best, we can start talking about how Eboue created time again. It’s just not very funny any more.

In other news, people are looking to blame Arsene Wenger again. Wenger is known as a gentleman of class who will never slate his players in public but I wonder if now and again that might do them some good. “I think we had an off night” is clearly too soft. I’m not saying he should single out players at all but maybe a “Yes, we were shit. If we don’t play better next time, I’m disowning them until they get better again”… might shock them into doing something.

So there we have it, another match lost to a team who simply wanted it more. It’s a common theme this season and the thing that annoys me the most is that they are the players who go on about wanting trophies. If we don’t win any this season, they are the ones who can bugger off somewhere else in pursuit of them. We can’t, yet we as fans often seem to be the only ones wanting anything from this season. To win trophies, you have to win games. Ipswich looked at us last night and thought “Alright, bring it on”. Why can’t we do that with our opposition, no matter who we play? It’s infuriating sometimes.

But anyway, I’m dusting off Polly Positivity and bringing her back out of the cupboard. It’s essentially half time at the moment. We’ve played like donkeys in first halves before and come out to play like we mean it in the second half before. I think we’ll beat them at the Emirates. Regardless of who plays, we won’t play that badly again. We can’t possibly. And we will find the goal this time, multiple times I believe. We just need to look at them with the same attitude they had toward us last night. Sod who they are or how they play, at the end of this match is a final and at the end of that final is a trophy.

It’s been five years, let’s not make it any longer.


  1. Daniel
    2475 days ago

    Spot on, Sian. Spot on.

    Honestly can’t remember a more abject and pathetic showing from this team in a long long time. Why do we assume we can just turn up and beat these teams?

    It’s happened now against West Brom, Leeds and Ipswich – plus probably some more but the memories are too painful to dig up. If felt as though we assumed this was a pub team who would just roll over and the idea of movement, quick passing and any desire was out of the question. As if we wouldn’t need it.

    I hate saying thsi kind of thing but this lot need to remember what shirt they are wearing!!!

    Can we start our own club if we don’t win anything this season? Sian you can be the manager and I’ll pull the strings in midfield — I can’t guarantee results but I can EFFORT. That’s the most painful thing… we just didn’t have any.

    Well done Ipswich and sorry to their fans who are probably a bit let down by how shit we were!

    I can see us winning the next leg but I’m not convinced it will be enough.


  2. Kipp9
    2475 days ago

    If the cult of eboue is to stop now then, rationally, so must any defence of Bendtner. A truly woeful performance backed up by the replacement with a striker who got a decent shot on Target.

    I remember good games by AA, they happened this season. I don’t remember any by the lumbering dane. Finally Priskin wasted 2 other chances when he was clean through. Something must be done about the suicidally high line arsenal play. They’ve been caught out before this season by similar punts straight over the top this year and it needs to be rectified if they are to challenger for anything other than the calling cup.


  3. abbas
    2475 days ago

    i am not going to say anything new right now,but i would say that it all started when u do not score,score earlly and u would have won 3 or 4 against leeds and propablly the momentum continued yesterday….but again how can u score if nik,arshavin and chamakh all suddenlly lost it and theo is never clinical enough??

    we r making things harder for us,next game suddenlly becomes even harder than it is and so on until we score the first goal of any game and opponents go out of their caves and we r free to counter attack.i wish ,i wish from all my heart that nasri and rvp make us enter the game with a different attitude and dimension on saturday.a goal,a win and everything would get better…no win and u will hear that we r in crisis…r we already ?sometimes i feel we ,fans should make a film or videoclip or name it whatever u want and send it to the players where we tell them how much more and why welove this club and how much we suffer when we feel that they r not giving 100 %,maybe that would help…..ur parents were abt to get a divorce yesterday?ask me ..:)


  4. Daryl
    2475 days ago

    Good piece.

    Same lessons not learnt and some rather abject performances.

    If it is true we are looking to Upson… then I am afraid it`s another year that will end barren in trophies, yet rich in profit..

    Where is the balance for the two?


  5. dilshan
    2475 days ago

    yesterday for me showed why wer 3rd not first in the PL. My take is some of the players have not had to work enough to break into the first team and thus have become complacent and started to think they are better then what they are. Can Arsen be blamed, I guess as a manager the bug stops with him but surely there is no more he could have done last night, played a very strong team, he cant play for them. Bringing through youth means giving them the confidence and games to show their abilities and develop and having invested heavily on youth he has no option but to give them that. I do feel come end of this season he will decide on the future of some of those players.

    RVP and Diaby must prove that they can play a whole season, both greatly talented but if they cant play a whole season what good is having all the talent in the world. Deni, TR7, AA23, NB52 should also show they can turn their potential and produce on the pitch. I do not think we have poor players in the team but what we have is some under performers who needs to turn it around fast


  6. Sebinho9
    2475 days ago

    Absolutely right Sian.

    And this whole thing about leaving in search of trophies has always annoyed me. With Vieira and Henry I thought “well you’re the effing captain of one of the best squads in history. If we aren’t winning the champions league because we’re going out to PSV or a poor Bayern side then that’s your effing fault dickhead.”

    The players have to stand up and deliver. Arshavin and Bendtner are too big for their boots. We need more magic up front to break down defences like we used to. Shooting once in a while might help.


  7. Daniel
    2475 days ago

    ps. Quietly laughing to myself about the title of this blog about every ten mins at the moment. magic!


  8. shegunner
    2475 days ago

    Didn’t watch the game (not from choice). I may view at least some of it on ATVO today just so I can say I’ve seen us at our worst.

    Cult of Eboue definitely needs an intervention.


  9. 1NilToTheArsenal
    2475 days ago

    Another great review, Sian,

    More so because not even your gift for words can polish the giant turd the team left on the pitch last night, and you didn’t even try. Not much more to say except to flush this one down the toilet where it belongs and pick ourselves up for the weekend.




  10. Theo van Nasrigas
    2475 days ago

    Thanks for a honest appraisal – well done again.

    Ouch, I’m still a Goonerette this morning, but I don’t like the feeling right now I must say. We all hate losing, but to do so in such a lackadaisical fashion? We are making things even harder on ourselves. Hmm, let’s see:
    We have dug ourselves a hole in both the League and FA cup, have Blackburn and Sunderland away in the next few weeks of league games, have none other than Barca looming on the horizon, and haven’t scored a goal from open play since New year’s Day.
    The lows make the highs so much sweeter and right now as far as our form is concerned we have nowhere to go but up.

    Here’s hoping for a much better next few days,



  11. Chris Sweden
    2475 days ago

    Dear Lord. It was like asking for it when I wrote in the comments yesterday:

    “…and I’ll pop in tomorrow to read your view of the bombastic, fantastic, miraculous victory over the mighty, mighty Tractor Boys of Ipswich.”

    Or not. I was sitting yesterday wondering if the lack of effort was just that. Lack of effort, lack of desire. Or is it just that this team really aren’t capable to turn up on days when it really matters. Have Arsenal become a club afraid of winning? Have Arsenal become a club where it is OK to pull on the famous red and white and perform like they did last night? Someone needs to tell this crop of players just how much they have won and tell them that trophy’s are won not only by being a talented player, you actually have to fight for every single ball in every single game to become a champion in football.

    Last night was just pathetic, but we still have 90 minutes to put things right and I certainly hope we do just that. Don’t even want to think about the game at West Ham on Saturday right now.

    Oh… Great blog by the way Sian! Sorry for being pessimistic today, but I hope we’re gettin’ absolutely smashed by West Ham on Saturday, if you see what I mean… ;-)

    Keep it Goonerish!


  12. El Greco
    2475 days ago

    You’ve summed up the game just perfectly, Siany.
    Great thing about blogs they provide therapy for the wounded at heart but our comments can’t influence jack…unless Arsene bothers to read what the fans have to say :-)
    I’m curious as to why you’re a fan of Bendtner cause I just can’t see what he brings to team that makes a difference. At best I think he might be useful to some bottom half of the EPL team who play the long ball game.
    Anyway, I don’t wish to pick on him alone as I question the value of players like Eboue, Denilson, Rosicky and a few others including, dare I say it (and to be controversial) Walcott!


    • Sian
      2472 days ago

      My fanship of Bendtner stems from believing he was good enough from even before the days pre- Adebayor headbutt. If you think back to last season, think how many last minute goals he scored for us that would otherwise have ended in draws.


  13. Irishgray
    2474 days ago

    Well put Sian, so disappointed in our team. I heard a commentator saying we were playing with the handbrake on but personally I don’t think it matters if itsmon or not when you just don’t show up!! We looked like we thought that simply by showing up we, just like the Chavs, would stroll home. Wrong, so very wrong. It seemed that Arsene had not done any “independent study” of Ipswich at alll. And as far as the team goes? ADDITIONAL WORK PERIODS FOR EVERYONE!! (except for AA as he’s tired or something) Christ Sian they can be so frustrating, right? I don’t think I would be so mad but for how well I know and you know and everyone knows they can play!!! Bring on West Ham then, and we will see which Arsenal shows up, til then, great blog as usual and am looking forward to you doing some Arsecasts!! :)


    • Sian
      2472 days ago

      I’m not sure whether it was a case of playing with the handbrake on, or playing without starting the engine, to be honest.


  14. Alan
    2474 days ago

    It’s cack for your first real blog in Arseblog’s house to be about such a shite performance. I can’t add to anything that’s been said already, other than ‘you’ve done it again, bird’.


  15. Jay
    2474 days ago

    Good analysis. Honestly, I was, and still am, disappointed at their performance. What’s weird is, Nasri was supposed to be the stand-in for Cesc while he was injured. However, Cesc STARTED yesterday, and we saw nothing worth noting, except that now, instead of people wishing our captain had started, it’s us wishing Nasri had started. It’s all very worrying.


  16. Tricia
    2472 days ago

    Another spot on blog Sian. Unfortunate that one of your first blogs had to be about this crap performance.

    I wholeheartedly agree with your comments about the players not being up for it. We don’t seem to learn that when they don’t put anything into it, nothing will come out of it. It shouldn’t be that we get excited when we perform well or when we actually win. We keep this up and we’ll end up being like *shudders* Spurs. And nobody wants that.

    We can’t rely on Nasri all the time. We can’t rely on one single player. They’re all getting paid to do their respective jobs. How can we expect one person to do more than the others. He’s human, he will get tired and until we can clone certain players, we need to have others who show up and do the job they’re paid to.

    Of course, I’m writing this comment on the back of the win against West Ham, so it does get better, but we need consistency. So let’s hope that the pathetic performance against Ipswich is behind us and we have the consistency of good performances and wins in the future.


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