Three goals, three points, third place.

January 16, 2011 12 Comments by Sian

Well that was much better. Three-sy peasy, you could say. (I am SO sorry).

If we’ve learnt anything about anything these days it’s that there are no matches about which one can say “Yeah, easy peasy”. Not with Arsenal, anyway. We went into this match on the back of an away Carling Cup defeat to Ipswich (IPSWICH) and against a struggling West Ham side who had spent the day in the newspapers for all the wrong reasons.

On the face of it, it should have been an easy win yet you could never be too sure. Would WHam pull one out of the bag? Would the match be like the home match we played against them when it took nearly 90 minutes to finally get one past them? Would Wayne Bridge show City just what they were missing and play a blinder?

Well no, no and na-ho-ho-hooo! Thankfully. We also started with a pretty strong side, with the exception of the lack of still-suspended Bacary Sagna, and we started the match fairly well. Our passing was very Arsenal, and we created chances from early on.

Obviously throughout the match we managed to create our fair share of little taps straight at Rob Green too and the RvP-loving post also made an appearance in the first half but it only took us 13 minutes to go one ahead. It was Robin van Persie (known as ‘Vamp’ in our house) who put us there as he fired it home from on his right foot from a Theo Walcott pass. Loved Samir Nasri’s little dummy in-between that as well.

West Ham could have found themselves back on even Stevens as Johan had a bit of a cuckoo moment, making a total ballerina backpass to Szczesny which Carlton Cole easily intercepted, forcing Szezzer to make a decent save (I say decent… did he make the save with his left arm or his face?) Anyway, the rebound fell to Zavon Hines. Who missed. Yay.

Two comments to make at this point:

1.) I watched this match on TV while medicated on cold medicine that made me feel as though I was floating all day. Any stuff I get wrong, blame the meds as well as me being an idiot.

2.) Are we calling Samir Nasri “Sami” from now on? Even the ArsenalTV commentators seem to be at it these days.

The match was a match of anniversaries for us with RvP celebrating his 50th league goal and Theo Walcott making his 100th Premier League appearance. So, it was fitting that it would be Theo who doubled our lead shortly before half time. This time the pass came from RvP and Theo and the footballing brain he apparently doesn’t have came from the right of the penalty area into the front of goal from behind Wayne Bridge to smash it into the roof of the net. My God I’m making long sentences today. On another day, we probably would have missed that opportunity but thankfully, it wasn’t another day.

0-2 should have felt safe and sound but remember last year everyone? Apparently Cesc did and made his memories known in the dressing room at half time. It didn’t look likely that the score would stay at 0-2 because though we still held an attacking threat, West Ham weren’t finding it too difficult to get the better of our defence.

They had some chances, Szczesny making a couple of saves, one of which I believe was from a Freddie Sears attempt (awesome name). But the match would be signed, sealed and delivered thirteen minutes from time when Theo was brought down in the area by Wayne Bridge and we were handed a penalty by referee Andre Marriner. Bridge looked knackered and when you’re knackered, the last person you want to be trying to keep up with is Theo Walcott. The penalty decision might have been a bit surprising after Theo’s comments of last week admitting his dive. I mean, it was clearly a penalty but if we’d not been awarded it, that would have been why.

RvP stepped up to take it, and scored. After a few matches of Vamp being far from his best, he seems to be getting back there now. Jack also had an attempt on goal against the first team he ever supported, but was unsuccessful.

All in all yesterday’s performance was a great one and just what was needed after the misery and ballsification of Wednesday at Portman Road. I think we should be cautious though. If you look at the official website after a win, it’s all smiles and cuddles and flowery hearts but then we know just how easily we can pillock it up and be back to doom and gloom again.

Good performance, good win, nice three points for our collection and now, let’s replicate that for our next match which is of course Leeds away on Wednesday night (ITV1, 8pm GMT, this-side-of-the-pond-ers). A win is what we need. The good thing is that, unlike Ipswich the next time we play, Leeds will have to go for it and try to score too, so there should be no buses being driven into Elland Road that night.

But anyway for now, we are third in the league on 43 points with only a pair of Mancs above us. We have a match in hand over New Shiny Mancs as well, so that’s good.

I don’t know who the Old Fergie Mancs play today but hopefully they will lose to whoever this unknown mysterious team may be. A win for the unknown mysterious team would be good, so we should hope for this. As long as we continue to pretend we have no idea who this team of mysteries are, we are allowed to do this. A nice bout of handbags resulting in six sendings off and two touchline bans would be nice too, so let’s hope this other team, WHOEVER THEY MAY BE, is feisty.

See you in the week.


  1. Kipp9
    2472 days ago

    It’s admirable to keep this to everything that happened on the pitch but the real story of the match is the shambles off the pitch involving West Ham’s ownership and manager. Given the Furore it’s unsurprising that Arsenal steam-rollered that West Ham side. Given Sian maths Ipswich would have beat them by four….no?


    • Sian
      2472 days ago

      True, but given everyone else seems to have decided to focus on how terrible things are for West Ham (fair enough), I thought it’d be nice to focus on what was a great win and a great performance by my team. I love guns, not irons.

      And yes, Ipswich would have, by the laws of MacalarnyMaths.


      • Kris
        2196 days ago

        I’m impressed by your writing. Are you a pfreossional or just very knowledgeable?


  2. Treez
    2472 days ago

    Nice blog Sian and at least today you had a pretty decent performance to blog about!

    Reading the Sunday Mirror, which I did this morning, I find it hard to believe that their reporter watched the same match we did. Apart from RvP, all our players were awarded a ’6′. How they could do that and then put 5 of them in the ‘Team of the Day’ – beyond me! And as fo giving Cesc and Jack a ’6′ anyway… They should be sending you for a more insightful report.


  3. irishgray
    2471 days ago

    Three-sy peasy? Must have been the cold meds!! Well, I do hope a nice win went some way to helping you feel better Sian. Great post as usual. Why Vamp? Curious :) Living across the pond myself and must say there are a lot of Arsenal fans over here. Well NY anyways. You can thank Arsene for that. The team looked and were great yesterday, lets hope they can replicate that form on Wednesday. Til then, thanks again Sian and I hope you feel better!!


  4. 1NilToTheArsenal
    2471 days ago

    To paraphrase the band AC/DC, from those across the pond we salute you. Especially when managing to blog when sick. More to the point: are we feeling better as a team? Is van Persie getting his mojo back? Based on what you saw (through the haze of antihistamines), is this the real Arsenal?
    And why doesn’t Manchester United LOSE already? I’m getting very nervous…
    Feel better soon.


  5. Theo van Nasrigas
    2471 days ago

    Hi Siany,

    Didn’t see the match and was glad to catch up via the blog. Love the phrasing around er, the other North London side. My friend and fellow Gooner refers to them as Those Who Shall Not Be Named. Its not too bad a result us for that they split a point with “the old Fergie Mancs”, but these guys really need to lose soon (and often).
    Hope you feel better soon,


  6. Alan
    2471 days ago

    Nice blog, Siany. I know West Ham are weak at the moment, especially with Scott Parker out and Mark Noble having to come off early, but the fact is that the team did what they were supposed to do – perform well and win. The attitude was good and Vamp is nearly there judging by the game on Saturday. Still a long way to go, but we’re still up there. Neither the Mancs nor the ‘unknown mysterious team’ looked much cop to me this afternoon.


  7. Daniel
    2471 days ago

    Excellent read… I always feel like I’m on some cold medicine when I read your blogs. I also had an IPSWICH moment in my head the other day.

    We could have done well to up our goal difference to be fair, but that’s easy for someone who is still slightly nervous at 3-0 to say when the game is over and it is in fact Monday. Still though, I wince when I see Theo going through on goal, being challenged and then finding himself with the ball, loads of time, only to timidly tap it back to Green. Sometimes he needs a little bit more composure and a killer mentality than that. But he did take his goal well and then did his airplane arms thing and that makes me happy.

    Bridge had a ‘mare! But we need to clean ourselves up defensively too. Gutted about TV, hope Monsieur Wenger (arf) buys a good centreback- someone who, as he says he needs, can “hit the ground running”. But I do hope he is jumping from a coach or a car and not from a plane flying in from France or Germany or any other place that means he has not played in the E.P.L. (EPL!)

    OK, happy Monday Siany!


  8. Ponyboy
    2471 days ago

    Hello.First time poster ~ followed the link on ACLF and tbh thought it might be a bit of a Kickette (not a bad blog, but, well, not a lot of football).
    However, witty and interesting reads and love your general positivity. Nice one!


    • Sian
      2469 days ago

      I love Kickette but I’m glad you see few similarities. That’s not to say I don’t love lovely shoes too though! Thanks for reading.


  9. Ola
    2471 days ago

    First time poster too, love the blog and a belated welcome to the Arseblog Network. Too bad the mysterious team didn’t win against the mancs.


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