February 27, 2011 5 Comments by Sian

Quick one today as we’re on our wayyyyy, we’re on our wayyyyy, we’re going to Wembley, we’re on our wayyyyy… etc, etc, repeat to fade.

Went out for breakfast this morning and encountered a 2-year-old Gooner in his Arsenal shirt who kept coming up to our table going “Come on Arsenal!” Then a couple of lads in Arsenal shirts were screaming the same thing out the windows of their van. Cars have flags flying high.

GOD I’ve missed cup final day! Yes, it’s Only the Carling Cup Final, but it’s the first final we’ve been in for four years. A trophy is a trophy. And before all you Spuds crawl out the woodwork, I don’t give a flying cowpat about it being Only the Carling Cup.  

I’m feeling stupidly nervous, maybe even moreso than Barcelona in Paris 2006 – how stupid is that? But we must remember that if we don’t win today it’s not the end of the world. Cesc is not playing for fear of wrecking him for the rest of the season. That’s right, there’s a rest of season to see to still. Including being second in the league. Including defending a first-leg lead at the Camp Nou next week. Including qualifying for the next round of the FA Cup.

But it would be a nice way to start the spring portion of the season, would it not?

Wherever you’re watching it today, enjoy it and be loud. I’ll be somewhere behind the goal at Wembley, teary-eyed and shreddy-nerved no matter what happens. 



  1. Alan
    2314 days ago

    COME ON ARSENAL!!!!! – copied & pasted from you, bird. My sentiments exactly!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Gooner For Life
    2314 days ago

    COME ON ARSENAL : In Arsene we believe .


  3. Treez
    2314 days ago

    ‘This could be the start of something beautiful’ as a wise woman said recently!


  4. karki
    2314 days ago

    Wont u be in the middle section? i mean u said u’l be somewhere behind the goal.Bt tht’s also a dream for me.Nevertheless I’l be shouting at the top of my voice in front of TV in my cricket-loving hostel (India) like i did against Barca without helping drawing attention of the hostel warden!


  5. Josh
    2313 days ago

    Even though it is only the Carling Cup, it’s a trophy. And a trophy could be exactly what the Gunners need to get them revved up and ready to go for the remainder of the season. Nothing breeds confidence more than being a champion. Go ARSENAL!


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