Leyton Orient 1 – 1 Arsenal: Alright, no one died!

February 20, 2011 16 Comments by Sian

I must say, while I had an excellent feeling we’d beat Barcelona on Wednesday, I also had this niggling feeling we’d make a right old pig’s ear of this afternoon’s match against Leyton Orient. What can I say? I know the Arsenal way.

So we drew 1-1. I’d say that’s fairly standard procedure for us in this cup so far, no? It was a pretty dull match, Arsenal were frustrating, Leyton Orient were alright. To be honest, since I was watching ESPN, I saw more of the surrounding flats and spectators of the match than actual action. But what can you really expect of a station that employs not only Robbie Savage but also a man who struggles and fails to correctly pronounce the words ‘penalty’ and ‘challenge’?

For a woman with such an abundance of belief in this team it must be said that looking at a starting line-up the same as today’s hardly fills one to the gills with confidence. It’s not that they’re not good players, of course they are. It’s that their attitude is so often heavily seasoned with an enormous dose of ‘Meh’. Or so it seems.

One positive of the day was that Ignasi Miquel was very impressive in defence. Yes, Jon Champion, that’s MiQuel. Not MiGuel. And even if it was MiGuel, you don’t say Miguel like that. Ignasi needs a haircut, by the way. My rule of thumb for men is that unless you look like Emmanuel Petit, your hair should never be more than two inches long. Squillaci made an excellent facesave that had some of the Orient players and crowd weeing themselves over a possible handball. The man has nearly been knocked out in front of your very eyes. You really wanna sing ‘Same old Arsenal’?

Rosicky scored our goal (I KNOW), Arshavin played very well, Bendtner looked up for it (but was a total dolly in front of goal) and erm… I think that’s about it for the positives really. Their goal came late and kind of expectedly, also (from Tehoue. By the way, when I first saw this name on Twitter, I thought people were spelling Eboue wrong). Quite a deserved goal too. They weren’t the better team but given our respective league positions, we can hardly be whinging claims of ‘But we woz better than them!’ So now we have to play them at the Emirates.


But you gotta do whatcha gotta do. It isn’t the end of the world, as some would have you believe. And those saying that it’s ridiculous we can beat Barcelona but not Orient, well you’re just a dope. The number of players who started against both sides? One. Alex Song was the only one. Andrei Arshavin and Nicklas Bendtner also came on as subs on Wednesday. But beyond that (as we made no subs today), it was the definition of an entirely changed team.

True, we should perhaps have made more of a go of it than we did, but we didn’t. Build a bridge and focus on the replay. I’d imagine the same team will start (sadly), but I also reckon we’ll win alright at home.

The thing that angers is that there’s a definite odour of non-shit-giving by some of our second-string side. Whether it’s BECAUSE they’re second-string or whether they’re second-string DUE to that attitude, well, it’s all a bit chicken-and-egg theory.

On Wednesday we have bloody Towel Boy’s Stoke City in our match originally postponed by snow from back in December. No one wants to play Stoke, ever, and especially not in such a cloggy period of time, but we have to. I imagine we’ll bring the A team because we’re still in a league title chase. So that means Jacky (I’m allowed to call him Jacky without feeling like a mum now because he called himself that in a tweet the other night) and co. Which always bodes well.

So, today is a short post but it’s short because a.) what is where to say except ‘Balls, we have to play another match’? and b.) because I have loads of work due tomorrow and it’s 9.51pm right now. Joy.

See you at the Emirates on Wednesday!


  1. dan
    2436 days ago

    Not as much fun with family photos.


  2. irishgooner
    2436 days ago

    are you Irish??i follow you on twitter..top tweets very interesting as a gooner!
    Love chatting with fellow Irish Gooners :)
    Just started reading your posts on this and i will continue to do so…very good!


    • Sian
      2433 days ago

      ‘Fraid only a quarter of me is Irish!


  3. Daryl Booth
    2436 days ago

    Good post,

    Pretty much summed up what I felt before and after. Not the `club in crisis` some people are steering towards after a friggin draw!

    Top notch


  4. Alan
    2436 days ago

    I might just stop watching our matches and just read your blogs as they’re sometimes a lot more interesting (Certain European nights at the Ems apart). On this season’s cup form a draw was probably inevitable, but we’re still in it and I’m quite glad that the O’s (everyone loves the O’s) are going to benefit, especially as they didn’t try to kick us to bits. Great blog, bird. On to Wednesday night and the dull feeling that is Stoke City.


  5. Treez
    2436 days ago

    Ok, well I’m a dope then. The thing is the history books will just record that, in a week when The Mighty Arsenal beat the World’s Best Team, Barcelona, we could only manage to draw with Leyton Orient.

    I knew that by putting the B team (which it mostly was) that this would be the outcome. I shall never understand why we don’t put out our best team, get the job done andTHEN sub them for the likes of Denilson, Chamakh etc.

    I know a replay isn’t the end of the world, but it was avoidable.

    I’m miffed.


  6. Matty Ireland
    2436 days ago

    Good blog. Agree with everything.

    Even though our ‘B Team’ have only managed a draw against a league 1 team in a cup competition it is most definately not the end of the world as some may claim it to be in the press tomorrow.

    On top of that you can look at Barcas result today. Yes they won but were absolutely dire by their standards, were lucky to win and had only made 2 changes from the side that played us on Wednesday.

    I’d rather have fringe/youth players getting some experience and a chance to show what they can do and drawing against a team that a fully fit first team squad should beat comfortably, than playing our best 11 in what is becoming a ridiculously congested end of season. There is no way on earth all 11 first choice players would survive that and even though I would give my right arm for us to win all four competitions, the FA Chas to be lowest on our priorites at the minute with a CC final, CL 1/4 final and several very decisive PL games coming up.


  7. mic
    2436 days ago

    Almunia, it saddens me that he’s currently our number two.. I pray for gd health for w.s.


  8. Brian
    2436 days ago


    If you hadn’t noticed, we are competing for ALL four trophies still at this point in the season. I’m not saying we are out of shape… but you have to give the players enough rest in between games. Wednesday will be our third game in 8 days. We’ll continue playing a midweek game and a weekend game until the middle of March. You can’t keep starting the same players every single time or you’re going to reach a point where they can’t recover or you can’t drill and improve as much during practice.

    We’re lucky to have a pretty deep bench that we were able to start only one of the players that started against Barca. Now we will be able to stay in the title race in the PL when we play Stoke. And a tie that brings a game to Emirates should be won with home field advantage and a far better pitch.

    Long story short… a bit less complaining and a bit more faith. Wenger has done a good job rotating players and keeping us in all of these competitions. It’s our job to support them.


  9. Girl Gunner
    2436 days ago

    Well,yah,a draw sucks,but we stil are in it,so we should be supportive of Arsenal instead of complaining!! The match was boring though,maybe cause the match was at 7.30pm here and i was quite sleepy,having come from swimming most of the day…Anyways i think the second string players should change their attitude,i think Gibbs was good aswel…Nice blog Sian! Lets hope Stoke city fc don’t break every bone


  10. Girl Gunner
    2436 days ago

    Every bone of the Arsenal players,that is…They can break their own bones,its fine by me!Lol Jk


  11. uncle K
    2436 days ago

    I think of the Os like a dear old aunt that you just can’t hate.Good on ‘em,especially ln the finance dept.They deserved their goal because we didn’t bury them.That,however was their Cup Final,now we have to grit our collective teeth and give auntie a kicking {not literally,natch}


  12. Gary E
    2436 days ago

    Nice blog which pretty much sums up what I feel.

    All in all I was not surprised by the result. After the high of the Barcelona match I always felt that this match could turn out to be hard fought but lacking that something.

    The lack of killer instinct can sometimes by disheartening and we really should have turned all our possession and passing into more than the single goal….

    But as you say its not the end of the world. Its an extra game we could really do without but I am confident that we will beat them at home. I dont expect it will be a walk in the park either, hopefully the fans will get behind the team and the players even if we dont score in the first 20 mins.

    Big week ahead though for us. Home game against Stoke to win, and a trip to Wembley on Sunday.

    And we are still in all 4 competitions. If that cant make some Arsenal fans happy, nothing ever will.


  13. Kipmonster
    2436 days ago

    Typically Hearn cannot simply savour the result & the financial rewards it brings but has to make ludicrous comments about Wenger being outwitted etc. Fair play to Orient for getting the draw but lets not pretend it was a heroic performance that rattled & ran Arsenal ragged throughout. Arsenal controlled the ball with ease for vast majority of the game & only ended up undone by the trait of failing to be clinical & killing off the opposition. That fact isn’t worthy of the critical overreaction that has followed this result.


  14. Theo van Nasrigas
    2435 days ago

    Our B team can and should win these matches, but after our very first victory over Barca, I won’t complain. Credit to Leyton Orient and we’ll just have to see them off at The Emirates to set up the Old Trafford showdown. March on you Gunners.


  15. irishgray
    2434 days ago

    Hey Sian, have to say I really enjoyed the game. I think it is because I am still “Buzzing” over the Barca match. Feel bad about Big Al as the usual crowd are being very harsh on him, not much he could do in my opinion. Lets all hope he plays a stormer in the rematch, one more chance to watch the Gunners, how can that be bad? Thanks for posting Sian, hope Uni isn’t totally kicking your ass!!


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