Sad day for the Arsenal… but I’m over it. And I really don’t like cats.

February 27, 2011 28 Comments by Sian

Right, well, let’s get all the boring bits out of the way first:

1. Congratulations to Birmingham City. Well played.

2. I love Jack Wilshere more than I love having the ability to blink.

3. It f***ing pissed it down.

4. Wembley Stadium is a hole.

5. I really do get over things surprisingly quickly.

So, it was not to be. I don’t want to be one of those “I was wearing my lucky bra so that’s why we won” people, but I usually get some kind of visualisation, pre-match, of us having won matches. Like against Barcelona. I physically couldn’t see us losing to them. Today, I couldn’t get up the image of us holding the cup aloft. I was still positive as it’s the way I support the team, but in the deep dark depths of my brain, I was struggling. Mind you, these are the very depths that are convinced my arms are going to go bananas every time I drive past a lake and that I’ll end up driving in there bonnet first having suddenly developed a twitch in my arm… you can see why I try not to give these deep dark depths any credit.

When we went 0-1 down, however, hope began to blossom. Everyone else was losing their spanners around me and I was going “Dudes, chill. We are always better like this.” There is truly nothing dodgier than an Arsenal side going 1-0 up early on, is there? Then when the Flying Dutchman pulled one back for us I thought “Right, it’s on. Maybe we will do this.”

The second half was good. Both teams went for it. Unfortunately the Arsenal could not finish. Even bringing on Nicklas Bendtner and Marouane Chamakh got us no nearer to goal. It was eventually an utter shitting nightmare that put Birmingham ahead for the second and final time.

I’ve seen it a couple of times now and I’d say it was more Koscielny’s issue than Szczesny’s. People have said Szczesny should have called for it but, having seen how vocal he normally is, I’d bet he DID call for it. Which is why Koscielny fumbled it rather than clearing it completely. It was a horror show and a goal on a plate for… Obafemi Martins, was it? I think so.

For the 15,000th time in the past two years, the opposition goalkeeper won man of the match against us. Well, standard, really. Birmingham deserved to win. I don’t think we deserved to lose, hideous shocker of a second goal aside, but them’s the ways.

So we didn’t get to win our first piece of silverware in years. We did end someone’s trophy drought though! (Too soon?)

Anyway. It was pretty sad. But, I was holding it together even as the Birmingham City players ran around the pitch celebrating. Honestly, what kind of world lets the likes of that vile little toad Lee Bowyer be happy, ever? An unjust and sickening kind of world is what! Him aside though, you couldn’t really knock them the win. It just didn’t happen for us.

Then I saw Jack Wilshere cry. Talk about a gutser. It was like seeing a one-legged chicken. Really though, when was the last time you saw an Arsenal player cry? I can remember Cesc Fabregas in the San Siro. Possibly Aaron Ramsey as he had his ankle torn off. Beyond that though… anyone? There’s nothing better than seeing a player who really cares about the team. It would be sadder if I didn’t know he was going to have so many amazing days ahead of him.

And ahead of the Arsenal, also. Birmingham won the Carling Cup, good for them. Meanwhile, we’ve now got to focus on keeping up the pressure on the Mancs for the Premiership title (and just as I couldn’t see us winning today, I can see them bollocksing up very soon), on the FA Cup replay against Orient AND on the small matter of defending our lead at the Camp Nou next week. Bloody dull being an Arsenal fan innit?

I know people want silverware NOW. But if you were given the option of having the trophy today and not having any standing in the league pursuit, losing against Barca next week AND on failing to beat Orient… would you have taken it?

If you say yes, you’re a dimwit. Sorry, and thanks for reading, but you’re a dimwit. Winning the Carling Cup would have been a huge part in building the confidence to go on to bigger and better things but it wasn’t to be. The team can now react one of two ways. They can wibble-wobble away like nervous jelly on a plate sliding down a hill for the rest of the season or they can think “Well that was a shitty night’s sleep… let’s not make THAT happen again. Tossed and turned all night, so I did.”

I’m sad for the boys. For Cescy having to sit and watch us lose. For RvP having to come off injured. For Bacary Sagna and Samir Nasri and Jack Wilshere and Wojciech Szczesny and Alex Song and Laurent Koscielny and Johan Djourou and Gael Clichy and Andrei Arshavin and… oh, I think I’ve said all of them. Well, except Rosicky. I’m not really sure what he was doing out there today. But I feel sorry for him too. No fingers can be pointed at any single players. It just wasn’t meant to be.

And for the tweeters amongst us who were sitting their vomming their bile and venom over the team mere minutes after the final whistle – well, you can go have an eternity of bad hair days too. It was like a particularly bumpy bump in the road. Not a cliff we fell off.

Now we’re in three competitions instead of four. I’m sad. But I’m not devastated. Certainly not coming out with some of the crap others were earlier on today.

I’ll leave the nearly-last word to Le Boss: ‘It is a massive disappointment for the team but we have massive challenges in front of us – the Carling Cup is four games, five games but a championship season is 38. We will not throw 38 games away because of one game.’

I hope the players understand that, because it’s so true. Horrible as it was to see us lose our first final in ages today, it is not the end of the world – it’s not even the end of the season!

Finally, if you’ve not seen it already, check out THIS from LadyArse… she collected together images of Gooners all over the world today, which was a brilliant idea. My sister and I are on it, as well as my Mum and Dad and the pair of us. See if you can spot my “Oh no, it’s raining and we have to get out of the car soon” face.

Let’s hope she’ll be looking to add to that little montage later on this season. I reckon she will. Down, but not out.

I’m over the Carling Cup defeat, but I’ll be morbidly obese, right-handed, on my last legs, having a cat as a pet and fluent in Mongolian before I’m ready to be over the Arsenal.


  1. Bob
    2427 days ago

    Couldn’t see you, but does anyone know who that pretty girl with the sad face is (top left, 2nd picture in)

    Thought Ben Foster was brilliant. Made some stunning saves and he was the main difference.

    We’ll have to make do with the treble.


  2. attractedfern
    2427 days ago

    I remember Gallas crying against birmingham… ade cried when he didnt get his fat paycheck…
    Anyway its just the carling cup no biggie!! but the thing is the sign that this team lacks bottle…
    and we seen this time and again and again and again..


  3. John
    2427 days ago

    I like to think of today’s result as like that part in fever pitch when that lad misses the pen, and firth says he’s done his bit to help win the league. So hopefully we will go on to bigger and better things this season starting with Barca.

    Well, you’ve got to believe haven’t you

    Great blog as usual


  4. lozzapye
    2427 days ago

    Massive sad face but after reading your post I feel cheered up. Xoxox


  5. Gary
    2427 days ago

    A positive take on the game is always good to see. It would be faaaaarrr to easy to get all depressed about loosing today’s match.

    Last time I checked we were still fighting on the 3 remaining fronts. We need to remain positive for the team, starting on Wed against Orient.

    Twitter can be a hard place to be after loosing, but far to much of a hysterical reaction in regards to Szczesny and Koscielny. 2 weeks ago they were our saviours….now they are needing to be sold etc.

    I think that reaction tells us all we need to know about those Arsenal fans. Szczesny will go on to be a world class keeper for us for the next 10 odd years and Koscielny will be a great defender.

    BTW – Jack Wilshere is now my favorite Arsenal player. That kid has put some of our more senior players to shame this season. He bleeds Arsenal and I have no doubts that he will pick himself up for the next game.

    Lets hope the other players follow his lead!


    • Sian
      2426 days ago

      Thanks Gary. Exactly, would anyone else swap 2nd in the league, a lead against Barca and a place in the FA Cup for… this trophy? I sure wouldn’t.

      Jack is fast becoming my favourite too. It’s not nice to see anyone upset but seeing how much he cared yesterday put plenty of our other players to shame. I see him as captain one day, definitely.


  6. mic
    2426 days ago

    Great blog I like the way you think.. For me rosicky was a poor pick today & nicky b should have started.. Horrible mistake for goal but these things happen (unfortunately for us it’s usually in a big game) roll on the rest of the season, good to still be excited.. Btw jacks a legend already!!


  7. rckd
    2426 days ago

    Excuse my tenacity over the last week or so over this particular fixture…

    … but as a Bluenose, I’m glad that the world were able to see what our city and our club are all about. Our fans today were absolutely immense and it’s hard to put into words what it means to a club that has so rarely been afforded a slice of fortune. Sian, you say that you didn’t get the premonitions of victory… conversely, all the portents seemed to be falling into place for me.

    It wasn’t ‘only the Carling Cup’ – it’s a competition that Birmingham won and the other 91 teams in the Football League didn’t. I’m proud as punch tonight.

    For Blues fans, this is just about the finest hour – and one I don’t intend to ‘get over’ in a hurry. For Birmingham, I can affirm that the club craves understanding from the outside world. I hope the character and passion that the fans and the team brought to Wembley today have turned a few heads. It’s a club that bleeds with the lifeblood of the city and all its ethos and values, and I hope our club gets all the praise and respect they deserve for a job well done – rather than people assuming that Arsenal simply let it slip.

    Good luck for the rest of the seasons (in the Premier League and Champions League, at least… we could be back at Wembley if we’re able to navigate past Bolton in the FA Cup quarter final…)


  8. Jekyll
    2426 days ago

    Wenger said we showed great spirit and mental strength. And black is white. And night is day.

    Needs a big clear out in the summer with the team built around Wilshire.


  9. Johnny R
    2426 days ago

    As a neutral, I can’t understand why you aren’t more annoyed that you failed to beat a limited Brum team? The final was there to be won, and Arsenal bottled it.


    • Sian
      2426 days ago

      Because Birmingham were good. Cock-up aside, the only thing I’d criticise the team for is not finishing properly. But we don’t like killing games off, you see.


  10. aditya
    2426 days ago

    Hugely disappointed…. But still we are in with a shout in premiership,ucl & FA cup. I would rather love to see barca knocked out than win the carling cup(I know, I know.. There is a fine line between being an optimist and a dreamer ). But most of all what really hurt last night was rosicky’s performance. He is a world class player no doubt about that but yesterday he forgot that he knows how to play football. Amateurish stuff from an experienced guy trying the cheeky stuff. And when he was trying to backheel a cross into the goal, i knew it will prove costly in the end. I couldn’t sleep last night(with all the nightmares in which rvp was ruled out for the rest of the season)…. Late for the office because of that …. But in the end what a crude way to lose the cup final.


  11. Alan
    2426 days ago

    Absolutely brilliantly put, bird. Man up (and girl up) all you real Gooners and move on.


  12. MattWFC7
    2426 days ago

    Agree with Gary and, without sounding like I’ve attended the Siany school of optimism and positivity, the overall reaction on the way back to Wembley Park and on Twitter was ridiculous.

    “We need to buy a goalkeeper” was the most common. Seriously, Szczesny has made one mistake since he became No1. A big mistake, granted, but we shouldn’t end his Arsenal career because of it. He has the potential to be No1 for ten years and a new goalkeeper wasn’t even whispered in January because of how assured he has looked. Give him a break.

    Ditto for Koscielny.

    I won’t even get started on the Wenger Out brigade who joined us on the Metropolitan line. AW certainly didn’t tell Koscielny and Szczesny to make an almighty cock-up. His only mistake was perhaps choosing Rosicky over Bendnter yesterday.

    We do need to win something this season. This was the biggest chance to do just that but we’ve still three more opportunities. The only thing that worries me is how much we rely on certain players to make us tick. If they’re injured, we look much poorer but this could be said for every single team in the world.

    I could really rant here but I’ll leave it there and focus my attention on why cats are suddenly hated….



    • Sian
      2426 days ago

      To be fair, it wasn’t so much Arsenal fans I heard talking about needing a new goalkeeper as neutrals and ‘football fans’. It just reeks of someone having heard something (last season!), watching a cock-up (which was more Kos’s issue than Szczesny’s) and putting two and two together and making five.

      Cats are simply too clever for my liking. Seem like disloyal littles gits too.


  13. Kipp9
    2426 days ago

    Commiserations Arsenal fans. As a fan of no club in particular I don’t think I can fully appreciate the sting of a cup-final loss. Perhaps the utter, froth spitting fury of Ireland not making it to penalties in Paris is the closest I get.

    It’s good to be upbeat and realise in a weekend where Pepe Reina got beat at his near post by a bobbler and Deportivo knocked Real out of the title race again these things can happen & ‘Keeper’s can be both insane and inspired. We saw both in one game.

    I hope RVP’s injury news is better than expected as his goal was inspired and his goals since his return have shown why Arsenal continue to persist with his “chocolate ankles”.

    If I may pose a question, had Roger Johnson been in Arsenal’s defence would it have made a difference? His lack of technical ability doesn’t fit the Arsenal mould but his dominance in the air and in the tackle brought him and his team to the cup. He’s much less hatable than Bowyer and co and as far as I’ve seen has yet to injure a fellow professional. So for him and Birmingham, well done.

    For Arsenal – keep it up! Ben Foster’s massive face won’t stop you from winning everything.


  14. Daniel
    2426 days ago

    In all honesty, from the off I could see something like this happening. That offisde/Bowyer/Chesney/shoulda been a pen and a red card incident left a bit of a sour taste in my mouth… but I soon remembered Clichy’s good tackle at St. Andrews that led to the penalty that pretty much screwed our title hopes on that Eduardo day and the guilt was gone.

    However, I think Birmingham deserved the win. They wanted it more and they worked harder than us. yeah, Foster was man of the match but he was never REALLY really tested the way he should have been.

    And why Rocisky was playing in the middle I will never know.Nasri or Arsh should have been there and Bendtner should have started too. he loves this compeititon and helped get us to the final. What has Rosicky done to warrant a starting place at Wembley?

    Not really gonna talk about the goal JUST PUT YOUR FUCKING FOOT THROUGH IT but will question why we turned up in tracksuits and not lovely suits at Wembley? Surely that is the first step to us getting up for the cup and also not giving Rosicky the captains armband when RVP went off. Should have handed it straight to Jack.

    Onwards and upwards gooners, great blog Siany! :)

    ps. As soon as i clicked on thebig pic yesterday the first thing I saw was you and your sis. What a pretty pair of so and so’s you are.


    • Sian
      2426 days ago

      I don’t understand what the purpose of Tomas Rosicky was yesterday. I have tried, and I have failed. Even when the teams were announced we all went “Eh?”
      PS. Thank you, charmer!


  15. Uncle Mike
    2426 days ago

    First time I’ve seen your blog (thanks to Arseblog for posting the link), and you’ve got it exactly right: Taking a win yesterday, and making that the only thing we win this season, would have been won of those “Another such victory and I am undone” deals.

    There’s more to do, and a killer instinct must be developed. The only ones who have that instinct, like Ian Wright and Robert Pires had, “I’d rather slit your throat than give you the time of day,” only seems to be in two current players, neither of whom was available yesterday, Cesc Fabregas and Tom Vermaelen. Even men as talented as Robin van Persie and Samir Nasri don’t seem to have it. This team needs killer instinct, guts, bottle, whatever you want to call it, and it needs that now. Knockout game this week, another next week, both more important than the League Cup, even the League Cup Final. There are three good trophies to be won, let’s take them and smash through anyone who tries to get in our way, like Arsenal teams of old… and not-that-old, too.


    • Sian
      2426 days ago

      Completely agree on Cesc and Thomas as well. Much as I like the idea of our players being nice people, I do wish they had more of the “mean old bastard” instinct in them. And I agree that this is exactly what’s missing.
      Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed!


  16. sandra
    2426 days ago

    Nice for you that you can get over this so quickly as if it’s just a meaningless, nothing bit of football – certainly the players took it more seriously. It meant something to them and it means something to some gooners. Some of us feel more than just sad-to feel devastated, gutted, even angry is a perfectly legitimate response and no one has the right to scold, lecture other gooners for feeling what they feel – nor to set themselves up as superior fans to those who are simply reacting as normal human beings. It’s part of football to feel pain and vent and rant. It’s called passion, emotion.

    Some of us work at a different pace and need a little more time to just “move on” – we’re not as bloodless as others are. And just because some of us have critical things to say doesn’t mean we’re not Arsenal fans.


    • Sian
      2426 days ago

      Thank you for the response, Sandra. I do struggle with being passionate and emotional about my team sometimes, as you’ll have seen from my passion-free, emotionless blogs and tweets.

      I don’t think I’m superior. I just don’t think it’s the end of the world.

      Sitting there in the stadium yesterday, I surely felt devastated, gutted, and angry. But I get over things and hope for the best because I don’t like to dwell in shit as many of our fans do. I’m sorry if others need longer to get over things than me, but perhaps reading a blog entitled “I believe in Arsenal” is not in your best interest if you’re wanting to stay down for longer. Thanks again.


  17. Girl Gunner
    2426 days ago

    Its amazing how yesterday i went numb,lyk there was no pain,weird! Tho at some point since the end of the match i’v felt bad! I’m tryna say we deal with things differently but we are all Gunnerz! We lost,we move on,we win the FA ,UCL and Premier league,thats our past,present and near future! Wilshere should be King and Walcott and Szczney the assistants! Great blog! Now in the words of Gaga…There’s nothing else i can say,eh eh!!


  18. Theo van Nasrigas
    2426 days ago

    Horrible goal, but a great and positive post and some very interesting comments and reactions.

    @Girl Gunner: You made me think of another song my big brother used to play in the house all the time – not Lady Gaga, but David Bowie, but I think he had the same hair as her back then:
    “Major Tom to Ground Control
    I’m stepping through the door
    and I’m floating in a most peculiar way
    and the stars look very different today,,ay,,,ay…”
    That’s what I felt like. It wasn’t chemically induced either, purely caused by being a die-hard Gooner.

    @Sandra – yeah, it hurts. I put up with an enormous amount of teasing today, but there’s too much to like about this season yet for me. I hope you come out it soon.

    @Daniel, I agree. The Brummies manned up yesterday and took the game to us. We didn’t deserve to lose, but they deserved to win, if that makes any kind of sense.

    @Uncle Mike. You are SOOO RIGHT. My big brother and another poster on this site says the same thing all the time. We need that killer instinct. We need to be utterly ruthless as Chelsea seemed to be last year.

    Sian – thanks for the links to the pics from Lady Arse. Nice touch. There;s so much still to talk about. The FA Cup match in two days, Sunderland at the weekend, Barca again next week, and Man U after beating Leyton Orient. WOW!

    There’s simply no time to feel sorry for ourselves. COME ON YOU GOONERS and COME ON ARSENAL!




  19. El Greco
    2425 days ago

    Hey, Sian, thanks for the blog and, as with the team, we fans all need to get over the disappointment of losing in the same way the team has to. It’s the next game that counts!
    Totally agree with your Boyer comment – only a fucked up world rewards his kind :-)


  20. Falklands Gooner
    2425 days ago

    That slap by Barry Ferguson on Kos after the goal completely changed my feelings towards Kos in that moment.

    Have a look at the clip posted on this message board.

    As I say on there my feelings about Kos changed in an instant, I went from “You f#cking idiot” directed at him to “Get the fuck away from our boy” at the gloating Blues player. Kos is our boy, he messed up and nobody in the entire world knew it more than him, and you could see how gutted he was. He did very well to not react. I certainly would have.

    He and Chesney have come in for an enormous amount of stick this week which is to be expected to an extent, but let’s not write them off as players. They’re young and have faced one hell of a learning curve, one made his PL debut 2 months ago and the other was in the French lower leages two years ago. Young defenders and goalkeepers will make errors, even the best of them. Anyone remember how shockingly bad Vidic was for Utd when he started? Or, dare I say it, Gomes at Spurs? Christ, if Tony Adams had started to develop within this team (And I have spoken to a lot of people who saw him play in the early and mid 80s) then our fans would be demanding he be sold off quicker than Stepanovs was. He BECAME brilliant, he wasn’t instantly so. Can you imagine how exposed a young and inexperienced Tony Adams would be to the pace and skill of the modern game? Does anyone remember what Holland did to him in 88?

    Incidentally, I was actually pretty disappointed in Alan Davies in his podcast this week suggesting we need an English Centre Back. It just didn’t seem like a statement too far from the kind made by tabloid idiots saying we lack courage or grit because we have foreigners in the team. Also, they kept referring to Kos ‘missing the ball’ entirely, he didn’t miss it, he clearly withdrew his foot at the last second. Of course that was an error but if you’re condemning him, at least let it be for the right reasons.


  21. Falklands Gooner
    2425 days ago

    Also, forgive the history lesson (I am only 30, honest!) but Sunday’s effort wasn’t even the worst goal we’ve ever conceded in a League Cup Final, or even the worst opponents we’ve lost to.

    Have a look at this beauty, 40 seconds in.

    Incidentally, the Arsenal side in this video (With a couple of changes)went on to win a European trophy the season afterwards and then the double the year after that.

    Can you imagine what our modern fans would have done to that team following this game, in this era of endless tv replays and media coverage?


  22. Albuquirky Gunner
    2423 days ago

    Wow, first a big “Thank You” to Simon Head of the Daily Mirror for the article that sent me to this blog.

    Second – a blog from a fan that is well written – now there’s a thing.

    I don’t know how often I’ll post a comment – but you are already bookmarked.

    I was born a Bristol City supporter but moved to London when I was 18. By the start of the 76/77 season I was living in a bedsit in Sotheby Road and City had been promoted. Their first game in the First Division? Away at Arsenal, so off I go, buy a ticket and sit in wonder in the East Stand, near the Clock end. Twenty minutes to go and City score the winner. I cheered inside, safe in the knowledge that I was wearing a red and white scarf, and was hooked on Arsenal fron that day. I was darn nearly crushed to death in crowds of 52,000 and 57,000 on the North Bank watching Liverpool and Newcastle in those days and became a lifelong supporter.

    I now live in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and visit the UK as often as I can. I watched the Birmingham fiasco live and just felt sorry for Koscielny, as I think he played his best game in an Arsenal shirt against Barcelona just a week earlier. I have just finished sending messages to three close friends who are prawn sandwich munchers after the debacle of their abject defeat at Chelski, gently reminding them that the title is now in our hands; and I remain very optimistic that we can now move on, especially after our bounceback against Leyton last night, and really pile some pressure on Utd. For anyone who is wavering, just remember Sunderland’s epic FA Cup winner in 1979 and the Overmars goal at Old Trafford – they should put a spring back in your step and a smile on your face.


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