A 1-3 win and a stick of rock.

April 11, 2011 8 Comments by Sian

Three points! Three points! Three big fat juicy nutritious points! I feel like we’ve been existing on one of those detox diet plans where you eat little and often but never until you’re full up and as a result exist as a hungry and miserable, quite spotty human being. But yesterday, we filled our boots.

OK, so it wasn’t a tremendous performance against a title-challenging side, but it was a win away and a confidence-booster to boot. Granted, teams hoping to end up at the end of the MOTD credits holding the trophy aloft next season shouldn’t have to worry about beating teams near the relegation zone. But we’re us and we sadly have to worry about most teams this year.

It was a beautiful day up in Blackpool yesterday, mildly marred at the start by the fact the home side made us look a bit crap, but then things came together. DIABY of all people put us ahead first and didn’t even look that thrilled to have scored, to be honest. But we were thrilled, oh how we were thrilled. It feels it has been nearly a decade since we last saw us score a goal. Just three minutes later Eboue jumped on the goal bandwagon with a strike that he sure meant.

We could have been four up at half time but we weren’t - Samir Nasri, still looking a bit deformed thanks to the Humpty Dumpty creature that took up residence on his skull last week, hit the post in what would have been an impressive goal. We also scored an offside goal courtesy of Robin van Persie.

Anyway, the second half arrived and we were happier than usual at half time but memories of St James’s Park will probably have ruined half time for us forever. Sure enough, just six minutes after the restart, Gary Taylor-Fletcher-Baker-Jones got Blackpool one back in what was a bit of a calamitous showing from the boys in mustard and burgundy (vom kit, VOM).

In fact, Jens Lehmann could have been sent off for bringing down DJ Campbell had Taylor-Fletcher-Baker-Jones not taken advantage of the slip-up and scored. And since Jens was our sub keeper thanks to a mysterious knee-twanging of Manuel Almunia pre-match, we’d have been well and truly buggered. In the post-match interview, Jens revealed that had this happened, RvP would have been the lucky number 10 heading in to goal. Apparently RvP is an excellent goalkeeper. This video says different but OK Robin, whatever you say Robin. Yes, that is his 4-year-old son Shaqueel lobbing him. Still, given RvP has introduced his son as ‘The next Arsenal striker’ before, it’s not all bad.

Oh wait, before we forget, let’s talk about Jens! Well, the circumstances in which his inclusion came to be yesterday were mental, the stuff of comedy shows and as Arsenal as Arsenal can be. Almunia suddenly injured? Jens having to take his place? Resulting in a grand total of FOUR injured goalkeepers at the Arsenal? James Shea sitting at home cursing a man old enough to be his father for totally elbowing him out of the way in the pecking order? Check check check and check!

Opinion was divided and of course the nearly-penalty moment could have been a disaster for us and him. But he made some great saves as well and was back to his vocal best. Who knows who we’ll see in goal against Liverpool? It could be Mad Jens again, it could be Almunia or it could be the heir to Jens’ crown of crazy, Szczesny. We’re on tenterhooks, Arsene.

In the second half, we looked well dodgy again and Blackpool could have had a penalty when Koscielny fouled Gary T-F-B-J at 2-1. Of course had they got it, Mad Jens could have saved it and we could have gone on to win 3-1 anyway, but who knows? You might be annoyed for Blackpool had it been against any other team as they’re a team you’d like to see stay up next seaon. But we were lucky and about bloody time.

Our third came from RvP in the 75th minute after Sebastien Squillaci had made a fine tackle which left Diaby with the ball, who passed to Walcott for Theo to sling it to RvP for the finish. According to Arsenal stat man Orbinho, Theo’s last five assists have been for RvP goals. What a tidy little pairing.

So that’s that. Still seven off the top with a game in hand and a match against the Lot at the Top before it’s all over. Hang in there, guys, you never know what could happen.

It was odd how quiet it was yesterday after the match. No fingers to point, no tactics to criticise, no eyes to roll at either of the former. It was nice. 

In other news, there was an important information alert sent out to fans this morning. The gist (having asked Twitter) is that Stan Kroenke is now majority share-holder of the club. He owns [a certain amount of shares that seems to keep changing] and is looking to buy [more]. Peter Hill-Wood will remain as chairman. Besides that, all the conflicting reports and changing-all-the-time information is too much for me to keep up with. Overall, the consensus seems to be that this is a good move. It has been reported that Kroenke will not bring any debt with him. He is nicknamed Silent Stan and has a large and impressive moustache.

Christ, you really can’t make business funny, can you?

Anyway, overall this news is probably much bigger than our 3-1 win over Blackpool, but I understand 3-1 wins and I don’t understand finance. Arseblog explained it better this morning, as will any report you find upon Google News searching ’Stan Kroenke’. The only thing to be added is that a Sky Sports News report on the matter comes up under ‘A positive purchase’. If THEY say something about Arsenal is positive, then bloody hell it must be.


  1. Daniel
    2387 days ago

    Nothing like a Siany blog to brighten the day and nothing like an Arsenal win to make the blogs that little better to read – even though when we lose or draw it’s still a good pick-me-up. <3

    The Jens challenge was Champs League Final all over again… YEAH SORRY FOR BRINGING THAT UP. Gary Taylor-Fletcher-Baker-Jones shoulda let the ball go out and it may have been different… but he's obviously a top top gentleman and I thank him for sliding the ball home. That's a first in my life.

    If I was commentator, I would have unleashed the line "he's a lucky, lucky boy" re. Koscielny. Talk about stonewall, but we deserved the win I feel. Third goal was pure class. In the sunshine.

    Lovely to win. I was in a pub in Brent Cross (long story) and some bloke was like to Wenger "sit down you gay, you paedo…" HAHA how incredibly sad some people are. Made it all feel so sweet…

    Wonder what Stan's gonna do but he seems a decent owner as far as owners go :) Usmanov is currently charging around like a bull smashing all his good china.



  2. Gary
    2387 days ago


    It really does feel good to win an actual game of football since 2004 or something. Totally forgot how it felt!

    Being serious for a second tho, it really is good to get back on winning ways. After the horrid game last week etc we were desperate for a win to boost our flagging confidence levels. I did say I didnt care how well we played or what the score was, as long as we got the win. Thankfully the boys delivered.

    Diaby played well, which just left me frustrated. It annoys me how he can play so well for 2 or 3 games and then completly fall off a cliff for the next 7 or 8….almost as if he forgets how to play at times. If we could somehow get him to play to this level, all the time, he would have no1 complaining about his performances.

    Cesc had a pass masterclass I feel, really tearing Blackpool to bits with his range of passing. Jack looked jaded tho. The amount of knocks he takes per game and shrugs them off like its nothing makes me think he has steel for bones, but he does look slightly tired. He needs a rest. It goes to show though how important he has become to this team. That Wenger wont rest or sub him says it all.

    Next up is Liverpool. I can tell everyone how that game is going to go. Kenny will perceive us as having a weak defence and keeper and will instruct his team to throw every high ball towards Caroll that they can. We know its going to happen so hopefully Wenger prepares his team to deal with it.

    As for the Stan Kroeneke situation. Not much to be said really. Its a huge change in the club, but it looks like things will go on as they are. We will only fight out if its a good or bad thing as time goes on.

    Lets hope its a good thing tho!

    Great blog as usual btw!


  3. Girl Gunner
    2387 days ago

    :) :) we won at last!!!!

    only saw the second half, but from the replay it seems Diaby has seen danger and decided to up his game, the goal he scored was good to be honest,and has shown the talent that he has yesterday but can that go on? hope so

    It was nice to see Eboue score, given the amount of games he has played, no one would be shocked if he hadn’t scored!so big up to him

    I agree Theo and RVP are a great pair,loved the third goal, showed class that we have that i love….Jens and arsenal were obviously lucky,for once….Hahahaha, the RVP goalkeeping video was hilarious,poor thing was left in shock!!

    New owner….it seems its a good thing yayy us:)

    Hope we keep up the win till the end and not get to comfy and get caught out in the next match, i still think we can win this,Goooo gunners…God bless <3


  4. El Greco
    2386 days ago

    Hey Sian, thanks again for a great blog!

    The best thing that happened yesterday was Almunia getting ‘injured’ and Jens having to step in. It wasn’t just the confidence he brought to goalkeeping – even though he didn’t have that much to do – it was the confidence he bestowed upon the rest of the team against a tough-to-beat Blackpool side. I think Wilshere’s comments on Arsenal.com regarding Lehmann’s influence speak volumes. Just imagine having someone of his drive, focus and winning mentality playing every week, and the results against some of the lesser teams could have seen us lead the EPL!

    On a slightly different subject: It still amazes me (after all these years) how bias football commentators can be. I understand the fixation with backing the underdog but the two commentators on Sky took bias to another level! Yes, Blackpool deserved a lot of credit for their commitment and, I might add, the way they play, but you’d think Arsenal beating them was the greatest injustice ever! These guys have no shame!


  5. A2Gooner
    2386 days ago

    Great blog Sian!

    By the numbers, there are more teams nearer to or in the relegation zone (11) than there are in the running for Champions League spots. I just wish that the rest of that lot actually played like Blackpool, in an attempt to win a match, instead of parking the bus and hoping for a tie like Blackburn.

    I think the entire defense showed more confidence with Jens in goal than they ever do with Almunia there. Perhaps the two center backs have heard stories about Mad Jens. Clichy and Eboue have certainly witnessed the madness.

    While I was happy to see the outcome of the Diaby to Cesc to Theo to RVP goal that put the match away, I have to admit that I was yelling at the TV, “Hoof it away Diaby!” That was probably the most nervous I was in watching the match at any point.


  6. 1NilToTheArsenal
    2386 days ago

    We’ve just got our first win in ages, but after today I’m already worried about our next fixture. Liverpool have done well of late and are exactly the kind of team that can give us a right spanking. We really need to be up for this next one. COYG…


  7. Alan
    2386 days ago

    Good blog, Siany. Nice to have something to be positive about. Good performance and having the Mad German back was just like it used to be. Safe hands, good distribution and the odd crazy moment to keep us on our toes. Legend.


  8. UncleK
    2385 days ago

    A nice little away win and all the gripers,snipers,moaners,groaners,carpers and harpers just fade away. 7 comments ?!! Have they all left early to avoid the traffic? Positively…


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