Search called off, as three points are found alive and well!

September 11, 2011 12 Comments by Sian

Hello Gooners,

Me again, how have you all been? Better, now that we actually have three points, a win and a clean sheet? Did it feel like it would never happen again? It did, didn’t it. We still have the most appalling goal difference chart in the Premiership (according to the Mirror’s table today anyway), BUT we won, we won, and we won, and I don’t give a flying monkey’s uncle Bob or aunt Fanny or cousin Sue as to the circumstances in which we won.

Three points is three points is three points and Manchester United got exactly the same amount of points (that is, three points) in their decidedly more emphatic win over us on… whenever the hell it was, can’t remember, it’s paled into insignificance to me already.

We started out very brightly with Mikel Arteta providing a great opportunity for Aaron Ramsey, who did probably the same thing I would have done with it. No matter, we were only a minute or so in anyway, and on we pressed. We were much the better team in the first half, which was just as well because we had certainly lost our position on that podium by the second.

In fairness, our confidence was probably about skirting board level so we were never going to come bounding out of the gates like a cooped up Jack Russell. Our only goal came in the 40th minute when a bit of a balls up by Swansea keeper Vorm gifted the ball to Arshavin. Of course, ‘gift’ will have been the only word you’ll have heard with regard to this goal; the fact Andrei then made a fairly fantastic strike is apparently neither here nor there.

Also worth noting that the Vorm, who’d covered himself in Almunia in that moment, then pulled off two saves in which a goal was pretty much guaranteed for us, so if you’re going to say he gifted us the Arshavin goal, you can do us (and him) the service of admitting that it was he alone who stood in the way of two further goals. If you wish to know the goal opportunities exactly, I’ll have to admit that I only remember one: the Chamakh header fairly late on. The other one I forget but I DEFINITELY REMEMBER it happening. Because I remember making that point to myself as it happened.

I did watch MOTD yesterday, but I was so annoyed with the Islington Library comment from their entirely unbiased coverage that the steam pouring out of my ears made it a little difficult to hear whether they’d picked up on the other chance. Doubtful, though. If it wasn’t something Gary and the Alans could chuckle about later, it probably wasn’t worth mentioning. I have heard criticism about the home support from both Arsenal and (a) Swansea fans yesterday, but I basically think they’re talking cack. From where I was sitting, it was a good show from us. I certainly had a sore throat and a headache at the end, and we put more effort into the closing fifteen minutes than the team as a whole seemed to.

Yossi Benayoun came on for Arshavin in the 62nd minute and he looked lively. I’m not entirely sure why Arshavin was brought off because he, for a change, himself looked very up for it. Theo, on the other hand, had one of his off-days. He still reigned supreme in the tearing-down-the-wing portion of his game, but you don’t get points for tearing down wings. Also, I was thrilled to see that we’ve already given Yossi the honour of becoming the subject of the song that belonged previously to He Who Skips Through Piles Of Money In The Rain. ‘Yossi Benayoun’ fits so much better than ‘$amir Na$eeeeeri’ anyway. Let’s face it, in calling him ‘Nas-e-ri’, we just sounded like shouty English berks with no knowledge of foreign pronunciation anyway. Like people who speak of Sagna with a hard G.

Per Mertesacker (who’s inherited Sol’s song already) looked fairly solid also, but it was very much a settling-in game for everyone in general. Obviously, this is usually what the pre-season is for. But we are Arsenal. This would simply have made far too much sense.

In spite of his dip towards ‘Meh’ in the second half, Mikel Arteta looked excellent in the first. I love that we have a little Spanish midfielder on our team now. He’s such a great little Spanish midfielder. It’s been far too long since we’ve had a great little Spanish midfielder… in all seriousness though, I think the Cesc talk needs to stop at this point. You’ve probably read my blog about it, I’m sure you know my thoughts on the matter by now (*sob breath*), but I just wish stories would stop popping up from nowhere, still linking our name with his. Journalists need to stop asking him about us. And CERTAINLY their chairman, or whoever the bugger Bartomeu is, needs to pipe down. Get over your stupid little Hey Arnold crush on us, you tiny human being, and get back to raising a technically fantastic team with the morals of a dung beetle, and leave us be over here. You’ve got your booty, we’ve got the pieces to pick up, keep your trap shut and try not to fall down too many wells on your way home.

I need to stop talking about it also. I know this. I’m just fed up of players singing the praises of Arsene Wenger… in their first interviews with their new clubs, having just ditched the poor bloke for someone else’s team. Eh. Moving on. Too many thoughts and arguments on this to fit on the whole of the WordPress platform anyway.

Anyway, back to Arteta. What a cracking hairline Arteta has! It’s like that of a Lego character. He’ll need it to be sturdy, having been handed the responsibility of guiding Jack and Aaron to their best days in midfield. I believe he, and it, is strong enough to do so. Once poor old Jack’s back from injury, of course.

Anyway. Not the most spectacular of games, but three very much needed points, and an important clean sheet that was very well deserved for Wojciech Szczesny. I still love how vocal he is in matches, by the way. And after corners, where he screams at everyone and does this big sweeping impression with his lengthy Polish arms. I love that sweeping impression. I’m going to use it in the Tube next time people are taking their sweet time in boarding the damn carriage.

We travel to Germany next for our Champions League match against Borussia Dortmund. We’ll need to step up a few flights of a massive staircase in order to take anything from that match, but like I said, I think the Swansea match was a bit of a gelling match anyway. And if we can get three points from a gelling match, well, that’s really not very shabby at all.

And to those of you who’ve been saying ‘Waaaaaaaa but we should have won morrrrrrre but it’s not fairrrrrrr I want morrrrrrrre’, shut up and put up. We have been tosh, and any steps toward no longer being tosh are positive. It might be ‘just Swansea’, but let’s face it, we’re hardly as ’Oooooooh, Arsenal, tough match!’ as we have been in the past. And Swansea were very good (ooh yeah, forgot to mention that, but they were). Yes it was a newly promoted side we just scraped past, but when other teams win those kind of matches, they’re the kind of wins that win leagues. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves in thinking this will be the case for us, but a step in the right direction is a step that works for me.



  1. Alan
    2233 days ago

    Excellent, Siany. Let’s get back on track steadily with some results which breed confidence rather than pretty performances.


  2. Little Dutch
    2233 days ago

    Lovely stuff as ever. The other Vorm save was from Theo’s one on one I think, which was subsequently cleared off the line. Think Arshavin came off cos Sinclair and Dyer were getting at our full backs a bit and Andrey ain’t exactly known for his tracking back! Forward indeed :-)


  3. Treez
    2233 days ago

    Great blog, Siany. Mostly I’m looking forward to seeing you disperse the slow-coaches on the tube with your lengthy Polish arm movements…


  4. Girl Gunner
    2233 days ago

    Fab piece sian..
    Up the Arsenal :)


  5. Beth
    2233 days ago

    Your blogs are actually some of the best i’ve read. Insightful and funny all rolled into a lovely doughy mix. I always agree with pretty much all of it and this one is no different. We weren’t great on Saturday but there were plenty of positives to take from the game. Not least Arshavin’s efforts and Arteta’s ability to slot in easily.

    A note on the crowd support – I think it is always easy for the press/motd to slate our fans. The area where they sit – and where I was sat on saturday – is probably one of the quietest in the stadium. The chants all seemed to die down around me (even after my best efforts!). We could hear the rest of you guys though and i’m sure the players did too and thats what matters.

    Looking forward to Dortmund and your next blog!


    • Mauri
      1553 days ago

      Daniel Levy humiliated the best maanegr Spurs have had in over a decade, overseen a farcical approach to transfers, and has now put the club in the hands of a man who is out of his depth and blowing wads of money on the wrong players. What is the logic of spending almost thirty million pounds on two strikers? Don’t let them hide behind the Defoe injury; ‘Arry was making enquiries about more forwards before Defoe got injured, hence the interest in Craig Bellamy. What are Spurs going to do with five Premier League standard strikers who cannot play with each other? In the same month Redknapp has signed an odious full-back who didn’t give a s*** about Spurs when they were decent and who wasn’t good enough first time round, and a former goalkeeper to replace someone who, despite being as consistent as a shivering dog’s dump, is still one of their better performers this season. Wilson Palacios might turn out to be the holding midfielder they need, but at 14 million he’d better be, and am I the only one who thinks Redknapp has taken a gamble on the back of one good performance? Despite another 40 million + splurge, the improvements to the squad are marginal: there’s no left-sided midfielder, or anyone to adequately cover for the simian sicknote they call Gareth Bale. Is ‘Arry going to try crap performances on the squad now he’s blown all the cash so unwisely? Knowing him, undoubtedly, but it’ll be an even less compelling argument. The last few, extravagant, years have been funded, at least in part, by the windfalls Spurs received for Berbatov, Carrick and Keane. Even with the profit they made on Keane, there is nothing in the Spurs squad (Modric might end up going for a lot, but he cost a lot in the first place) to suggest that there are any windfalls in the pipeline. In fact there are very few players that they can hope to make a profit on. Levy has overseen the squandering of a huge transfer fund, and Redknapp has been more than happy to help out. The league would be worse off without Tottenham. As an Arsenal fan I’d laugh, but the North London derby regularly produces classics (even if sometimes those classics make me want to bring intense and long-lasting harm to Devid Bentley’s stupid face) and a club with their history and style belongs in the top tier. With the run of games they are facing and the squad as unbalanced as always the biggest hope of them staying up might be for three other teams (probably ‘Boro, West Brom and Newcastle) to be even worse. But if it’s not, we all know who to blame.


  6. gunnie
    2233 days ago

    Love your blog! I’m from Holland (Bergkamp the reason why I am an Arsenal supporter…). I just watched MOTD 2, and that’s better watching than the other one on Saturday.
    Arshavin’s goal was a piece of art.
    By the way: do you think Fabregas love life had anything to do with his wish to go back to Spain?


  7. Irishgray
    2233 days ago

    Bloody good post Sian!!! FORWARD is right and no looking back I say. I remember the last few years when idiots like Alan Hansen and his ilk kept saying that Arsenal just did not know how to win ugly, that we insisted on trying to walk the ball into the back of the net, that possession was worthless without an end product. They pointed to Man Utd who kept winning games by the odd ugly goal and claimed that it was the mark of champions, of experience over youth. Yet when we do it they dismiss it as dire, worthless crap (just like their punditry if you ask me). A clean sheet and 3 points and still we are dismissed. And not a word about how terrible Cahill was at Bolton, the supposed saviour of Arsenals defense!!! MEH!!!! Don’t make me LARF!!! They can keep Cahill, hell they can keep the whole team and then some. COYG!!!!


  8. Sheik Abdullah
    2233 days ago

    Three points . Arsenal have to produce a winning run of at least five to six matches. These are early days. The ugly english bulldog has been scoring goals for fun.Arsenal when Gilberto was in the line up also hit the goal trail But alas it was not to last because when the grounds become heavy from mid autumn ,we will see whether the ugly one can produce it not every week but at two weekly intervals.
    I know he is good or very goodbut sooner or later the goals will dry up . It’s impossible to score every week. Maybe in Spain /Scotland/Holland he can do it.


  9. Daniel
    2233 days ago

    I was sat behind Szczesny in the first half and he did a Cruyff turn on someone in his 6 yard box and I… well, let’s just say I completely shit my pants.

    That kind of summed up the match for me!

    Thought Per was great, getting the way of things and not nervous with 60,000 eyes waiting for him to lamp home a 40 yard own goal… which reminds me, WTF was that backpass near the end? From where I was sitting… it looked in. Again, I shit myself.

    Arteta was a really lynchpin, spreading balls about, keeping possession. I think he will setle in brill and Yossi was typical Yossi!

    More Arsh down the middle too, which meant he could show what he can really do… aka, better than out wide.

    FORWARD! Great post as always Siany!


  10. 1NilToTheArsenal
    2232 days ago

    Sian, you’re always about bringing us up – it’s sickeningly, sweetly really good stuff. May sound like a backhanded compliment but it’s whatever the opposite: front-handed? Glad handed? Sure-footed?

    Anyway, kudos again.

    Like you, I’ll take the take the 3 points anyway I can get them right now, without pointing to our many obvious problems. Those problems are a lot down to just basic confidence and attitude. If we can string together some results with this cobbled together bunch (for surely that’s what they play like right now), things can change in a heartbeat.

    For me Arteta and Arshavin were the standouts in this motley crew. It’s fraking UNBELIEVABLE what Arshavin did in basically a couple of seconds. I hope people can appreciate it fully. He had his back turned to the play and it was pure predatory instinct – something which can never be taught – that allowed him to turn, judge, strike and score at the tightest of angles for our winner. Amazing stuff.

    And Arteta was basically a beast. Doing most of the right things at most of the right times.

    At match and a result that brings one of the Boss’s better songs to mind:

    “Well I’m a little down under, but I’m feeling O.K.
    Got a little lost along the way

    I’m just around the corner to the light of day
    Well, I’m just around the corner to the light of day”
    (“Light of Day”, Bruce Springsteen)

    Up the Arsenal. Forever.



  11. Alex Ngoke
    2232 days ago

    Hey Sian, love your blog, when I see Arshavin played good or not so well, my mind drifts back to that magical night at Anfield in 2009 where Arshavin single handely put Liverpool to the score with his 4 goal MotM performance in that 4-4. As I see more of him lately, it seems like he’s rediscovering that form, its a shame the same can’t be said for Rosicky, but he hasn’t been the same since the injury he picked up seasons ago. Arshavin was like a new man on Saturday, completely different to last season bar that Barcelona home game at the Emirates.
    Well anyway, I’m looking forward to seeing. Ryo Miyaichi in the Champions League group stagesCarling Cup games when he recovers from injury, I think he’s going to be a hot trick in Europe at the least. or


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