Keep on Walcin’!

November 20, 2011 8 Comments by Sian

Dearest club football,

Does it not feel like an age since we last did meet? How have you been? How are the children? Almost fully grown since West Brom, I would imagine. Let us not leave it so long again, hmm? I missed you. And I know that you missed me. Let’s just not do that to ourselves again.

All my love,



~ ~ ~

Anyway, onward with this weekend’s match! We kept up our winning momentum, in spite of that massively rude moron of international football doing its best to throw a spanner in the works and stop us from continuing our pursuit of The Rectified Season. The pursuit was to take us to Carrow Road on a very sunny day in November. Sunny days in football are good, because they make goals look even prettier. But they’re also bad as they tend to blind the shone-on team to buggery and back. Perhaps that was the reason Mertesacker made such a balls-up of Norwich’s 16th minute goal. Morison (which for the purposes of this blog, I want you to pronounce like ‘Verizon’, since it’s spelled wrong), took advantage of Per’s slooooowwww response to receiving the ball. Dilly-dallying in front of goal is something Arsenal fans are relatively used to, but it’s even worse when it’s in front of your OWN goal. There was a question of whether Per was little bit fouled before the goal but saying that will not take from the fact it was bad.

Anyway, onward – also, I have a headache and keep feeling like I might have to stand up and vomit and I don’t even have a hangover, so excuse me if I make this blog a bit brief – we kept having lots of chances that never became anything other than chances. Russell Martin, who sounds more like a kettle brand than a footballer, made about 374 off-the-line clearances in the first half, the most spectacular of which prevented what would have been a brilliant Theo Walcott goal.

We finally pulled one back in the 27th minute with a tap-in for RvP set up by who else but Teddy W. He really was quite magnificent yesterday. RvP eventually won MOTM, but IMO TW14, in the shirt formerly worn by TH14, was just as good, TBH. He’s one who seems to actually benefit from going away on international duty. Poor Theo, who is held to higher standards than most other living humans, keeps having matches where he’s great lately. He is also always one of the happiest men on the pitch when we score a goal, I don’t know if you’ve noticed. Anyway, well done Thee.

Our second came in the second half and in the 59th minute. Ramsey was knocked on his bum leaving Song to set up the skipper once more (I love it that they all call him Skip!), who finished it with a finish that was described perfectly in’s match report as having been ’50 per cent cheeky, 50 per cent classy’. Gervinho, who missed a LOT yesterday had also just before the goal, missed another big chance for us. He’s most certainly added a new dimension to the team, he just unfortunately seems to lack the… er… clinicality often required to score. Perhaps he needs some time in a finishing school or something.

I think overall (said in a Wenger accent) we were much the better team, but Norwich also had a few chances that weren’t taken. We should really have won by more given the chances we did have, but we can sort that out as time goes on, probably starting with when I’m feeling a little less vommy.

Special mentions to Thomas Vermaelen for being Thomas Vermaelen yesterday, to Theo Walcott as we’ve already covered and also obviously to the finest dark-haired Dutchman the world has ever produced, ever. He must have more MOTM Champagne in his house now than actual furniture. I just voted for Theo on’s MOTM poll, and he’s lagging behind on 21% of the votes to RvP’s 63%. Oh well. Let’s be honest, it’s like choosing between a full English and a massive cake anyway, so everyone’s a winner.

Ooh, also, there was a piece of panic yesterday when an interview with Arsene in L’Equipe (that link takes you to the Telegraph as I can’t speak French) seemed to hint toward the fact that this season may be his last. So that’s what an asthma attack feels like.

He reiterated his commitment in his post-match interview on Sky Sports and also on Arsenal Player where he said:

“There is no mixed message in there. My commitment and love for this Club is total. The only way I would consider [my future] is if I was not doing well enough for the Club.”

Sniff, wipe, quiver, repeat. We clearly do have to face up to the fact the man is not immortal and not 47 any more, so his time will come to an end at some point. The rowdy bandwagon of abusive Wengerouts seem to have got lost for now, hopefully in a field of poo somewhere, and I think even others who did start to anxiously question where he belongs at the beginning of the season have been somewhat reassured that he’s still got it of late. After all, if you can criticise one man for our shitter than shit start to the season, you can also credit him for the turnaround we’ve seen.

I have accepted that he won’t be here forever and that we’ll plod on without him anyway, but the day he does go will be the day I email into work saying “Sorry, can’t come in today, grief innit?”

But anyway, that’ll be then and this is now. Ooh look at that, 970 words, maybe I lied about making it brief. Still definitely need a vomit though. Have a good Sunday chaps!




  1. Wyclif
    2161 days ago

    Keep up my daughter


  2. Treez
    2161 days ago

    For someone who needs to go and have a good vom, you sure sound cheery! Partularly enjoyed ‘Verizon’, your asthma attack and your phone call to work when Arsene leaves us.

    It was a good performance yesterday but still one that would trouble those with blood pressure issues. We must stop missing those early chances!


  3. Alan
    2161 days ago

    Back to sparkling form, Siany. Just like the boys. There was a lot of good stuff yesterday – deserved more than 2 goals to show for it. I hope RVP can find somewhere to sit at home!


  4. Alex
    2161 days ago

    You said it may be brief, but I knew even without pressing ‘pg dn’ that it wasn’t going to be lol :p
    Theo’s coming into a rich vein of form (w00t!), also worried about Gervinho’s finishing (Dortmund in the week), loved the bit about finishing school :) but we’ve got Van Persie, that beautiful man, and that’s all that matters.

    Le Prof will go someday, a sad day it will be but I hope Arsenal fans acn look back on the success and joy he brought to the club rather than anything negative that may occur in his last season with us.

    Great blog Sian! (‘Per’ Usual) ;)


  5. Frodo Barnes
    2161 days ago

    Great blog Sian i cant stop giggling, i cant wait for when van persie’s bin man rings the coaching staff up to tell them their captains an alcoholic…(where does that sound familiar?)
    keep up the good work


  6. irishgray
    2161 days ago

    Sian -If that is a short blog post, I would love to have to sit here and read a long one! Gervinho really needs to start finishoing off these chances. I mean when you round the keeper and still miss? Anyways, no complaints other than that. Theo played a blinder. Song was a rock. Arteta and Ramsey are really playing well together. LK was excellent at RB but a bit wasted in that position. I woul love to see him being given a chance to play in Song’s role, I think he would be excellent. Per made a mistake, big deal, he will learn frrom it and make sure it won’t happen again. Hope you enjoyed your vom!! :)


  7. UncleK
    2160 days ago

    Very funny blog R kid!!! Hope you get well soon and keep ‘em coming.


  8. 1NilToTheArsenal
    2160 days ago

    With both healthy at the same time (yes I’m touch wood as I write this), it’s amazing to see the Walcott / van Persie combination. It’s rare and special to that kind of productive combination on the pitch.

    The two of them along with Gervinho on the other side wreaked complete havoc for 2+ hours and though I’ll never complain about 3 points for us, it’s only an Arsenal side that can come out of that kind of domination with 2-1 scoreline.

    I have to say however, that I was becoming more than a little alarmed at watch RvP. He was as totally unplayable on Sunday as Bergkamp or Henry in their prime. And he was EVERYWHERE. So in the thick of things and flying about that (yes I’m clutching my – wooden – desk again), I was ready to cover my eyes at every tackle and collision.

    So in the end, the three points are welcome of course, but so is the fact that we continue with no major injuries. Anything else would surely be an occasion to hurl, upchuck and otherwise vomit.

    That being said, COYG…and bring on BvB!


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