Snow White and the seven goals*

February 5, 2012 20 Comments by Sian

In case you’d not heard, it snowed in London this weekend. But I’m sure that unless you died in 1996, you had already heard that. Every winter we get surprised that it gets cold. The fact we have yet to recognise that cold weather occurs in winter, and to greet it with anything less than shock and awe, just shows you how doomed our species is. Check out these photos by Club photographer Stuart MacFarlane nevertheless, because if anything can make a beautiful building more beautiful, it’s the blue white powder of sky dandruff.

So. Bit funny not having anything to complain about this weekend, is it not? Even the eventual 3-3 result of the Chelsea-Mancs match (also known as the “Have your eyeballs spooned out or your tongue stretched until it snaps off hmmmm which is less awful, which which which?” match) didn’t end with a disastrous result for us. Chelse are still three points ahead of us, which means we’re still three points off fourth, but it doesn’t really matter what other teams did/do this weekend: because this weekend, we were magnificent.

After the pointless (literally) month of January and the puddle of grey slush that was the Bolton match, it was imperative that our first home Premiership match of the month ended with us unwrapping the three point present at full time. An emphatic win would have been greeted with glee, but I don’t know many who would have suggested the scoreline to have eventually been 7-1. Now, before people jump in with their “BUT IT WAS 10-MAN BLACKBURN” comments (and ohhhh, how people have been jumping in with their “BUT IT WAS 10-MAN BLACKBURN” comments), just a few factors to remember here:

Yes, they are really struggling this season.

Yes, Yakubu did not play.

Yes, we should really expect to beat Blackburn.

Yes, they were down to ten men.


Their last three away matches have won them five points. Our last three away matches have won us one point. They’ve beaten Swansea, who(m?) we failed to beat. They’ve beaten Manchester United, who(m?) we failed to beat. They drew with Liverpool, who(m?!?!?!) we lost to.

Oh, and they beat us. In an utter bloody nutcase of a match granted, but they came to the Emirates on Saturday having already taken three points from us. It’s not like we were playing a dead and beaten donkey. More importantly, we’ve hardly set the world alight in recent weeks. Plus let’s be honest, would ANY result surprise you these days?


Sooooo, I think it’s perfectly acceptable that yesterday I for one, celebrated that match like it had been worth nine points. Not only were we after (and desperately after) some points this weekend, we were also after a big boost. There are few things boostier than 7-1 wins. And there was very little one could complain about after the performance. Of course next week we face Sunderland away and will have to go into it with a completely fresh head, but that’s what Thursday and Friday are for worrying about.

I mean, when you drink a lovely bottle** of wine, you should think about how lovely the bottle of wine is as you are drinking it. NOT how rough you may or may not feel the next day. Because you may not feel rough at all the next day, and then your enjoyment of the lovely bottle of wine will have been tainted by fret and for what? Nothing. Nothing.

And if that makes me a deluded wine drinker, then by jove I am happy being a deluded wine drinker!

Really though, it was nice to see we can still score goals. From RvP’s 2nd minute opener to his almost carbon copy second (props to Theo for both of those), to Foxy Oxy’s beautiful decision-making for his first and sweet striking for his second, to Mikel’s fortunate but nonetheless really thwacky boot, to Robin’s hattrick completion moment to King Henry’s ever so apt and perfect concluder to the day of goals, it was full of bright moments yesterday.

There was a mini-wobble when Morten Gamst Pedersen bashed their first shot on target home, and also some moments of panic when RvP and Vermaelen went down injured at different points but all in all, there was never really a feeling we were going to lose the game. Mind you, with this season having been as stupid as it has, when Givet was sent off for his tackle on Robin, there was a part of me that thought “Oh Christ, watch them get themselves back into this now that their backs are against the wall”. Pessimist.

We were back to looking like a bit of a team again, and it was good to see. Even if it was “Just 10-men Blackburn” (and by the way, it was 3-1 at the point of his dismissal #justsaying). When all’s said and done, you can only beat what’s in front of you, something we have failed to do on numerous occasions this season. But I fail to see how we could have done much more than win 7-1 there. Of course there are still people who think this doesn’t mean much, but that’s OK. They get to be the cautious ones while others of us get to be the cheerful ones… it’s how this ship sails along so successfully. Teamwork, guys!

It’d be nice to think that this is the start of another run of success, but that may be a little too positive even for me this season, so we can but hope. But all in all, a great day at the office. And the home support was better. It has to be said that the Blackburn fans, who had a hell of a lot further to travel than Arsenal station, DIDN’T start leaving at 6-1 while many of our home fans did, but it just meant that they got to see Thierry’s last goal at the Emirates like the rest of us who stayed did, unlike the leavers, so SUCKS TA BE YOU, LEAVERS.

Anyway, in a season of gloom, it’s important the good parts be celebrated. Work still needs to be done (more than ever), and efforts will be judged week by week, but nevertheless, for yesterday: well played the Arsenal!

*title nicked from Alan

**(er… I mean glass. Just a glass… obviously just a glass. Who drinks more than just a glass? Not I.)


  1. Jon
    2084 days ago

    It is whom.
    I love the word whom. It’s dying out, but it’s still grammatically correct.
    It’s whom, when it’s the object of the sentence.
    Oh and great review, great match.
    Did every gunner watching think, ‘oh crap not again’ when Pederson scored.
    Are we the only side against whom rubbish opposition will have a shot to score ratio of 1:1 ?

    oh and iT’S BACK ON!


  2. Beth
    2084 days ago

    Great post and lovely to have something to properly cheer for the first time in a while.
    We were awesome yesterday, Coquelin was our unsung hero, total rock at the back and excellent going forward. Made our first goal in fact.
    The only thing I’ll say is that I was sat right next to the Blackburn fans and not only were they the quietest I have ever heard. (Did they not learn from our Old Trafford support?!), a whole load of them left early, well a good proportion of the 50 or so of them there. They left before it got to 6-1.
    Our fans were great where I was sat and not too many left. Though I saw more leaving in other areas.
    Let’s take this motivation up to Sunderland and not do that typical Arsenal thing of emphatic win followed by crappy draw.


  3. Alan
    2084 days ago

    Great blog and not a bad title either, Siany. I, like you, am more than happy to celebrate beating ‘only 10-man Blackburn’ just as much as I have miseried over defeats to Fulham, Swansea and the Mancs. So, well done the boys. Also pleased and privileged to have seen TH12′s last Ems goal. True legend.


  4. shegunner
    2084 days ago

    I’ll admit that it wasn’t until the Ox’s 2nd that I really started to feel confident. Such has been our recent lot.

    Loved Arteta’s kissing the Ox after his goal. Actually Arteta seemed a more commanding presence than recently. No complaints about anyone, actually. The only Blackburn player I like at all is Pedersen so I won’t begrudge him his excellent free kick. He should be happy with it.

    BUT….Thierry scoring on the final kick of the match…well that was just magical. More than magical, it was literary. Ya know?

    Keep believing, Goons.


  5. Alex
    2084 days ago

    Sian, I would be more worried if you only had 1 glass :P
    But it was a great game, and although I wasn’t there woefully, The King’s probable last Emirates goal for the Arsenal is the reason why you don’t leave early without a excellent reason, like those mugs who left early when we played Bolton at home in the league and missed van Persie’s 100th league goal, ‘SUCKS TA BE YOU, LEAVERS.’ Indeed it does :)


  6. Gogsy
    2084 days ago

    It was *only* 10-man Arsenal who lost heavily to Man U earlier in the season, but haters will always find something to hate.

    This result restores the goal difference and we needed that.

    A great day yesterday. Great blog today.


  7. Gabi
    2083 days ago

    Was I the only one who totally flipped out when Szcz the Magnificent went down and didn’t get up for ages? This game seemed to be full of players falling over and giving us scares but Szcz just terrified me because I’d just finished reading that we’d left Almunia out of our squad for the rest of the season, and it’s not so long ago we had our goalkeeping crisis. Glad he seemed to run it off though!

    On a more positive note, have to say I totally agree with you. 7-1 is a magnificent result no matter who it’s against, and I don’t remember anyone complaining about our 6-0s early last season. Are they less impressive because of our post-February collapse? I don’t think so. This season we’ve hopefully done our collapse-y routine backwards so I’m holding out for this result and the 3-2 comeback to boost us onto a really grand run of form. But then again, I’m a crazy optimist.

    One last word, I thought everything about the goals was magical and scripted. A hattrick for our hero, a brace for our future, a farewell for our history, and an extra bonus for the unsung hero of the midfield. You couldn’t have asked for better unless unlucky Per had finally gotten his goal that was cleared off the line.

    We love you Arsenal, we do.


    • Gf60
      2082 days ago

      “One last word, I thought everything about the goals was magical and scripted. A hattrick for our hero, a brace for our future, a farewell for our history, and an extra bonus for the unsung hero of the midfield. ”

      Wish I’d written that Gabi. Nice one.

      And good article from Sian. I’m just like you…a bottle of Merlot to celebrate??? Who me?


  8. korihikage
    2083 days ago

    hope we have shut up the doomers and whiners for one week.

    and hopefully beginning this weekend, FOREVER


  9. UncleK
    2083 days ago

    End product from the boys.Let’s hope they enjoyed the warm glow as much as we all did.Great blog,Siany.I can’t drink wine…Well,I can,but I just can’t sip it! Cheers.


  10. vaders_grandfather
    2083 days ago

    Sian and fellow Readers,

    That was crazy.

    I mentioned last week in the comments section about consistency. Long may it prosper.

    But what really scares me (in a good way) is the youth that are making the step up to the Premier league. In two or three years time, these players will have formed the spine of The Arsenal, learnt The Arsenal way and may just be Mr. Wenger’s swansong when he leaves.

    We should all be excited at the talent coming through the ranks; I know I am.

    God, I love you Arsenal.

    Have a fantastic week all.


  11. 1NilToTheArsenal
    2083 days ago

    Another pleasure to read. Love that light, breezy style, full of trenchant humour combined with real, actual insight, which is a rare thing among Arsenal blogs these days. Exactly what all the navel-gazing Gooners out there need right now.

    As fantastic a match as it was for us, it was just that – one match. To be enjoyed (over and over on PVR and the EPL highlight programs) but still one match.

    I wish this edition of the Arsenal had any consistency to be able to read anything from this performance into next weekend. But they just don’t, so I for one won’t (read anything more into this).

    A great day – and we can only hope for more like it.

    RvP – what else is there to say about the guy? He’s a striker, he’s midfielder, he creates, he passes, he scores (a friggin’ lot!), he even tracks back.

    @ Gabi – great comment.
    @Korikiahge – How are you! Enjoy your comments on ACLF. Best to take it one game at a time. Who knows what this weekend will bring?


    • korihikage
      2082 days ago

      Hi 1nil,

      i am doing fine, just that the cold is slowing getting on my nerves!

      i think we have basically gotten the results we wanted last weekend. now the tension is slowly building for the coming weekend. i will take a 1-0 win!


  12. irishgray
    2082 days ago

    Sian – Giggidy! Giggidy!! Fantastic to see the Boys winning and in such a fashion. :D Really happy to see RVP getting a hattrick and Thierry’s goal was like a trip back in time. A good time too!! plus my Giants won the Superbowl, so all around a perfect weekend what with the Spuds and ‘Pool eeking out a goalless draw. Dare we start to dream again Sian? If we can beat Sunderland, a very different team under O’Neill it must be said, I think we will be very confident going into the Milan game.



    • El Greco
      2077 days ago

      Your dream came true, irishgray. in fact you must have had two great dreams in succession – first night was beating Sunderland, followed by a better one in TH12 got us the winning goal.
      Carry on dreaning, man!


  13. irishgray
    2082 days ago

    Gabi – “One last word, I thought everything about the goals was magical and scripted. A hattrick for our hero, a brace for our future, a farewell for our history, and an extra bonus for the unsung hero of the midfield. You couldn’t have asked for better unless unlucky Per had finally gotten his goal that was cleared off the line.”

    I have yet to see or hear anyone putting it so well :)


  14. Gabi
    2081 days ago

    Cheers for the nice comments guys. Personally I think Sian’s words are much better than mine ;)


  15. Mohammed
    2080 days ago

    heyy! awesome summary just LOVE it. spoken well and truly. haters just gonna … HATE… let em be…. otherwise lookin forward to another thrashin by the gunners dished out to another team…looking forward to it…. up gunners!


  16. irishgray
    2077 days ago

    Sian – I am patiently waiting for your analysis of yet another heroic performance by a certain Frenchman. :D


    • Sian
      2077 days ago

      Quick, go check now! :)


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