Nicked by a one man team called Wojbin van Songna.

March 5, 2012 10 Comments by Sian

Liverpool 1 – 2 Arsenal

I think it’s fair to say that in this rollercoaster of a season we have been ‘enjoying’ so far, one of the twistiest, windiest parts of the ride has come over the past few weeks. We teetered on the brink of overconfidence as we strolled out onto a potato field in Italy in mid-February. Then, we returned to London with our battered tails between our jelly legs, not entirely sure what exactly had just happened to us as we plunged down a mental big dipper into the grimy, filthy pits of doom.

Which is no way to speak of Sunderland! (Haaaa!) Then, just as we thought our high-speed descent was petering out, we lost 2-0 on yet another potato field and saw any hope of a trophy gallop off into the distance in the general direction of the candy floss stall as we sat stranded, legs dangling, ready to vomit and wishing we’d not qualified under the height restriction of the ride’s entrance. Dark days indeed. Dark, dark days indeed.

A week later came the North London derby. It provided us with a chance to redeem ourselves after having vommed all over our ride-mates as things got just a little too tough to stomach. Redeem ourselves we did with a quite spectacular display against ‘the enemy’ (I will always love you, Bacary Sagna). The final twist of the coaster was Saturday’s trip to Anfield. We have just arrived back in the ride station, hair three times the size it was when we got on, and with a new walk that allows us only to travel sideways.

That’s not to say the difficult part is over – far from it, but we’ve still seen a massive shift in emotion and feeling within the Club over the past month or so. In fact, Arsene Wenger won Barclays Premier League Manager of the Month on Friday. Quite why this has caused such confusion is really quite beyond me. I saw one person (not a Gooner) sneer that obviously our embarrassing defeat to AC Milan had been forgotten in the voting process. After all, that defeat was made even more embarrassing by the fact Milan are doing terribly in the Premier League this season.


ANYWAY, onto the match at Anfield. It was hardly a performance that reflected our on-field triumphs the week before and at no stage in the game did we really look the better team. Liverpool did a lot more to be deserving of the three points. Except for in the goal-scoring aspect of the game. We were, at times, chaotic. We did, at times, seem to be playing without a midfield. We did, naturally, score an own goal. But, the difference this time, was that we took the chances handed to us. Those in the One Man Team Brigade will of course be happy that we continued to prove that we’re simply hopeless and that the only player we have is Robin van Persie.

His double save from a Kuyt penalty was tremendous for a striker, and his ability to change race AND hairstyle to assist himself for both goals he scored, simply out of this world. If those antics don’t get him the Balon d’Or then I just don’t know what will. Liverpool created more than us and, though he’s a revolting human being, that Luis Suarez really is bloody good. He made our defence look like butter once or twice. Of course he was involved in the penalty claim/win in the first 20 minutes. The arguments that he dived under pressure from Szczesny’s leg are as strong as the arguments that he was tripped by that same leg. Frankly, I’m super-clumsy and still think that that kiss off Szczesny’s shin STILL wouldn’t have been enough to send me over, but what do I know? Anyway, no matter, because fortunately Wojciech Szczesny is a beast. The penalty went in slow motion. Kuyt took it, Szczesny went the right way, batted it away but back into the path of Kuyt, then managed to stand up and change direction in the time it took Kuyt to receive the ball and kick it back at him. Incredible.

Koscielny’s own goal minutes later showed us more of the best in the Szczes. Koscielny, obviously gutted to have scored it (although MAD SKILLZ BRUV!), sunk to the floor looking dejected. Woj, who had every right to be annoyed at him, went straight to him and picked him up. He didn’t make that penalty save to have us lose by means of own goals and silliness. People say that Szczesny’s greatest attribute is his confidence, which has taken a severe battering lately. In addition to the plenty goals we’ve shipped, we’ve now had three penalties awarded against us in four matches. Szczesny’s later save, this time on a brilliant Suarez run, added to his Man of the Matchism for me.

Our equaliser from Robin’s head was timely and important, and the cross in from Sagna was sweet. Liverpool had plenty more attempts but my goodness, they must currently be more frustrating to support than us in our passy-passy-miss heyday.

We were forced to make a substitution just after half time when Arteta was bulldozed out the way by Henderson. He looked in really bad shape and he has gone on to say it was one of the scariest moments of his career, so that he’s OK is excellent. I’m sure Henderson didn’t mean to hurt him, but I don’t think it was a total accident. He kind of accelerates as he goes past/into Arteta, then slows down as he encounters the referee and a bypassing Alex Song.

On came Abou Diaby (whaaaaaaaa?) who ended up being subbed off himself before full time. Poor sod. His thigh injury is not serious apparently and is more likely a consequence of having come on without enough time to warm up. Let’s be honest, he’d not have come on had Arteta not been brained, so fingers crossed it’s nothing bad because he looked good when he came on.

We continued to play increasingly erratically and it was clear to see the match would not stay at 1-1. When 8 minutes came up on the fourth official’s board, I’m sure everyone everywhere was frantically searching cupboards for Eboue. Thank God though, this time we were the last to score a goal. Robin’s left-footer (what else) was very similar to the one he scored against Everton, and Alex Song’s assist was inch perfect. Pepe Reina looked absolutely gutted. Sure he’s a nice bloke and all, but to me he will always be the instigator of the Cesc shirt incident in Madrid, so hehehehehehe.

Liverpool didn’t really look that dangerous in the six minutes that followed, but the full time whistle was still a welcome relief. We had nicked it harder than we’ve nicked anything in ages, but so what? I’ve lost count of the amount of times we’ve been the better team and lost, so Saturday felt pretty sweet. Besides, we scored three goals in 90 minutes and they didn’t score any, so it wasn’t like we won by a Carragher own goal in the 95th. Chelsea’s subsequent loss to West Brom was followed by the booting out of AVB, so goodness knows what that will do to them. It could rejuvenate them, but we now have a three point cushion in 4th which we REALLY need to not Arsenalise away.

Then Spurs lost to Manchester United, so as well as being 4th on more than just goal difference, we’re only four points off 3rd. We could so easily grab it, or we could just as easily completely bollocks it up and end up nowhere near. I don’t want to say which we’ll do, because no one really knows, but this weekend was still a massive one.

Now we’ve got AC Milan at home on Tuesday. I kind of wish it wouldn’t come. I’ve so almost convinced myself we’re going to win 5-0 or at least take them to extra time that when we don’t, I’m going to be really disappointed. But, I’d say a 5-2 win over Spurs looked unlikely at 0-2 down in 30 minutes, so never say die and all that malarkey. No matter what, I hope we at least put in a performance worthy of the things we are capable of. As much as those boys disappointed us in Milan and Sunderland, they’ve enthralled and amazed us in our more recent matches and I think it’s only fair that Concorde Head and his buddies get to see what we’re actually capable of when we actually turn up. If we’re going down, we’re going down swinging and if we’re not going down and we DO win (I know, I know)… we may never, ever, ever stop laughing.

Come on Arsenal!


  1. Treez
    2055 days ago

    Arsene should make your blog required reading pre the Milan game. What a way to rally the troops! Love the title, too.

    Wonder where AC are staying in London? We could always deliver some lasagne…

    Here’s to Wojbin van Songna turning up again on Tuesday night!


  2. Daniel
    2055 days ago

    Nicely done, The Sianster!

    I do loves a good smash n grab… absolutely joyful after that result. I don’t think anybody has sung “I wanna feel the HEAT with Koscielny” in the shower with as much vigour as me that day. Then I left the house and bounced into Mac D’s like I was in one of there annoying adverts… a celebratory milkshake.

    The sense of relief was amazing… You’ve summed it up perfectly really. Van Persie only had the ball put to him in the box twice and he scored both… I don’t think I really realise just how good he is, because he makes it all look so bloomin’ easy.

    I do think you’ve been too nice on Suarez though… it was a crystal clear dive for me. Up in the air before any contact was made – and even that was a brush of the sock. THEN just to make it clear (as if it wasn’t clear already this season) that he is a despisable, ugly, little shit of a man, he rolls around as if our mighty Pole has completely destroyed his leg. He’s awful, I hated the way he was snarling at every one of his teammates for doing anything slightly wrong.

    And as for Henderson, the more I see this, the more I feel he knew just what he was doing and even jumps into Arteta’s lovely face with his sodding shoulder.

    So happy to have beaten them… they have been nothing but an embarrassment to football off the field in the last few months… it was a bit of an IT’S UP FOR GRABS NOW moment, but not quuuuite as important and slightly sunnier. I’m sure Dalglish’s face was just as sour though.

    bring on Milan… I will be there with my “I ws there when we beat Milan 5-0!” t-shirt…. You never know. “Impossible is nothing”, as RVP said after Saturday’s game. :o


  3. 1NilToTheArsenal
    2055 days ago

    There is not a single team playing any sport at any level anywhere in the world that doesn’t need a little (or a lot, depending) of luck to be truly successful.

    St. Paddy’s Day in a couple of weeks, and I think there was a 4-leafed clover that Szczesny picked up near our goal to help us brin those 3 points home. Not to take anything away from his brilliant individual performance, and I say that as a former GK myself back in the day.

    Many supporters have bemoaned and lamented our dearth of luck these past few years. Inexplicable injuries, inexplicably bad refereeing, etc. The dice simply has to roll our way at some point as it surely did on Saturday. That, helped by a couple of brilliant individual performances combined together to make it another special weekend for Gooners everywhere.

    Another incredible Song pass to van Persie who really defies description with his finishing. His timing, his body rotation, that sublime left foot. I’m just glad I’m around to witness his season – HE is the Special One.

    We are sooo taking our chances this year, and we are definitely gaining our confidence and keeping our nerves in the final third. One of the greatest players from my country in a different sport in another era said “You miss 100% of the shots you take”.

    With a lot of skill assisted with a little bit of luck those shots are going in now. How many will go in against Milan is something I don’t even want to think about, but here’s to never, ever stopping the laughter.

    Oh, and great blog as usual.


    • 1NilToTheArsenal
      2055 days ago

      Er, that’s “You miss 100% of the shots you DON’T take.” Freudian slip? I hope I don’t jinx our aforementioned luck…


  4. Irishgray
    2055 days ago

    Sian – Brilliant as always!! I have been chatting to some friends in London about the game and I have to say that, to a one, they share the same irrational belief I do and that is we will knock out Milan. On paper it does not make sense but neither did our last 2 wins!! As you said yourself if we do go down it will be swinging like our very lives depend on it but if we don’t we may never, ever, ever stop laughing!!

    How can anyone not love this team!? :D


  5. El Greco
    2055 days ago

    Nice one, Sian.
    You know there was a time when I used to like watching Liverpool play and, more important, I used to respect them for their values, integrity and fair play. This Liverpool side, with Dalglish at the helm, and with the likes of Suarez (nasty, horrible) in his team, deserve nothing but contempt!!
    So not only was it sweet to beat them on their own turf, against the run of play but it was poetry to have done it in injury time:-)
    But, wait, there was an added bonus….Dalglish facing the aftermatch cameras somewhat bewildered, confused. Now THAT was priceless!
    I hope God forgives me for thinking like this:-)


    • God
      2055 days ago

      I forgive you – I am a Gooner!


      • El Greco
        2055 days ago

        Thank you, and I thought you might be a Gooner. I mean who else would have scripted such punishment!


  6. Tj
    2055 days ago

    An enjoyable read and one of the better blogs I have come across of late.


  7. Alan
    2055 days ago

    There’s something particularly sweet about winning when you’ve been second best (like the 2005 FA Cup win) and even more so when it’s against the deluded racist Scousers. Great blog, Siany. Here’s to a non-stop bout of the giggles on Tuesday.


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