Spring is sprung, the grass is riz, let’s do running.

March 29, 2012 7 Comments by Sian

Oh God I have soooooooo much work to do. So much so that I think I’ll write a blog post with absolutely no relevance to the degree I am about a month off finishing. That’ll sort all my troubles.

We’ve been having beautiful weather in London over the past week. I’m sure if you have friends or family here you will know this. We do like to go on about it. But we also like to be equally unapologetic about this because we so enjoy the snarky comments we get in return from outsiders. It’s all very passive aggressive but who cares when it’s SO SUNNNNNNNYYYYYYY!!!!

This great weather is also blatantly a side effect of all the nice feeling being spewed out of the Club at the moment. Forget global warming or the toasty front coming in from Seville or wherever toasty fronts come from, the entire city if not nation should basically be thanking Arsenal for this good weather. Remember how shite January’s weather was? Well, exactly.

The weekend’s match was another good one, though I’m not sure it counts given van Persie didn’t score… has anyone checked that yet? I’m sure there’s some kind of stat doing the rounds out there somewhere about how low the percentage of winnage importance is in a match not involving a van Persie goal. Nevertheless, Kieran Gibbs, Theo Walcott and Mikel Arteta gave us more than enough to smile about on Saturday, so who cares if the lack of RvP Points means we get docked the three we earned? We were actually fairly poor in the second half, not that Villa looked dangerous at any point at all, so Arteta’s blinder of a free kick at the end made the win look as emphatic as it had deserved to be in the first half. Lovely.

I can’t think of any other news items to talk about. Carl Jenkinson’s haircut? That’s a very good video. Very un-Arsenal. Also, who else thinks Theo Walcott’s Swap Shop has been the most amusing yet? And not just because he obviously thinks Thomas Vermaelen is a very handsome, intelligent man. Oh, and you should watch this video  of Arsene Wenger discussing languages. Not sure when it was filmed as I followed a link to it on Twitter posted by cristina0ana, but the footage of the unArsenalified stadium makes me think it’s a few seasons old. Either way, it’s really good and not just because it makes Mr. Wenger look as amazing and wonderful as he really is. The Cambridge answer… sweaty eyes. And I like this video of Mikel Arteta being a Thierry fanboy and a San Siro hater as well.

Finally, on 8th July 2012 there’s a run called the British 10k happening in London. It takes place a couple of weeks before the start of the Olympics and the route looks brilliant. Plus, look at all those Union flags – it really is the prettiest of all the flags, isn’t it? Anyway, on 8th July 2012, I’m going to run the British 10k with my good friend, Sky Sports’s Akhil Vyas. By the way, even though that video is as miserable as sin, Akhil is the male version of me in terms of his positivity for the Arsenal (look how fidgety he gets in the video when Arsene’s future is questioned haha!) ((also also, “maybe [Tottenham]‘ve become the side they just can’t beat in the league” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA))

Moving on. I can’t speak for Akhil, but I never run, ever. I don’t even run for the Tube because I’m scared I’ll get wedged and killed in the closing doors. I just wait for the next one and then show up late. So I don’t really know why I’ve agreed to do this, but I am training for it. We’re running it for two charities: Skyway and the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign. People have been incredibly, shockingly, wonderfully generous so far and if you want to be incredible, shocking or wonderful as well you could always pop along to our donation page as well. I mean, if you fancy it.

At the end of it my face will be the colour of our home shirt (WHO SCHEDULES A RUN IN JULY?) and I will most certainly have twisted at least both ankles and a knee, so there’s comedy value in there for everyone. Photos will of course be posted. Oooooh maybe we’ll run in Arsenal shirts! I’ll be Mertesacker.

That’ll be that then. Places to run, people to bump into. :)


  1. Damien
    2028 days ago

    “We’ve been having beautiful weather in London over the past week. I’m sure if you have friends or family here you will know this.”

    Or if we live their ourselves! :O.

    I liked that Wenger video. Reminds you of how smart he appears to be away from footballing matters. I liked this observation of how language can influence culture, citing how the Japanese sentence construction influences how attentive they are.

    Arsenal are doing well, which actually makes me nervous. I was very positive when we were drifting away from the top four, for some reason it’s less stressful to be chasing those spots than it is when it’s yours to lose. Thankfully Chelsea don’t really look like pulling it together and if they and Barcelona progress in the CL then our game against Chelsea will be sandwiched between their semi-final. Nice.

    Good luck with the run. Pretend to be running from Spurs fans or something…


    • Damien
      2028 days ago

      ‘THERE’ ourselves. FFS.


  2. Alan
    2028 days ago

    Good luck with the run, bird. If you run like you blog, you’ll finish before the others have started.


  3. irishgray
    2028 days ago

    Sian – :D big happy smiley face for that posting!! Loving the thoughts of you running a 10k as I myself gave up running as soon as I hit 21 in NYC. I have to admit though as awesome as The Arsenal are doing right now, I do miss the midweek games against Barca this time of year. i kinda got used to them.

    Will be supporting you in you run by the way, least I can do to pay you back for all the time you put into the blog :)

    And as for New Orleans, just send me an email and I will give ayou a few pointers. Myself and The Girlfriend went on a Haunted History tour last night and had a blast. In New Orleans you can walk around the city with a beer or cacktail or whatever and it is perfectly leagal, which makes for great ghost tours! Today we went on a cemetary tour, followed by a Swamp and Alligator tour. Pretty awesome and only $90 for all three, well worth it.


    • Sian
      2017 days ago

      Thank you so much for your donation, Akhil and I are stunned by how generous people have been! I have heard of this ‘open container’ law in New Orleans and can categorically state that it is now my favourite state in the US. Even though I’ve not been there yet. Hope you had a lovely time, can’t wait to go!


  4. JV Mauer
    2027 days ago

    If there really is a corollary between our current form and the weather, then may it continue until our green and pleasant land is as baked and dry as the Sahara!

    Best of luck finishing off the degree and on the run. Personally, I’d rather hit the pub after the degree work is done, but to each their own.


  5. Alex
    2026 days ago

    Great post, congrats on the degree as well, but its a shame we lost to QPR, Vermaelen hasn’t played that bad a game since Milan away :(


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