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May 29, 2012 10 Comments by Sian

Hullo! Long time no see, how are we all getting along in the Death Valley-style emptiness that is post-season activity? It’s been difficult, hasn’t it. I don’t know about you, but I want to cut my ears off at every single mention of the word ‘transfer’. YOU DON’T KNOW, QUIT MAKING CRAP UP.

Anyway, we still have a couple of months to cope with this. It’s funny how last year the summer felt a welcome relief from the horrors of the end of the season. This year I just want to get back on it so we don’t have to talk about boring crap that interests no one… or interests everyone apparently. But how silly, no one ever fell in love with football because of a transfer window. I wish there was a reporting ban on it, to be honest. I know that would be censorship of the highest order, but bloody good, censor the arse off of them as far as I’m concerned.

On a related note, talk and worry has turned to a particular player of ours. I won’t say his name as the mere mention of it is giving me the shakes and the thousand yard stare, so sick and tired of it am I. And it’s only May guys, oh God! For the vast majority of our players though, summer has meant holidays and/or national team meet-ups. For another man it has meant more worry at the office. Yep, yep, no sooner had we secured third place (secured in the most wobbly scary not-secure way of course), talk went from ‘WENGER MUST GO’ to ‘WENGER MUST GET FOURTH’ to ‘WENGER MIGHT GET THIRD, THAT’D BE GOOD’ to ‘Oh he got third, well it’s still not first, no trophies for third, NOW HE MUST KEEP HIS CAPTAIN AT ARSENAL’.

Will he ever get a rest?! Apparently not, making his abundance of strong and healthy hair simply admirable. While the pressure will be kept on him for the next two months as a player dilly-dallies over what to do with his future, at least we have no worries as to who our manager will be next season, unlike certain other clubs (lolz @ you Eden H)

So, in honour of a very patient, very hard-working, very tall man, here is a profile I wrote on Arsene Wenger for The Substantive. Thanks for keeping your head while everyone else around you was either losing theirs or after yours, AW. It is very much appreciated, believe it or not.

Enjoy the sunshine everybody, speak soon! xx

PS. ‘WAAAAAH HE’S RUINING OUR CLUUUUUUUB’ commenters? Knob off and don’t bother, I’ll delete them and I’m not even sorry.


  1. MASHMAN147
    1967 days ago

    Great article. In some fans eyes AW will never be good enough. These Johnny Come Latelys can jog on. He has done a great job. Yes, he has made mistakes, but we won the same as United last year.


  2. RahulChels
    1967 days ago

    Read your article. Its informative. I just wanna say, nobody (fans) know about how much money is available for Arsene to spend. If there hasn’t been a lot of money, well and good. He is doing brilliant. But otherwise, i think he makes a big mistake, every transfer window. Atleast, in the EPL its near impossible to achieve silverware without spending some money. And yeah, not winning silverware for 7 years is kinda unacceptable for a big club like Arsenal. Also, talk of him deserving to be sacked as at the start of the season was bull. I (Chelsea fan) don’t think i can imagine Arsenal without Arsene. Hell i can’t imagine PL without Arsene. He’s cool.


    • Roman
      1967 days ago

      There is only 4 trophies each year to win, the CC is a nonsense trophy, KK won it this year and got sacked, Birmingham won it a year earlier and got relegated. To win the FA or Champions league takes a bit luck we where 16 minutes away.

      To win the league is very difficult if not impossible with Man Utd, Man City, Chelsea and Spurs all vying for the title it is hard to see how it can be done. City and Chelsea lose around £100m a year on average between them that is more than Arsenals starting 11 cost

      WS, BS, TV, LK, KG, AS, JW, MA, TW, RVP, LP that is less than £100m easily.

      Then you have Man U who have great sponsor deals versus our poor ones as we needed the upfront cash this will change in two seasons. Spurs have done well on a tight budget but will have to incur losses to keep pace as they won’t get another £5m hand out from Man City this year and another year without CL.

      All in all we do very well we are a victim of the league we are in as there are genuinely 6 top sides.


  3. FunGunner
    1967 days ago

    You go, girl. Can’t beat a beat a bit of common sense!


  4. ScotchEggsRule
    1967 days ago

    ‘WAAAAAH HE’S RUINING OUR CLUUUUUUUB’ commenters? Knob off and don’t bother, I’ll delete them and I’m not even sorry.

    Give ‘em hell babe!


  5. ramathan
    1967 days ago

    Arsene is gud our board need change in both personel and policy ie player salary and renewal ov contracts in time!


  6. Adam
    1967 days ago

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who can remember talk of “Finishing 4th will be one of Wenger’s biggest achievements” when we were struggling, and then SILENCE when he finished third. Weird.

    As an Arsenal fan for me the man will always be a legend. The only thing that worries me is that the amount of time that he now spends shouting at the fourth official during matches, which in my opinion is completely uncalled for (and I don’t care how bad the referees in the Prem are). But hey, nobody’s perfect.


  7. Irishgray
    1967 days ago

    Well, well, well!! Nothing for what seems like for ever and then BAM!! 2 postings by Siany! Feeling spoiled now :) Brilliantly written article young lady, if only those same maroons who became so quiet when AW achieved 3rd in the league would read it. I somehow doubt it.

    What are your thoughts on Robson’s slating of Theo? Considering they are both employees of The Arsenal, should he not show some professional courtesy and say nothing, like the old saying goes, if he has nothing good to say? I think it is bad enough we are forced to listen to the idiot as a commentator.


  8. elkieno
    1965 days ago

    Man that is the best end of an article I have read (on iPhone can’t be assed retyping it). 9weeks till season starts again I think. The Chelsea fan summed itupby saying ‘he can’t imagine Arsenal with no Arsene, me neither he is apart of the club, I sometimes wonder Who will replace him, but it gets to depressing so I stop. Someone find the fountain of youth and take him there, chuck him in!
    Then tell me where it is!
    Also I read that spurs are selling their cl mugs for a pound, the silly mugs! Good for banter at work n all!


  9. Alex
    1962 days ago

    Good job Sian, keep up the top tier writing!


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