Fine Frenchmen and being a tootling car.

June 18, 2012 20 Comments by Sian

It’s oh so quiet, shh, shh, it’s oh so still, shh, shh, we’re all alone, shh, shh, and so peaceful until.. WE SIGN GIROUD, ZING BOOM, THE SKY UP ABOVE, ZING BOOM, IS CAVING IN! WHAM BAM! We’ve never been so nuts about a guy, we want to laugh,we want to cry! We cross our heart, we hope to die!

Well, we might have, but there is still plenty of time for the dirty dirty fat rich men to swoop in and nick our handsome French prince from our handsome French professor. All the usuals are claiming we’ve ‘agreed a deal’, and the very reliable David Ornstein had this to say about it, but we’ve been Mata’d before and I’ve no doubt we’ll be repeatedly Mata’d in future. However, this photo really made me laugh (yes I’m obsessed with 9gag): in this scenario, we are the maroon car, happily tootling along reversing our car into the space, then BAM along comes┬ávile white car (except obviously┬ávile white car would be a big fat ugly Bentley with a yacht attached to the boot which is made of platinum castle and truffle oil). White car steals our space and our player, but OH NO WE SURVIVE ANYWAY. We continue into the season with no one expecting us to be able to fit into our newly restricted squad, I mean, SPACE, then we do it anyway, and finish higher in the table than the white car, who has no roof to climb out of and thus finishes sixth. Of course then the little shagger wins the poxy Champions League, but hopefully little white car exploded into fiery fiery scumbaggery shortly afterwards.

But anyway, fingers crossed Giroud will be joining Podolski soon. In which case the boys in that dressing room are going to really have to ensure they keep up appearances because OH HOLY. LORD. They both look prolific and efficient, no?

The main reason for my posting of this blog was to post this photo of my Dad Alan (often found in comments), and myself in New Orleans last week. It wasn’t a very Arsenally holiday, but we did find the obligatory gun to pose with, so New Orleans gets the thumbs up. Well, it does anyway, AMAZING PLACE except for the fact I gained five pounds, which is one pound for every time I visited the gym there, which is five times more than normally on holiday, so me and my metabolism are currently on a break.

We also watched England-Sweden in a bar there, and were rather chuffed with the result, particularly the fact that Theo was so vital to the turnaround of that score. PS. Thank you to the guy who messaged me with a suggestion of where to watch the football, if I could work out how to reply to messages I’d have said thank you already! :)

Oh, and here’s another of my sister and I in front of Titi’s gaff. Maybe. And finally a photo of a spur knowing its place in life ahahahahah!


Hopefully there will be more to write about soon. Still funny though.


  1. Alan
    1947 days ago

    Nice blog, Siany. Gee, that Alan guy is one handsome dude. Here’s looking to a Vanp-keeping, Giroud-signing, other good players-joining close season. Roll on August with a bit of Euro 2012 England joy and Olympics GB medal-winning between now and then.


    • Alex
      1947 days ago

      Alan is… AlanRRan!? :o
      Haha, I follow you on Twitter as well, don’t know how I didn’t see the connection :oops:

      But Sian, thanks for the blog fix, its been ‘a long time!’ And the pictures explain why its been such a long time (Winning), you look stunning in the photos, Evie and Alan all look great also, hope you all had a greater time than the photos suggest :)

      And one last thing, big up the latest player Olivier Giroud!!! *assorted hand signs in combination* :D


      • Sian
        1935 days ago

        Ah Alex, you are a super quality commenter, thank you for your lovely words as usual :) x


  2. Navin
    1947 days ago

    Did anyone else notice that Podolski’s shirt says FU !!!! yeah, that’s a message for all your Spurs fans out there !!!


    • Sian
      1935 days ago

      I didn’t but hahahaha!


  3. Daniel
    1946 days ago

    That first paragraph made coming into work and turning on my PC worthwhile. Gen-u-wine gee-nee-arse….nal.

    I’m over the moon with our movement thus far in the transfer window, which we never usually seem to use. At least not yet. Seeing as it’s sunny, we may as well use the lovely window provided – nice to know we are learning. Am also hoping M’Vila will be added to the list, although I must admit I thought he had signed because he wasn’t injured for about two or three seasons and played pretty much every game… until a couple of weeks ago, when he did get injured, finally proving his Arsenal DNA credentials. Just as long as we don’t sign anyone hunkier than me or Alan, that’s fine.

    Love those photos, you look lovely (do you ever not!?) but obviously Alan is the best. You and Evie are doing a great job chasing his shadows though *thumbs up* ;)

    Pleased you all had what sounded like a great time… I really want to be a cowboy too. Next time if a strange piece of luggage suddenly turns up at the airport, just wheel it on through and don’t do the zip right up because I’ll have purposely left a slight gap that will act as my oxygen supply for the journey.

    Thanks for the blog fix! Looking forward to the new season!!!


  4. irishgray
    1944 days ago

    Sian is alive and well!? Who would have thunk it!! Seriously, was great to see a post up. Sick of the fecking Euros. Ireland played like shite too, hell even the mighty Dutch got dumped out with nary a whimper. Hope England do well but I think the Germans have it to be honest.

    Nice photos of you and your sis and your dad. I was sitting on that same cannon myself about 2 months ago, eating Beignets and drinking coffee. Nice place New Orleans, hope you managed to take in some live music while you were there. Starting to like the new kit, I might just treat myself to one but only if RVP stays. He will, won’t he?


    • Sian
      1935 days ago

      I love the new kit! Will be my first new one in about five years. And Beignets were THE one!


      • irishgray
        1931 days ago

        HA!! The Beignets were excellent but no where near as excellent as the quasi-faceplant that happened as I tried to climb down from said cannon :) I don’t think Mojitos and shots of Jaeger for breakfast helped my climbing ability that day( or any day since for that matter!)

        Thought you might like this vid:


  5. FunGunner
    1941 days ago

    Great post and lovely photos, Sian. You go to the gym when on holiday???

    First Bobby touches your arm, then you get to hang around outside Henry’s house… Cah!

    Anyway, since you mention Giroud, here is a little present:


    • Sian
      1935 days ago

      I don’t normally but I did this year… apparently it isn’t worth the bother! Ahh, Olly G. We shall try to remain objective, but DAYUM.


  6. Arjan Robbin
    1923 days ago

    sian do you smell of tuna below babe ? x


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