Powder dry January

January 30, 2013 8 Comments by Sian

I’m having visions of a small house somewhere remote, covered in snow, trying to withstand a blizzard. A big blizzard, with massive snowdrops that make your chin burn. I’m imagining a creaky old window left open by someone forgetful. I’m imagining the camera swooping down on the house as if carried by the wind, flying through the window just in time for the window to be sucked shut behind it. And then, inside the house, all is calm. It’s blue-lips cold, but it’s calm.

That’s how I imagine tomorrow’s transfer window closure to play out, much as the window metaphors that have been thrown around all month are beyond irritating. While it seemed unthinkable after our dismal draw away to Southampton on 1st January that we wouldn’t bring any new players in, that seems to be the road we’re going down. I’m imagining the flyer carried in through the window with that gust of wind landing on the lens of the camera with ‘WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!’ scrawled across it.

Either that or David Villa will be carried in head first through that window too, Genie-like. Seems unlikely though. In as much as the arrival of the 31-year-old would no doubt lift the team and the fans and, er, potentially the league position, it seems like that would just be too obvious an option. No, we’re probably just going to have to crawl our way towards the end of the season.


But hey ho, it’s not all grim. Theo signed! Olivier scored four goals in one week! We were absolutely magnificent against West Ham last week! And this is actual football, the stuff you’re actually supposed to care about, so that’s the main thing. With fixtures still coming at us with the ferocity of aforementioned blizzard, we’re of course playing again today. I’m a bit nervous, because of what happened against Liverpool at home last season, when we deserved more from the game than we got, but when we lost, which is always miserable. Liverpool will have far more to offer than West Ham did, so please God let us, in turn, have more.

Sorry for the blog post title – you’ve no idea how much the phrase ‘keeping our powder dry’ makes me want to eat my own eyes. And not even because of what it means – though a recent Googling tells me it’s in reference to keeping gunpowder dry, because gunpowder doesn’t work when it’s wet, silly! Apt given we are the Gunners but anyway, I thought it had something to do with the pen at the bank that’s attached to the wall, which now I think about it was always accompanied by a wet sponge, so god knows why I thought that. But because anything anyone related to Arsenal says, becomes some kind of long and drawn out trending topic afterwards. Handbrake, dry powder, super quality, like a new signing, oh shut up shut up shut uppppppppp.

Ooh, before I forget, I spoke to my Granny about Arsenal for the Arsenal Collective. Have a look at her thoughts, she’s very wise. Thanks Andrew for hosting it on the site.

Anyway, hopefully tonight’s match will be an enjoyable one, and that we won’t get blown away by the weather. It’s my birthday tomorrow, so hopefully I’ll be far too involved with birthday food to worry about who we may or may not (may not, definitely may not) be signing. Stay strong guys, it’s nearly all over.

PS. Thanks Irishgray for reminding me to blog!


  1. Bt62 Gooner
    1725 days ago

    Granny Cathie rocks! caught up with the article earlier today.Tonight will be hard,can only hope the defense is awake to the “Diving Chipmunk” and we start like a blizzard and end with an avalanche of goals!! Lol. Hope the result whichever way has the desired effect on your birthday celebrations!! COYGS!!! P.s. Can’t see anyone of real quality signing.


  2. Irishgray
    1724 days ago

    Happy Birthday Sian!! :)

    And how would a new LB do as a birthday gift? Consider it done!


    Funnily enough I was all a-panic when Gibbs got injured but turns out it is a blessing in disguise. Santos (likable though he is) is just not good enough. Play him further forward to give Podolski a break.

    And thank you for remembering to blog!!

    Hope you don’t have too bad a hangover tomorrow :)


  3. Irishgray
    1724 days ago

    Love the interview with your Granny :) Priceless!


  4. Gf60
    1723 days ago

    Belated happy, happy Sian. Hope the hangover was worth it. Am off to read Granny so cheers.


  5. Alan
    1720 days ago

    See you still managed to find a positive slant on the non-event (apart from Nacho) of a transfer window. That’s my girl! When you go negative, I’m giving up.


  6. martin
    1719 days ago

    Just have to say that interview with your granny is fantastic. Well done you both !


  7. Alex
    1719 days ago

    I agree with Alan Sian, always stay on the bright side with your infectious optimism :)
    I hope you had a great birthday, and please don’t forget to blog! (Nice one Irishgray ;) )


  8. FunGunner
    1718 days ago

    Your granny is adorable, Sian. Absolute riot, that interview.


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