Cesc Nostalgia and a little catch-up.

February 8, 2013 5 Comments by Sian


I wrote a little su’m su’m about Cesc Fabregas. Yes, no longer an Arsenal player, but yes, still Arsenal affiliated in ma little heart. It was for the wonderful SWOL, who are currently running an Arsenal month on the site. Lots of brilliant writers have contributed thus far (plus me obvs), and will be continuing to do so over the next little while, so dive in.

We’ve got Sunderland and their horrid pitch tomorrow, and are also missing about 25 defenders which is not ideal, but a win would be the balm to our unhappily chapped winter lips (wtf). ALSO, we got another Spaniard in the late, late, late stages of the January transfer window! Nacho Monreal had a successful debut against nasty Stoke on Saturday, in a match in which we beat them excellently, because we got to celebrate one Lukas Podolski goal TWICE. They were Stokey as ever, hoofy and horrible and all had weird head shapes, plus their horrible fans brought along a blow up doll and did nasty things to it, which was so disturbing and horrible, like their faces. Then the comedy gnome Parody Pulis And His Cap went all ‘Waaaaaaaah, we’re pooooooor’ in his interview afterwards, and we all went ‘Hahahahahahahaha’ and then they went back to Stoke and the sun came back out in London.

Then it was internationals, and Jack shone bright like a diamond (I HATE THAT SONG), and everyone noticed, and how do we stop them from noticing?! He’s not theirs to enjoy, he’s ours. And the Mancs who were all “Ah, we’ll buy him in a couple of years” can go eat their own hair while wearing their stupid table cloth home shirts or alternatively their geisha girl away kits. I HATE THEM TOO.

Laurent Koscielny got injured for France (THANKS, POINTLESS INTERNATIONALS*), so we’re sweating on him but it sounds like he may be available. Everything crossed. We worried for a while that Rosicky got injured too (it’s something he would do, let’s be real) but apparently he just… had a Radcliffe-esque toilet issue. Which one would have thought would have helped him to get away from anyone trying to close him down, no? These squeamish footballers.

Speaking of Radcliffe, I’m hopefully going to be running a half marathon in October, for a lovely little charity near where I live. Should I complete it, it will be my biggest running achievement since I won the 100m aged nine, after the skinny malink in the lead tripped up. That’s why it paid to be a bit heffery as a bairn. Anyway, that’s my news.

See ya after Sunderland.

(*they had one point to them.)


  1. Jan Cross
    1716 days ago

    I loved reading your piece it made me laugh but I could empathise with it also as it was very true in all that you said


  2. Piers Fallowcherry
    1716 days ago

    Nice post and true.

    But not true to your (your blog’s) usual voice. If you know what I mean.

    Of course, being a little bit pished, it could be that my reading of it may not be entirely constant (in which case I apologise).



  3. Irishgray
    1715 days ago

    Sian – You keep this up and reading your blog could turn into a daily routine :) It is always nice to beat the Orcs and their Goblin-esque manager, really are an inbred bunch of twats, aren’t they?

    I just finished watching the Sunderland game, a nice win that if a bit nervy in the last half hour. Thanks Carl!! And as I write this Citeh are losing 2-1 to the Saints…….and it seems they want to offload Na$ri. I think I would rather buy Shawc**t.


  4. Alex
    1713 days ago

    Nice one Sian, out of all the people I’ve met I think your love for Cesc is only equalled (barely) by a friend I know, off to read your external piece now! :)


  5. Judi Bola
    1712 days ago

    not Cesc now,,
    but Mikel Arteta (aweasome deep playmaker)


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