July 1, 2013 12 Comments by Sian

This is boring. So, so boring. So, so, so, so boring. You know when you were little, and you would get frustrated with someone and do one of those “Ur-huh-huh!” cries, when things weren’t going your way? Well, you know, it feels as though all involved in Arsenal are on the brink of a collective “UR-HUH-HUH!!!” at the moment.

After weeks of going on to all who’d listen about how rich the club is and how much we can afford to pay players, it’s all gone a bit quiet. I must say, I really like that we keep schtum most of the time. I know info gets ‘leaked’ often, but I enjoy that we don’t normally come out and say things like ‘Perez is keeping our boy Higgers hostage, he must be transferred to us immediately lest his DNA go squiffy.’ But just, my God, please just do something. Just do something, anything, I don’t care what, just give us someone. Give us something. I feel like the amazing Wendy Davis must have felt seeing all those people sat down for thirteen hours overnight last week… so many chairs and an absolute inability to sit herself. What an incredible woman, I feel I can’t complain about this morning’s backache at all given her feat last week. Well, or our stagnation in the transfer market. Some issues are bigger than football, you know.

But not on a football blog, so let’s keep complaining. Gonzalo Higuain’s brother, dad, osteopath, colourist and clarinet teacher have all weighed in on his move to Arsenal… but it still feels terribly like it won’t happen. He’s the Santi Cazorla of the Fall 2013 line, and it’s very, very tedious. It’s probably made all the more tedious as a result of all the EXCLUSIVES! and all the tweets with sources and information and beliefs, but this feels like it’s going at a snail’s pace, if the snail had blisters from her new shoes.

People keep saying they’re scarred by the Mata deal, which was a very weird one indeed. I remember when initial word came through about his sudden link to Chelsea, I thought ‘So? He’s been linked to Arsenal for ages’ and then next thing you knew he was scoring against us at Stamford Bridge. City could really gazump us too if they fancied it (it’s funny that ‘gazump’ has similar letters to ‘Gazidis’ – look, if newspapers can make ‘Rooney’ into ‘Roo’ in place of ‘you’, I am allowed to find a link there, OK). But that would be so obvious, plus I think Pellegrini and his dreamy blue eyes wouldn’t stoop to such lows, because he reminds me far too much of Arsene Wenger, and Wengeralikes wouldn’t do that, it’s the rule. *ignores Park transfer*

We have a winner from the Chisel & Mouse competition, by the way. Gary was the chosen one, and here’s a picture of him with the prize. Congratulations Gary! Ain’t she pretty? Competition is now obviously over, but they still have them on their website. I’m thinking of buying loads of different models and setting them up in my bedroom so I can pretend I’m a giant woman on days when my self esteem needs a pickmeup.


Speaking of pickmeups, you must watch this video by FrenchFinesse. If you don’t find yourself getting a little teary at the end when Arsene’s voice pipes up, well you my friend have stone in your cold, cold veins. Someone tweeted me saying that it was a combination of watching all the great moments we have had since we last won a trophy, the difficult times we’ve had too (FALL OVER, BARRY FERGUSON), and then the voice of a man who genuinely cares coming in at the end. He’s a magnificent man and he’s ours and I love him, and I don’t think anyone in football inspires the same feeling for me as he does. Gary Neville is absolutely spot on as well and I couldn’t be more excited for next season. But please get a wiggle on, transfer gremlins!

Finally, the team is back in training this week! So let’s hope that that gives us more to talk about, because you should know that I actually started this blog last week and had so little to write about that I’ve only just finished it this weekend. Maybe Higuain will be confirmed this afternoon…



  1. bayo
    1572 days ago

    Nice post and I hope we get our signings soonnest so u can av more beautiful things to talk about….COYGs


  2. Robin
    1572 days ago

    I blame the tabloids and goal.com for hyping us all up so much! All the Arsenal admin staff have been on holiday for the past 6 weeks, so hopefuly this week we’ll finally be put out of our misery and see us sign someone! I think we’re just using Rooney to make a statement that we’re able to buy big players, cos there’s no way we’re serious contenders, what with Chelski scouting our scouts 24/7! Higuain and Cesar seem to be heading to Emirates…….not sure who else


  3. gooner son
    1572 days ago

    Welcome and Goodluck with your your blog.
    By the way, that prize gary won must weigh a ton….


  4. Dobromir
    1572 days ago

    Didn’t the transfer window only just open? What are Arsenal Football Club supposed to do if the other party is stalling for a variaty of who knows what reasons? The only people to blame for this hysterical and quite ridiculous transfer speculations are the thousands of bloogers and media outlets stirring sh1t up so they can get their website hits and egos inflated. I’m not including you in that number of course as you don’t do that as far as i am aware. You are just frustrated like the majority of people out there, but I don’t think we can blame the club for that on the first day of the transfer window. Maybe on the last, but not the first.


  5. The BearMan
    1572 days ago

    Hahaha! Management boasted about competing with the “Big Boys”, before asking Wenger if the chest had holes. Now they all appear dumb. It is hard for a man to change the habit of a lifetime over-night. We all can get bargains at Primark, but they will eventually resemble Squallaci


  6. mrswoo
    1572 days ago

    *snivels @ viewing of the video*

    And to make matters worse it had one of my favourite songs as it’s background music.


  7. Marco
    1572 days ago

    Good to hear from you again Sian.
    I enjoy your posts and the lack of cynicism regards Wenger, a
    man I admire greatly and always will regardless of what he wins.
    Truth be told I actually support a rather rubbish championship team( forgive me )but I follow Arsenal with genuine interest and passion in the top division. Because of Wenger , his philosophy, the football his teams play. A genius of a manager. How I would love to see Arsenal win the title. The great man and your great club who do things the RIGHT way, deserve it.


  8. Irishgray
    1568 days ago

    BOOOOOOORRIIINNNNNNNGGGGG!!!! Could not have put it better myself. Just sign someone! PLEEEEEASE!!

    And no Sian, I did NOT cry when I watched that video. Although it may have appeared that way to someone looking. Maybe a bit misty eyed but that’s it, OK?

    Just over a week before we get to see The Arsenal in action again……….I wonder if we will have made any signings by then?


  9. Alan
    1566 days ago

    You could have told me you’d blogged.


  10. Alex
    1561 days ago

    I don’t remember the last occurrence or event that made me as emotional as when I watched that video, the rolling highs and lows in it… It was quite something to watch, I’ll unashamedly say I had a slight tear in one eye (or maybe two, who knows :P )


  11. N5 Lifer
    1549 days ago

    24 days later – and who do we have? Williams? No . Higueain? No .Fellaini? No . Reina? No. Mignolet? No. Suarez………? Is this the worst transfer window ever? Is my sanity lost forever? Is there a master game plan of incredible subtlety? Don’t answer that….


    • Irishgray
      1548 days ago

      N5 Lifer – I know you said don’t answer that but we did get Sanogo :)


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