The light at the end of the summer.

September 16, 2013 12 Comments by Sian

Good things that have happened over the course of the past few weeks:

-         We beat Spurs. Lol.

-         We signed Mesut Ozil from Real Madrid – a move technically aided by the sale of Gareth Bale by Spurs. It’s a move that quite clearly irritated all those involved with Real Madrid, which is always funny to be honest with you. They’re not hateful in a faux-humble, let’s-parade-the-family-on-the-pitch-because-we’re-so-family-orientated-oh-look-at-our-humbleness-aren’t-we-humble kind of way. I actually much prefer them to Barcelona, but all this ‘Greatest club in the world’ nonsense they can’t stop blethering on about, oh do be quiet. Also, ‘La Decima’… Shut up. Ten years in a row would be impressive. It’s been years now. The allowance has lapsed. Go away.

-         We beat Sunderland in spite of going all #ThrowbackThursday in the defensive part of the pitch.

-         Mesut Ozil was so good! After his lovely assist to Olivier Giroud on Saturday, he turned around almost a little perplexed at all the celebrating. As if to say ‘This is quite normal for me… is it not normal for you? Oh dear, what have I done…’

-         Olivier Giroud’s shooting boots are shooting like they’ve never shot before.

-         Aaron Ramsey. And we have Stoke next week. Yeaaaah ork bitches, Super Ramsey all up in your grill. Oh those are teeth, my mistake.

-         Tommy’s back! Don’t even care, still my king.

Bad things that have happened over the course of the past few weeks:

-         Rosicky :-(

-         Santi :-(

-         Koscielny’s cranial flatulence was back with a vengeance without Big Per around to settle it down. Vermaelen came on for Ozil and partnered Laurent after about 70 minutes, which could have been total disaster territory what with all those volatile chemicals flying around, but we managed to hold on, thankfully.

-         Drawing Borussia Dortmund, Napoli, and Marseille in our Champions League group. This belongs in the union of the good/bad Venn diagram though really. We’ve suffered years and years of crap groups, struggling to get through the crap groups along the way, then reaching the next round and not knowing what to do with ourselves. At least we’ll be able to do that in the group stage this time. I jest! You get into the Champions League to play the good stuff, and if we’re good enough then we’ll get out of the group and go on to play even better stuff. Besides, I still believe this year it’s ours.

-         So many umlauts.


If you care, my sincere apologies for being so unreliable in writing this blog lately. I started it as a student but now have a job and am training for my first half marathon (hintedy hint hint), so the writing opportunities are just much smaller. Actually, this is a little misleading, given the massive lie that it is. The opportunities are still there. I’ve just found that I’ve become a much crapper writer in recent months.

In addition to this, over the summer, I even stopped reading some of my favourite blogs. Part of the reason for this was that they really did very understandably make for quite excruciating reading. The other part is just that they on the whole became so repetitive – which is  entirely Arsenal’s fault, as not a sodding thing worth writing about happened until September had begun. I did search for the “We’re gonna be OK dudes!!!” blogs but, well, at one point people writing those would have had to have been high on something in order to have actually believed that.

While we’re on the subj, ‘Bloggers’ seem to have become a bit of an issue recently. I think it’s very important not to trust people who openly state their agenda in their Twitter biography. ‘Don’t follow if you love Wenger’, for example. If that’s going to be your narrative, you’re going to be a bit bloody boring, aren’t you. That’s like saying ‘I don’t like laughing’ and then going out of your way to not enjoy yourself, ever, just so you can say you’re living by your rule of not liking laughter. Over the last season or so, I’ve seen a few Twitter accounts with ‘NOT a blogger’, or ‘I hate Arsenal bloggers’ or something similar written there. Like… why? Why would you let other people’s hobbies get so far up your nose you deem it necessary to put that out there (sometimes repeatedly)  in such a confrontational manner? You have to actively do something in order to cross paths with blogs. You have to go read people’s work in order for it to annoy you. You need to actually click on the link they post in order to wind yourself up. It’s like reading books just so you can talk about how anti books you are. Besides which, you might not agree with their thoughts but at least they’re putting them out there. Thoughts probably more elaborately planned out than ‘Bloggers are wankers’.

Anyway, just some thoughts there. If you’re reading this and it annoys you, you clicked the frigging link ya dolt.

Marseille Wednesday. Last time we played them away, Aaron Ramsey, oddly enough, earned us our very late 0-1 victory and I was doing the Arseblog live blog. Our team was almost entirely different back then as well, as is the Arsenal way, and I hear this time’s opponents are currently third or fourth in Le Chommmmmmmpiona’, so they must be a bit handy. But we are handier. So, go on Arsenal, go forth and win.


  1. Feng
    1492 days ago

    no fair….how come Vermaelen gets called tommy and Rosicky doesn’t?

    good luck with the running!


    • Sian
      1489 days ago

      hahaha, he’s my man, what can I say?


  2. web
    1492 days ago

    Very nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wished to mention that
    I’ve truly loved surfing around your weblog posts. In any case I will be subscribing on your rss feed and I am hoping you write once more soon!


  3. Treez
    1492 days ago

    We’ve all missed your ‘wit’n'uma’, Siany. Welcome back! X


  4. Alan
    1492 days ago

    Siany’s back with a bang. Take that, blog-haters.


  5. elkieno
    1491 days ago

    Wayyyyy she back! Well done


  6. mart
    1491 days ago

    Thanks for the blog, its always nice to read. Someone thats passionate about the arsenal, but not up her ……. ya know! Best of luck withthe marathon and the job, just sneak on from time to time will ya?

    I know what you mean re the endless monotony we endured, the bleeting for signings, any signings till it got to the point, if we didn’t make a signing, it was Wengers fault…….. if we did make a signing Wenger was panic buying.. madness. I’d take a panic buy like Ozil every season.

    Good luck, TC


  7. Northbank Lew
    1490 days ago

    Missed you …….get back on it girl ! You’re too good not to post. Oh, and Ramsey does it again !!


  8. Good Omens
    1488 days ago

    Keep them coming, some of us do keep a weather eye out. They always make me smile on some level, whatever it may be.
    I never fault bloggers for making an effort, I think those that do are of the, ‘ u r a monge I dont even watch your righting as it blows’ ilk for the most part. Its far too easy to castigate what your incapable of, but I guess that’s the world we live in. Did I mention the posts make me smile, I thought I did. Weather eye back in, till the next one.


  9. Irishgray
    1487 days ago

    Sian – I personally will take an infrequent Siany verbal samck down over nothing any day of the week. Keep it up Sian and best of luck with the marathon. Fingers Xed we get 3 points tomorrow and can be top of the league for what must surely must be the first time in what feels like ages…….COYG!!!


  10. Alex
    1482 days ago

    Good to have you back posting Sian, good luck to both you and Evie with the run! :)


  11. Irishgray
    1471 days ago

    TOP OF THE LEAGUE!!!!! :)


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