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Arsenal’s long old summer continues…

July 7, 2011 30 Comments by Sian

After about three months of willing the season to end as Arsenal Arsenalled their way into their usual end-of-season position, I don’t think anyone could have anticipated quite how long the summer would feel. Then again, you never can, can you? Summer in the UK at least is certainly being longed out by the fabulous [...]

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One Day in Barcelona.

March 9, 2011 10 Comments by Sian

So, I went to Barcelona yesterday. It’s a lovely city, lovely weather and a lovely distance from here. We were there and back in a day, how good is that? You can usually only get about as far as Brighton in that space of time. There was a place set up in Port Olimpico for everyone [...]

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Arsenal: a case for the defence.

March 9, 2011 32 Comments by Sian

OK, here we go. Inhale. Let’s do this. Exhale. Right. Last night Arsenal were beaten by an excellent team. We had not a single shot on goal and were out-possessed throughout. Congratulations to Barcelona, who now progress. It was a horrible match to watch, made worse by the fact that, from our perspective, it was [...]

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Good luck boys.

March 7, 2011 24 Comments by Sian

Right, my lovely little petals, are you sitting comfortably? I shall begin… Once upon a time there was a little team that lived in a little city of seven million little people. It was a nice city, a bit polluted but I mean in this day and age what else is new? The little team [...]

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Arsenal 0-0 Sunderland – Argh!

March 6, 2011 17 Comments by Sian

Morning all, Well a 0-0 draw is the least welcome of all the draws. At the end of a 0-0 draw I always feel like the teams may as well have stayed in bed and agreed to call it even Stevens. The 0-0 draw can exit the planet stage right, frankly. Except at the Camp Nou [...]

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Arsenal 2 – 1 Barcelona. Too happy to do headline puns.

February 17, 2011 33 Comments by Sian

We beat them. We bloody sodding flipping beat them. I’ve been sitting here in my pyjamas on my bed racking my brains for an opening sentence that will do tonight’s experience justice but it can’t be done. I’m completely drunk on Arsenal. My favourite poison of them all. The Emirates rocked and rolled all night long. We [...]

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Arsenal vs Barcelona: the night before.

February 15, 2011 20 Comments by Sian

Well guys, it’s nearly upon us! *makes ooooooooh noise* Barcelona should have just about arrived in the UK as I write this, with Pep Guardiola and Andres Iniesta scheduled to do their press conference at the Emirates this evening. This is according to Arsenal communications director Mark Gonnella who can be followed from that link in a totally [...]

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Arsenal 2 – 0 Wolves… nice.

February 13, 2011 15 Comments by Sian

So, 2-0 and a result and performance we very much needed after last weekend’s soul-drainer. RvP showed why Wenger has kept faith in him despite the chocolatiness of his wee ankles, Jack Wilshere was superb (the world is still round, the sky is still blue), and no one got injured. All in all, a perfect [...]

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Cesc’s staying. Robin’s the man.

August 6, 2010 8 Comments by Sian

Two big Arsenal stories today: one is Cesc Fabregas’s official statement announcing he will be staying at the club. Two is Robin van Persie’s 27th birthday interview extravaganza fiesta jambalaya (a dish and not an event, I know) with Arsenal.com. Firstly, let’s concentrate on the latter. In it, Robin reiterated the quote he made a [...]

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Bog off Barcelona.

July 13, 2010 12 Comments by Sian

Two nights ago Spain won the World Cup for the first time in their history. Celebrations ensued. Rightly so. Last night, having flown back from South Africa overnight, the team took to the streets of Madrid with an open-top bus parade. After disembarking the bus, they took to the stage. Somewhere, with lots of people [...]

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