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RvP, his invisible team-mates, a mad match and a wonderful win.

October 30, 2011 44 Comments by Sian

Chelsea 3-5 Arsenal I normally sit here staring at a blank computer screen not knowing how to begin when we’ve done an Arsenal and imploded in spectacular fashion. It’s been a long time since I’ve sat here not really knowing what to say thanks to the brilliance of the previous day’s events. Happily though, this [...]

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Will the real Arsenal please stand up? *Arsenal stand up* *Arsenal win*

December 28, 2010 27 Comments by Sian

“Arsenal weren’t that good, Chelsea were just that bad…” “They mustn’t get carried away, they have Wigan on Wednesday…” “Two of the goals came from Chelsea error rather than Arsenal brilliance…” Blah dee blah blah blah-blah blah. All the above statements might well have an element of truth to them, but I don’t care about [...]

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Chelsea 2 – 0 Arsenal: they took, we didn't.

October 4, 2010 11 Comments by Sian

Cast your minds back to 29th November 2009, say around 6pm-ish. If you’re reading this blog as an Arsenal fan there’s a very high probability you were suicidal/homicidal/drunk at this time. We had just lost 3-0 at home to Chelsea in a match that did nothing but highlight the tundra-like divide between our strongest team and [...]

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"Daddy, who was Herbert Chapman?"*

June 17, 2010 11 Comments by Sian

*Title nicked from a t-shirt I saw emblazoned with “Daddy, who were The Clash?” Don’t know if it’s a brand or a really famous song/band/cult, as much music knowledge is pretty much zero. Soz. Would have been SO GOOD to have used “Daddy, who was The Clich’?” but obviously… everyone knows who he is. Having [...]

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Sol's Pep Talk: the Truth About Whisky Mist.

May 11, 2010 19 Comments by Sian

I’d hoped that, what with the season being over and all, we’d have nothing further to complain about this season. Certainly no more disappointments, except for when the only goalkeeper Wenger manages to sign is Graham Stack or Rami Shaaban. (AW: ‘Weeeeelllll, where is ze sense in going forward when we can go back?’) I [...]

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