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A game of two Arsenals.

January 30, 2012 11 Comments by Sian

With the exception of ‘That’s football’ and ‘Not that kind of player’, there are few footballing clichés more wall-punchingly irritating than ‘A game of two halves’. Unfortunately, it’s time to lock up your walls because yesterday… yesterday was a… oh, ahhhh… a game of t-… a game of two-… nope, nope, can’t even say it. [...]

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And then there was one for the Arsenal.

March 13, 2011 31 Comments by Sian

Ugh. So, we’re now out of the FA Cup as well as the Carling Cup and the Champions League. It’s probably worth pointing out that this little anecdote that was trotted out over and over again throughout the match is a bit misleading. Yes we’d lost our place in two trophies in the space of [...]

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A chat with the other side…

March 12, 2011 No Comments by Sian

Hello everyone, We play Manchester United at Old Trafford in a minute. Here is a little preview I did with United fansite ‘Red Flag Flying High’. Ugh, can’t believe I just said those words! You wait until I get him back and make him do an interview with me where he has to plug it [...]

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Arsenal 2 – 1 Huddersfield Town: what a difference a Cesc makes.

January 31, 2011 18 Comments by Sian

STILL in all four competitions! We now play Leyton Orient in the next round of the FA Cup and are one step closer to a final in Wembley in May. Positivity, people, positivity. Two bad things happened: 1.) Samir Nasri went off early on with a hamstring injury that looks likely to keep him out [...]

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Return of the Bac as Arsenal beat Leeds United

January 20, 2011 16 Comments by Sian

I admit, I was a bit nervy about yesterday’s match. Even though the team was back to its best at the weekend and a bit of confidence had been restored after last week’s misery of a display against Ipswich, well, we all know what they can be like. So THANKFULLY the Arsenal we all know [...]

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Arsenal vs Leeds, match 1 of 2.

January 10, 2011 8 Comments by Sian

Arsenal had been knocked out of the FA Cup by March last year, which is when I started blogging, so this is my first FA Cup post ever! Applause, confetti, party hats, streamers, etc! Pity it was a draw then. Boo, hiss, veils, organ music, etc! Wenger said that of all the outcomes we could have [...]

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