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New year, old Arsenal. But not for long.

January 3, 2012 16 Comments by Sian

Fulham 2-1 Arsenal  It’s 11.03am on Tuesday 3rd January. It’s raining heavier than I can remember it having rained in a long time. Dorothy passed by my house in her flying cottage last night. And we lost yesterday. Happy bastard new year. Someone must have drained all the sunshine and light and positivity out of [...]

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Rambo Returns and it’s 1-0 to the Arsenal

May 1, 2011 14 Comments by Sian

I think it’s fair to say there were two feelings among fans going into the match against Manchester United at the Emirates today. One feeling was one of blind terror at knowing that, yes, it was probably absolutely possible we would dominate posession yet somehow lose to one single goal scored by something as freakish [...]

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Arsenal: a case for the defence.

March 9, 2011 32 Comments by Sian

OK, here we go. Inhale. Let’s do this. Exhale. Right. Last night Arsenal were beaten by an excellent team. We had not a single shot on goal and were out-possessed throughout. Congratulations to Barcelona, who now progress. It was a horrible match to watch, made worse by the fact that, from our perspective, it was [...]

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Arsenal vs Barcelona: the night before.

February 15, 2011 20 Comments by Sian

Well guys, it’s nearly upon us! *makes ooooooooh noise* Barcelona should have just about arrived in the UK as I write this, with Pep Guardiola and Andres Iniesta scheduled to do their press conference at the Emirates this evening. This is according to Arsenal communications director Mark Gonnella who can be followed from that link in a totally [...]

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Newcastle Utd 4 – 4 Arsenal: how the who the what the?!

February 6, 2011 29 Comments by Sian

Alright so it’s been more than 24 hours since the mentalness that was Saturday afternoon’s match at St James’s Park. Footballing cliches can go die in hell usually, but ‘a game of two halves’ was definitely a phrase dreamt up by a couple of old gits donkeys’ years ago, who knew they’d one day witness a match like [...]

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Three goals, three points, third place.

January 16, 2011 12 Comments by Sian

Well that was much better. Three-sy peasy, you could say. (I am SO sorry). If we’ve learnt anything about anything these days it’s that there are no matches about which one can say “Yeah, easy peasy”. Not with Arsenal, anyway. We went into this match on the back of an away Carling Cup defeat to [...]

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Man City 0 – 3 Arsenal: three points at last

October 25, 2010 26 Comments by Sian

It’s been a while since I’ve woken up the morning after an Arsenal match thinking anything other than “Urgh, gotta avoid the papers today.” Either it’s been because we lost or underperformed or had a player sent off or got a controversial penalty, but there is usually a reason. Today I doubt many of us [...]

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