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Post-Sunderland, pre-Milan, forever Thierry Henry.

February 12, 2012 20 Comments by Sian

There is a painting of Thierry Henry on the outside of the Emirates Stadium. It appeared a couple of summers ago as part of the ‘Arsenalisation’ of our new home. It was the one we were concerned we’d have to form a human chain around when Ireland played there shortly after the handball incident that [...]

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Snow White and the seven goals*

February 5, 2012 20 Comments by Sian

In case you’d not heard, it snowed in London this weekend. But I’m sure that unless you died in 1996, you had already heard that. Every winter we get surprised that it gets cold. The fact we have yet to recognise that cold weather occurs in winter, and to greet it with anything less than [...]

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January 6, 2012 19 Comments by Sian

Well, there’s no doubting we’ll all be hoping Arsene is planning to bolster his squad in more ways than simply the loan signing of a 34 year old former Arsenal player, but there’s a time and a place for that kind of talk and it’s not here today. Upon hearing the news a Thierry return [...]

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New year, old Arsenal. But not for long.

January 3, 2012 16 Comments by Sian

Fulham 2-1 Arsenal  It’s 11.03am on Tuesday 3rd January. It’s raining heavier than I can remember it having rained in a long time. Dorothy passed by my house in her flying cottage last night. And we lost yesterday. Happy bastard new year. Someone must have drained all the sunshine and light and positivity out of [...]

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Classic win on a classic day.

December 11, 2011 19 Comments by Sian

Arsenal 1-0 Everton So, on the 125th anniversary of the beginning of the greatest thing to have ever come out of this solar system (aside from Rolos… you’ve got to love a Rolo), Arsenal finished a match by winning 1-0 at home. If only there were a song for that. Regrettably I had only an iPhone [...]

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Stupid trains and fantastic Frenchmen.

August 3, 2011 24 Comments by Sian

The frequency of bloggage in this place has been so crap that I expect no one will be here to read it but myself. Oh, and my dad who reminded me I have a blog that needs love and attention. So anyway, been very busy of late. Internships are educational, contact-making and helpful for the future… they [...]

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Arsenal, 2009/2010 – the good, the better and the pretty.

May 18, 2010 11 Comments by Sian

You know when you go on holiday to Disney World and you get to the gate at the front and there’s a perky blonde dressed up as Polly Pocket going “Hi guys! Welcome to Disney! Would you wonderful people like a photo to remember your special day by?” And you’re like “No, it’s my first [...]

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